Three Dreams about judgement on America in 2013

Dreams and visions. People are having dreams and visions all over the world. I’ve shared one of my visions with everyone. Many have the same theme. The destruction of American cities by fire.

Have you had a dream or vision that you feel was from God? If so please share it with the Joseph Plan community.

This video was originally posted on Sept 3rd, 2012. It is about three people from Panama who had the same dream on the same night and one of them shared the dreams with a traveler on a flight from the US to Panama.

Our country has turned away from the Lord and His ways. Can the people of the United States repent and change their ways in the next sixty days? That is when “WE the people” vote for the next leader of the once free world. Are the folks in the picture above going to elect the next president of the Unites States? We may not even have that much time. The Fall Feasts start in less than three weeks. God already knows what is in the hearts of the people. Will He wait to pour out His judgment until after that? I wonder who or what He will use?

Because of what the bible says, what I believe and the vision that the Lord gave me, I am convinced that the US is going to receive the rewards from God it deserves.Let’s all walk each day under the covering and protection of the of Jesus and the Holy Spirit, with an Enduring Faith.

1John 4:4 You are of God, little children, and you have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.
Psalm 91:22 I will say of the Lord, “He is my refuge and my fortress; My God, in Him I will trust.”Through Him, We will overcome”.

Through An Enduring Faith and in the hands and through the mouth of a true believer mountains can truly be moved.

But not by our own strength.

People like yourself, sharing this knowledge with their friends and loved ones is the primary way new visitors are introduced to this ministry site. We have provided a share link below. Please don’t keep it to yourself.

My friend, Are you confident where you are going to spend eternity when this all ends? There is an end for all of us some day. Some of us maybe today.

There is only one way to know and be assured– Ask our Father in heaven in Jesus Christs’ name in prayer today!

Are You Saved from damnation, the eternal fate of so many? Are you sure? Ask Him. Find out and be assured.

Rom 8:16 The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that  we are the children of God.

When we ask the Lord, in Jesus Christ’s name, He assures us with His peace and understanding. If for any reason you question your salvation, go to a quiet place, alone, and talk to Jesus. Repent of your sins and commit your life to Him. Then go to a bible believing church and get baptized.

He is faithful! He always listens and always responds!

The Salvation Prayer (click here) is in the Blog in the right column of this page. You can walk without fear. Start nurturing An Enduring Faith, today.

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17 Responses to Three Dreams about judgement on America in 2013

  1. Stephanie says:

    Hi I had a dream a couple of weeks ago…Let me share what I remember. I was in a Hotel…I was there speaking with other believers. As I was coming out of my room…I was hungry and I must had only five dollars but that five dollars had gotten away from me so I was chasing it…because it was all I had….well in the dream it seemed like I had chase the five dollar bill to a hill or mountain….where ever it was… it was desolate. The five dollar met up to where a one dollar bill was….which it was braced up against a twig….but what I notice next to the dollar on the ground was six coins….five quarters and one dime…they were covers with ants. Then I woke up. Well the next morning…I believe the Holy Spirit was prompting me look up the signifigance of Quarters and dimes….which I discovered that before 1965…the quarters and dimes were made with 90% silver. I believe the Lord was preparing me and was telling me to store up silver because one day soon the dollar will be worthless. Remember in Proverbs the ants stored up when there was plenty. Also the Holy Spirit reminded me of when God had told Jacob to put aside silver and gold and he ended up using it to purchase grain to feed his family when they had the seven years of famine. Also, a couple of years back I did have a dream about destruction in America…we were at war and I saw family members covered in Ashes. God Bless.

  2. Joy says:

    I have been having dreams lately that are hard to repeat to others but I’m going to give it a try. In this dream I had we were at our church picnic and it was a beautiful day, all of a sudden I see a small digital ball with very bright neon colors glowing within it, it was rapidly descending out of the sky, I thought is was a meteor about to fall on us so I braced for impact, just then it stops and does a floating rotation they I look into the sky again and I see another ball descending only this time it was a medium size glowing ball, again we braced for impact but it stops and floats next to the smaller ball from before, then I look into the sky again to find yet another glowing digital ball falling from the sky and this one really scared us because it was larger then the other two and I knew when this one hits us we are done but as it rapidly descends it sucks up the other two glowing balls and starts to form a ship in the sky, the ship blows out smoke that spells out these words “he who shall follow us, shall be saved” and as they become words they go from smoke to sticks in the sky, I said to myself, that’s odd it says “us” instead of “I” theres only one on the thrown, then I heard screams that I’ve never heard before it was so painful to hear these screams and other people started to knell down to these ships and I started to scream “NO PLEASE, DONT KNELL THIS IS NOT GOD!!!”

