Henry Gruver Audio- Sept 21

All Prayer Team members.

You are about to be blessed! Here is the audio of Henry Gruver. Open your mind and take God out of whatever denominational box you may have had Him in. Enjoy and praise the Lord.

Henry is going to teach us in a way that only Henry Gruver can do.


Please pray that God protects Henry and continues to use Him mightily. Pray for your fellow Prayer Team members. Pray that God protects and uses The Joseph Plan for His purposes.

Thank-you Jesus.

Pastor Thomas

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2 Responses to Henry Gruver Audio- Sept 21

  1. Zandra says:

    Thank you so much for blessing me with the wisdom you have received. I will indeed intercede for your walk. I hope to hear more and would like to read your book.
    In Christ Jesus,

  2. Dawn Bedell says:

    Thank you for sharing your experience about the healing of your baby boy.

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