Today we are featuring a guest writer. Steve Steinman. We  invited Steve to share his thoughts and understanding of the unfolding biblical event that are realized today. Steve has been studying the end times age for many years and has some very interesting observations and learnings. Steve does not speak for The Joseph Plan, but we welcome his biblical knowledge about the age that we live and his love for Jesus.

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In Steve Steinman’s words.

The world and much of the church will soon be caught off guard by the events that are coming upon us so very quickly. Our Lord Jesus Christ is returning to claim His just and rightly position.

It is stated and quoted by speakers and fellow Christians everywhere. “No one knows the day nor the hour”. We, with eyes to see, are not in darkness.  That “that day” should not come upon us blindly.

How can this make any sense, if we can not know “the day nor the hour”.  Yet we are supposed to know the times and seasons, however.  In fact, we are told not to be an “ignorant brethren”.  So, how can both be true?  Is it a mystery? Is anyone confused here? The phrase “no one knows the day or the hour” is one of the most ill taught verses in the bible.

In the days this passage was written by Paul, the term “no one knows the day nor the hour” referred to the Feast of Trumpets.  With twenty four hours in a day, and the feast being a two day feast, it would be impossible to know the day or the hour.  Even if I phoned you up and said, I am coming to pick you up on the 4th of July weekend.  Would you know the day or the hour?  NO you wouldn’t!  You would only know the holiday.

The next feast day to be fulfilled is the Trumpets and the Trumpets speak of many things.  In particular, it speaks about Jewish weddings, which were most often celebrated on a Tuesday. The Feast of the Trumpets falls on Monday and Tuesday.  Since Israel is ahead of us in time that would mean that Trumpets would start on Sunday our time and end sometime on Wednesday.  So, if the Lord told us he was coming back on the Feast of Trumpets 2012/13, could we know the day let alone the hour?  NO!   Even if you are one of those who believes the rapture will take place on Trumpets, knowing which one is extremely difficult.  It is getting easier, however.

We know the meaning and times and seasons and when the last Jubilees took place.  We also know the second coming will be on a Jubilee.  This is also a feast day.  The Day of Atonement, ten days after the start of the Trumpets.  According to Jewish understanding, seven of those ten days speaks of the tribulation years.  Therefore it could be said, we who understand the meaning and timing of the rehearsals should not be taken off guard as by a thief in the night.

We have been told when to be watching.  I am saying, WE BETTER BE WATCHING THIS TRUMPETS AND THE 7 DAYS FOLLOWING. Those 7 days call for repentance and are a foreshadow of the tribulation years.

These years match up with the Psalms (112/13), 114, 115, 116, 117, 118, (119/136).  These Psalms contain the tribulation years from start to finish.  We see the shortest Psalm 117.  We see the middle of all scripture in Psalm 118 and we see the longest Psalm in 119.  This, the longest Psalm contains every letter of the Jewish alphabet in order. Did you realize that? Every stanza is perfect, letter by letter.  It speaks of completion.  Jesus is the A – Z, and he has completed everything. He did it all for you and me. When  He said “It is finished”, He meant it.  It is time for the 7th day to begin.  Rest time.

As for me, I will not be robbed of this event by scoffers (thieves).  I will be praying to be accounted worthy to escape what is about to come.  I will be watching and waiting ever so intently these coming days.  There have been efforts to understand the correct time in the past.  Things looked so promising.  However, not all the puzzle pieces were on the table.  I may be mistaken, but I believe ALL the pieces are on the table now.

The White Horse is riding (the United Nations).  The Antichrist and his false prophet the next Pope (see Tom Horn’s book, Peter of Rome) are symbolized in the color white.  The United Nations vehicles are white and have everything to do with the Pope in white.   The rider is holding a bow without arrows. (I believe that bow represents covenants and peace agreements, etc. This is the role of the United Nations. it is the so called peace making body. The ultimate peace treaty will be the covenant of death. The bow has no arrows.  This is not that type of bow.  It is like the rainbow in the sky.  It is like God’s bow.  It is a covenant.  The prophesied covenant of death.

