Spiritual Warfare Email Training Course

If you wish to become a spiritual warrior for Christ and want TO LEARN the art of spiritual warfare as the bible reveals it, you are invited to sign up and take our Spiritual Warfare Training Course. You can sign up with the below form. You will be sent a series of  twenty lessons, by email, once every five days. In just a few months you will receive the complete teaching.

This education series IS  for you if you are interested in becoming free of all the demonic in your life and empowered by Christ to take dominion over all evil. This is not a counseling course. It is a free education series of The Joseph Plan to help raise up spiritual warriors for Christ that can then go on to help others in need. In it you will also learn the art of Christian Deliverance. This is a free service of The Joseph Plan and open to all adult, mature Christians. It has been taken by hundreds of thousands worldwide!

The training course consists of over 20, 10-20 page lessons that you will be sent every 5 days. The textbook we use is the Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual, which is an ebook. It is available as a pdf in our bookstore or at Amazon Kindle. It is also available in softcover at Amazon Create Space. They will ship to many parts of the world. If you need books for a small group study, contact me. I will send you a discount code for 10 or more books purchased.

If you cannot afford to purchase the textbook, We will provide you with a pdf copy-free. Just ask. It is also available in softcover at Amazon Create Space.

It is taught by Pastor Thomas and includes some guest teachings.
All delivered free to your email inbox.

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 Biblical Spiritual Warfare

Twenty Lesson Free

Spiritual Warfare Training Course!

You must confirm in the confirmation email link that will be sent to you.  Check your email and click the link to verify that you want to participate.

Then watch for your first lesson. They will arrive every 5 days. You will start on lesson number one regardless of when you sign up.

Welcome to The Joseph Plan. Together we can become an overcomer of all evil in this world of ours!

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God Bless,

Pastor Thomas