About Greg Eddolls

Greg Eddolls is a born-again believer in Jesus. Husband of 1 wife. Father of 4. He works primarily as an Information Technology Consultant and Computer Repair Shop Owner. Greg is passionate about Bible Prophecy. "Around 19 years of age I got all tangled up in New Age beliefs and primarily prophecy because I believe anyone who has the ability to foretell the future of the entire world; certainly demonstrates the mastery of more than our physical dimensions of time.", says Greg. "It turns out that (as a believer in Christ might expect) that New Age Prophecy was sorely disappointing and false. That is when God saw fit to guide me into the book of Revelation. It's prophecy I thought...I like prophecy. Whoa what a difference our GOD makes compared to the cheap imitations of New Age doctrine. I was invited to a Bible Study in 1993 on the Book of Revelation and I thought I would go and "educate"l the teacher about "prophecy"...little did I know that I would be giving my life to Jesus that night. The Holy Spirit got my attention for sure and I became enthralled and fascinated with all of the prophetic scriptures in God's Word. In particular I was fascinated with the rapture...so this led me to spend the next 20 years studying and 9 of those years writing The Glorious Battle: Road Map To Armageddon. Prophecy is of no private interpretation and I am always open to correction from the pure TRUTH of God's Word. My primary objective was to obtain understanding of the order of events of Biblical Prophecy. Based on a blueprint from Daniel 9:24-27 we can fill in the details with the rest of the God Breathed prophetic scriptures. These scriptures agree with one another to harmonize the TRUTH of GOD's Word.
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