By peace, he the Antichrist shall destroy many. I also believe the Red Horse is riding today. (Communism). The rider has a GREAT sword.  The greatest sword is the Word of God, this is not that sword.  It is a sword of death.  It is ADAMS (man’s) GREAT SWORD, THE ATOM BOMB.  The enemies of God have this sword.  The Communists and Islam’s have killed Christians by the millions.  The Communists and Islam’s have killed more Christians than even the Catholic Church.  Not by much.  What a history.  I believe the Black Horse is also riding today.  It began to ride when President Nixon took America off the Gold standard and tied the US Dollar to “Black Gold” oil.  The price of oil has been causing millions to die of starvation.  Millions more will die after the dollar collapses.  The price of all commodities are effected by the price of oil.  Wheat and barley are becoming unaffordable for many people in the third world.  Soon this will be the case throughout the world after Eze 38 & 39.

Yes, the “Black Horse” is riding and the scales are becoming more and more unjust.  I also believe the “Pale Horse” is riding today.  It’s ultimate fulfillment can be seen today controlling 1/4 of the world population.  Check your Bible to see what that means.   It is Islam and death rides with it.  The color of Islam is “Green”.  Read your Greek.  The color of the Pale Horse is actually green.  If you try to convert away from Islam to Christianity you will be killed.  How?  By beheading.!  Read your Bible!  Wake up!  Jesus has been opening the seals one by one for some time now.  We are being warned. That does not mean we are in the tribulation the great.  No, we are at the door.  Knocking!

The picture we see in heaven in the forth chapter of the Revelation is not post rapture.  We see God the Father seated on His Throne and beside him is a scroll.  NOT JESUS!  We see weeping, for NO ONE is found worthy to open the scroll.  In the next scene we see the Lamb of God, slain.   He is the worthy one who can open the scroll.  He is then seated at the right hand of the Father.  The scroll will soon be opened by the Lamb.  The spirits of the  Antichrist (false teachers and false religion) mounted up on that White Horse the moment Jesus ascended into heaven.  In fact they were the same kind of religious leader of whom Christ identified as from their father the Devil.

Today, the Catholic church is a country and a powerful member of the United Nations.  So, where are we in time?  We are awaiting the fulfillment of Hebrew 12:26. “ Whose voice then shook the earth: but now he hath promised, saying, Yet once more I shake not the earth only, but also heaven.”  This Voice shaking the earth is the last Trumpet of God.  Read David Lowe’s books regarding the great earth quakes and the voice that shook the earth.  The first great shaking was at Mount Sinai when God spoke his Commandments.  The same place where Paul received the great mystery along with being taught the tenants of the church directly from Jesus.  Paul was there, possibly three years. I believe the next great shaking will be during the opening of the “Sixth Seal” at the rapture.

Something very special happens.  The Sun does not give it’s light and the Moon turns blood red and the stars fall to the earth.  ALL AT THE SAME TIME.  Just after the tribulation. of those days.  What days?  The times of the Gentiles.  The Age of Grace.  After the rapture, God turns his attention back to the Jews.  Oh you say, the Great Tribulation has not even begun.  YOU ARE RIGHT.  The Bible tells us in many verses that we have been in tribulation for 2,000 years. Read Foxes Book of Martyr’s.  Do not think that Christians around the world have not been in tribulation.  Tell that to the millions upon millions of martyred Christians.  The rapture comes at the close of these terrible years of sufferings and death.  There is one more group to die and yes they will die by beheading.  Millions of people will die at the hands of the “Green Horse Rider”.  I believe they will be raptured at the same moment the two witnesses are raptured.  Remember, a split second after Jesus rose from the death, the old testament saints also arose and went into the city of Jerusalem.  This also is a shadow of our resurrection day.

