The Blood of Jesus and the Ark of the Covenant discovered. With Video.

Here is another report on the Ark of the Covenant and the actual Blood of Jesus being discovered by Ron Wyatt. Listen to Reverend Michelle explain how historically significant and important these finds are. Have you ever doubted? If you ever needed physical proof of the validity of the bible…here it is.

The Blood that was found was sent to a Jewish lab for analysis. What they found was incredible. The Blood only had chromosomes from one mother and it was the Blood of a man. NO HUMAN FATHER. That man could only have been Jesus Christ.

Thank-you Jesus for everything you did for us! God in the flesh “shed his blood” just for us. So we could receive forgiveness and eternal life.

Ron also saw while he was in that cave….

The Mercy seat.

The earthquake crack

The Table for the Shobread

And some of the golden utensils.

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There is so much information on the biblical basis for pleading the Blood of Jesus protection prayer, that I have written an entire 200 page ebook on the subject. It is entitled the Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual.

The demonic is rising. We can all see that. This book will give you the resources you will need in that time of real need. We can’t depend on the internet much longer.

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We can all believe and walk In Faith!

Thank-you Jesus.

God Bless,

Pastor Thomas