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Where the Power, Precepts and Truths
of The Blood Covenant that Jesus
made with all true believers are revealed.
All because of the Blood shed by our Lord and Savior,
You can live free of all the demonic and evil in your life.

The Joseph Plan is a Christian worldwide ministry for the age we live in! The Age of the End Times and the final Spiritual War. Helping all believers to develop the type of Faith that will sustain and protect us during these treacherous last days. Where the Bible, knowledge by Revelation and current events are studied and given freely to the Body of Christ for its understanding. Helping all believers to develop An Enduring Faith that will sustain and protect us during these last days.

Find the biblical answers to the big questions that so few are willing to ask concerning the times in which we live. The end times! The times of Spiritual War! Freely receive the answers to the big questions not being addressed by the modern mega churches.

Evil is rising, but so is THE POWER of GOD!

God knew mans revolt and disobedience would result in these dangerous and evil times that we live in. And because of His Love for you He has provided real answers and solutions for your protection in His Word. Many of which are not taught by today’s modern mega churches. Which we refer to as “Churchianity”.

In our Blog, on the right, you will find hundreds and hundreds of bible based teachings and videos presented just for these evil times in which we live.

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Please be our guest, lean back and enjoy the following video. You are invited to spend time with us!

  • Jesus loves you and has provided answers to many of the problems of these Last Days in His Word!

It is our hope that you are blessed by this ministry.

May God Bless you and keep you and yours safe.
Pastor Thomas Holm

The Joseph Plan Christian Ministry is a private ministry of Pastor Thomas Holm. You can find more about us in………… the “About Us” menu item above!