We all will also will go into Jerusalem. Not the earthly Jerusalem this time, but the heavenly Jerusalem.  Our Bridegroom Isaac (Jesus) will leave his fathers house and come to meet Rebecca ( the Bride) on the way (in the clouds).  Oh my dear brothers and sisters.  The last trump is not the 7th trump.  It is Hebrews 12:26.  God’s Voice will for the last time trumpet his words, “Come up hither”.

Back to the tribulation conflict.  The end of the tribulation of those days is not the end of the Great Tribulation.  Sorry, it is the beginning.  This gathering by the angles is the gathering of the saints not the elect.  The Jews are first gathered back into the land in UNBELIEF.  At the end of the tribulation, those that have lived will be gathered back to Israel in BELIEF.  So shall all Israel be saved.  Oh my dear brothers and sisters, you are not watching for the rapture, you are watching for the second coming.  Jesus, at the second coming is coming back WITH HIS WIFE NOT HIS BRIDE.  WAKE UP.   Just because the lukewarm church has not seen this form of tribulation, does not mean that millions of Philadelphia church converts have not been suffering TRIBULATION AROUND THE WORLD.  Remember, Philadelphia was the missionary church.  They are today the remnant church.  They are the wise virgins, and the foolish are today’s lukewarm Purpose Driven church.

Let’s look at the lukewarm church of today. It drinks from two sources of water which are mixed before entering the city.  One source which comes towards the city was pure mountain spring water.  Cold and refreshing.  The other source was from a hot spring. Wonderful hot water, that “feels good” and is most enjoyable for bathing, but undrinkable.  This is why Jesus tells them he wishes they were either hot or cold.  He is not telling them he is wishing they were cold in spirit.  Hot springs are very wonderful to soak in and cold mountain spring water is wonderful to drink.  God hate a mixture and these two don’t mix.  So if you don’t want to be like vomit in the Lord’s mouth.  Get away from all the little god preachers, they are by definition all false gods.  Get away from the cults and scripture twisters.  They have corrupted scripture with their cleverness.  Do not let this corruption be mixed with the pure water of life.

You know sound doctrine.  The Philadelphia churches of the past thought tound doctrine.  Read their commentaries if you are confused.  Stay away from the Hinn, Meyer, Farley, Womack, Copland, etc.  These twisted teachers will turn you into a lukewarm church member.  They are the foolish virgins.

Back to the city.  These two water sources came together as one stream just before entering the city.  It made the water lukewarm and toxic to drink.  This is the condition of todays church.  We have the true refreshing Word of God and it is life to us.  If we are lazy and do not drink from the source, the word of life, our spirits and minds will be mixed with the toxic.

