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The Joseph Plan is a non-denominational and private Christian ministry of Pastor Thomas and Jeanine Kate Holm.

It is not affiliated with any particular church or denomination. 

Pastor Thomas was given a waking vision from God in 1998, that provided the foundation for The Joseph Plan.  There is a Spiritual end times War on and it is the mission of The Joseph Plan to do its part to arm the saints for this end times battle.

If you are being blessed and would like to help, the ministry needs support, prayer and financial help. We serve thousands and it costs real money to bring all this to you.

Pastor Thomas and his wife Kate (Jeanine) are The Joseph Plan. There is no other staff. Pastor Thomas has devoted 50-60 hours a week, almost every week, for over six years, researching and creating the contained teachings. It is their prayer that the teachings provided in The Joseph Plan are an true blessing to you.

We are in the Last Days. The time is short.

Gal 6:6  Let him that is taught in the word share in all good things with him who teaches. NKJV

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God loves you and so do we.

Psalm 91
May God Bless and keep you safe,
Pastor Thomas Holm

If you have a question you may write us at ministry(at)thejosephplan.org