False teachers such as Andrew Farley are teaching against 1 John 1:9, John 13:8-10 and the Lord’s Prayer.  So, so cleaver.  He has believers believing once washed always washed.  You never again need to ask Jesus to forgive you for anything.  If you believe that, Jesus will tell you what he told Peter, but this time without recourse.  It will be too late to say, not only feet but my hand and head also.   Sorry, the door to that opportunity is closed.  The only words from Jesus you will hear is, “GO AWAY!  I NEVER NEW YOU!  YOU HAVE NO PART WITH ME”.  Is this so shocking to you?  Do you not know that the Devil can appear as an angel of light.  So, why can’t his ministers appear as ministers of Christ?  They do!  Wake up!  Depend on the true Holy Spirit to reveal scripture.  Through away all these NEW REVELATIONS YOU WON’T HERE IN CHURCH.  THE 100% NATURAL ONES, WITH NO PRESERVATIVES.  BACK IN THOSE DAYS, THEY WOULD CALL THAT SALT.  WAKE UP!  THESE GUYS ARE OUT TO SELL BOOKS AND TEACH DOCTRINES OF DEVILS.  If we do not allow Jesus to wash our feet each day, we have NO PART WITH HIM!  We are told to wash each other feet.  This means to give and receive forgiveness from one another.  THIS IS NOT OPTIONAL, WE MUST FORGIVE TO BE FORGIVEN!  No Dr. Farley we must do our best to keep the spirit of the law, not the letter.  Jesus said, if you love me, keep my commandments.  His commandments are far more demanding than the letter of the law.  Repent!  The contents of God’s commandments are Christ.  Today, those stone tablets are within the Ark of the Covenant.  They remain the center of God’s will.  From Genesis to Revelation, we are to obey his commandments.  “Thou shalt not”.  Means “Thou shalt not”!!!!!  Wake up church.  You are about to be spewed out.  The commandments are part of the Word of God.  He is the Word made flesh.  Heaven and earth shall pass away, but His word stand eternal.  Sorry DOCTOR Farley, ALL SCRIPTURE STANDS.  We have died to the letter of the law and have been betrothed to the Spirit of the Law, Jesus.  This is why he died.  To fulfill the requirements of the Law he had to be perfect and he had to die.  Now, he and we are qualified to be married.  We must die to sin.  Those under the letter of the Law are still married to the old law and therefore can not be married to another.  Death is required to fulfill the term (until death do us part).  Wake up Gracey!  Without the law we do not see our sinfulness.  Wake up.  We are not sinless.  We are washed all over at the rebirth.  We are continually washed as we allow Jesus to was our feet.  Father, in Jesus name, forgive me this day.  I’ll be back tomorrow.  Father, in Jesus name forgive me this day.  Wake up church.

Please understand one more thing.  After the resurrection from the dead, Jesus appeared to the disciples for the third time.  He was their on the beach, waiting.  Did you catch any fish.  NO!  I been out here all night and have caught nothing.  Well then, do something completely stupid.  Pull in your nets and cast them on the other side of the boat.  Riiiight. I’m sure the fish are just on the other side of the boat.  By faith, Peter obeyed.  153 large fish were caught.  This follower of Christ had seen his miracles.  Saw him crucified and raised from the dead.  This same Jesus and this same Peter were now sitting on the beach eating bread and fish.  Jesus turns to this same Peter and asks,  DO YOU LOVE MORE THAN THESE (THE OTHER DISCIPLES) (Greek G25 for the greatest love of all) he answered with the saddest response.  So hurtful to the Lord.  I know this answer very well.  I have used it for years.  Oh dear Lord forgive me!  Peter answered and said “Yes”.  You know I love (your my friend) you.  Then feed my lambs.  Jesus asked the same question again and got the same answer.  Oh dear God, I have also answer again and again, yes Lord, you are my friend.  Jesus asked a third time, but this time he asked Peter “Do you love (my friend) me.  How sad.  My heart just breaks.  The Lord is looking for his Bride to Love him (the greatest love of all, even to the death kind of love.  A love so great that all others would be viewed as hate in comparison.  Oh Jesus, I love (the greatest love of all).  Please forgive me for loving (friendship) you.  Thank you for loving me to the death.  Please understand this.  Jesus is coming for His Bride!  Please hear me.  Fall in love (greatest of love) with Jesus now.  Before it is too late.  Don’t be fooled.  The “Greatest Love of All IS NOT to love yourself”.  It is just the opposite.  It means you are willing to lay your life down for a friend.  That is exactly what Jesus did.  He laid is life down for us, dead in sin.  We were not yet even friends and he died you me and you!  Please love him! Become his Bride.

The Philadelphia church, like Enoch, has been walking with the Lord these past 365 years and will soon be taken.  For Jesus will soon meet us in the clouds, together with the dead in Christ and we shall be changed.  This mortal will put on immortality.  That day will be as it was in the days of Lot.   Lot’s family was removed moments before judgment fell upon Sodom.  Not much left of Sodom.  There is coming great and terrible judgment upon America.  Like the people of Sodom we living normal lives.  We are not in the Great and Terrible day of the LORD yet.   So, this is exactly the setting for the rapture.  Two in the field and two in bed.  One is take was is left.  10 virgins sleeping.  5 filled with oil and five with not enough.  Five are taken and five are left.  When the Trumpet of God sounds, will it sound for you?  The Trumpet (The Voice of God) and we are gone.  The earthquake will be worldwide and it will be during that worldwide shaking earthquake the dead in Christ will rise.  During such an earthquake, no one can run to their closest cave.  No one even wants to be in a cave during a quake.  The elite are pictured in their caves already.  They certainly did not get there during the biggest quake the world has ever recorded.  Why are they in their caves then?  I am not talking about our man caves.  These caves are bunkers.  Just as it was at Pearl Harbour.  Our Government knew the attack was coming and moved the best ships out of the harbour.  They left only the older ships to be destroyed.  Why?  They had to push the American people into going to war.  Pearl Harbour was not a surprise.  The same can be said for 911.  Wake up people!  These world leaders, the elite know before hand when to head for the hills.  They know when the next war will begin.  They will be in the bunker caves prepared and waiting.  However, they will be so shaken by this worldwide quake, that they will cry out for the very mountains fall on them.  They know who is doing this shaking.  The “WRATH OF THE LAMB HAS COME, AND WHO CAN STAND”  NO BODY!  NOTICE, THIS IS THE WRATH SPECIFICALLY OF THE LAMB.  WE ARE NOT UNDER THE WRATH OF THE LAMB.  SORRY Guys.  WE ARE GONE TO THE BRIDAL CHAMBER.  This time period will be brief.  Ezekiel 38 & 39.  It is at this time American is attacked by missiles.  Like stars from heaven, they will rain down on America.  America will be burned.  At the same time, God will defend Israel and destroy the Russian army.  The world will KNOW THAT THIS WAS THE HAND OF GOD, WHICH SAVED ISRAEL AND THEY WLL WANT PEACE.  Israel will expand it’s lands and take full control of the Temple Mount site and begin construction of the 3rd Temple.

Enough with that speculation.  What happens after the Sixth Seal.  Well the Seventh seal is opened which contains the next series of judgments.  But these are the judgments of God the Father.  Immediately following the opening of the 7th Seal, there is silence in heaven for a space of about half an hour.  Based upon a year for every day.  I calculated 1/2 hour in heaven to be one week in man’s time.  This fit’s perfectly with the Jewish wedding.  The Bridegroom takes his new wife into his bridle chamber for a period of seven.  Be seven days, seven months or seven years.  I believe on such an occasion, he wants total silence in heaven and upon the earth as be poor out his full attention upon his new bride and now wife.  This is the time of consummation.

Next we see our replacements sealed.  The 144,000 Jewish evangelist take the stage.  Millions will respond and refuse the Mark of the Beast and will not take his name.  These are they that come out of great tribulation.  They will be raptured into heaven with another earthquake and most likely with the two witnesses.  This is in keeping with the resurrection of Jesus and the old testament saints.  We now see what happening again in heaven.  There they are, the beheaded ones which the were yet to be martyred.  Now it can begin.  We move into the last 3 1/2 years of the GREAT TRIBULATION.  So great, that nothing before or after can compare.  Except those days are shortened NO LIFE would remain.  But, those days will be shortened.  I believe another even greater earthquake has happened.  In this earthquake every building, mountain, island, etc. is gone.  Now that will cause a change in the rotation of the earth and change time as much as God determines.

I think this is enough speculation for now.  I hope you will read the bible for yourself, check out David Lowe, David Flynn interviews with Steve Quayle and Tom Horn.  Without these insightful books, I may still see the rapture as beginning in Chapter 4 of the Revelation.  If you believe that still to be true, it changes nothing.  You are still watching and waiting for the rapture and we will all meet in heaven.  And none of us will be arguing. Please be more than a friend be his Bride.

God Bless,

Stephen Steinman

A brother in Christ and friend of The Joseph Plan

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