    Then I heard more screaming I didn’t know it could get any loader I couldn’t hear my thoughts, then from the right of me I saw hundreds of black humans with wings that could fly if they wanted they looked like regular humans with curly hair but they were black, charcoal black from head to toe their wings were long and full of feathers… Now this is going to sound weird but they were beautifully Scarry ! Its hard to explain , they didn’t look like the way movies depict them, their eyes were a deep red, like the color of red wine, they each had their own personality and their own job they also had their own facial features not one of them looked alike they only thing that they shared was their black color, they started to claim their prizes which were the people and then I woke up.

    Before that I was going to get my tubes tied because we had just lost our home, jobs and with two daughters already we were finding it difficult to support them, one night I woke up to a voice that said I would have a son and I will name him Isaiah… I kinda thought it was all in my head but for giggles I thought let me take a pregnancy test and sure enough I was pregnant, I didn’t know what I was having but I remembered that voice saying to name the son Isaiah… We did have a son his name is Isaiah.

  3. ministry says:

    Hi Tomahawk, I don’t believe America is “Mystery Babylon”. I have put up a number of posts showing that I believe she is the “Daughter of Babylon” and that they are different entities.
    No one has first hand historical knowledge on this, so you may be right.

    In God’s time we shall see.

    Pastor Thomas

  4. Tomahawk says:

    *I have noticed many, responding this site, eluding to Americas place in prophecy as Mystery Babylon. Regretfully, I agree. I have studied both the Revelation and Zechariah accounts and I can’t help but wonder why more prophecy Teachers aren’t warning the masses.

    10 to 15 years ago, with little notice or concern on the part of the State Department, Russia made a trip around this hemisphere that would have sparked WW3 under Ronald Reagan. With a full escort, Russian battleships dropped off several wartime payloads to Venezuela and Cuba, consisting of tanks, bombers, and AK-47s. Why does this matter? The pronouncement of judgment, by God on Mystery Babylon, is the order to “Shoot at her from every side”.

    For the Folks who poo-poo the notion of America fulfilling this prophecy with the argument that we, as a nation, are not responsible for the death of the Saints, in what tense do you understand it? The final straw for the judgment is the death of the Saints. If you understand the definition of “Saint” as someone who walked with Jesus 2000 years ago, I understand your dilemma. If you take the Biblical definition of Saint as anyone who is saved, it is easy to understand that the event “Death of the Saints” might still be futuristic, at this time.   

  5. Tomahawk says:

    *This may mean something to someone. God has given me a sense of urgency to bring this everyone’s attention

    During the first sign that our President was going to commit Troops and funds to the Syrian conflict, namely on the behalf of the Muslim Brotherhood, God reminded me that in the Ezek. 38&39 conflict against Israel, including Syria, will be a Shiite predominant coalition. The Muslim Brotherhood is Sunni.

    For a while it appeared that our President was retreating from the notion of his initial commitment. Now the words of incitement are becoming clearer and more forceful that before.

    If some of haven’t gotten the picture yet, what do you, especial those with Loved Ones who will be caught up in the fracas, feel will happen to our military, know they will be committed to a loosing battle. Reminder, Ezekiel 38&39 clearly shows a intact Shiite coalition.

    Geopolitically, what will this do for our nation? 25 years ago I posed a simple, little understood question at the time, which is easier, to bring the rest of the world up to Americas standards, economically, or to bring America down to the rest of the world? At the time I felt I knew the answer…To bring America down. But today we see as America come down, the economies of others are going up simultaneously. Failed foreign policies, like this and others we have already seen, are continuing to make America weak in the eyes of the world.

  6. ministry says:

    You are welcome Valerie. I may struggle at times, but we sure do try hard.
    Thank-you so much for your testimony about your vision of warning.

    We serve such a great and glorious God.

    I would like to call everyone’s attention to a post that was just put up today.
    Entitled:”Warning to all God fearing Americans-Prepare Now!”

    Pastor Thomas

  7. Valerie says:

    Thank You Pastor Thomas for correcting the above errors, I really appreciate that.  One small thing I would like to add is that it was an “open eye vision” that I saw.  I have had a few of them over many years.   PTL!!!       

    shalom shalom  🙂     

  8. ministry says:

    Here are four pictures that John and Valerie sent the The Joseph Plan. She took the first three. They are exact representations of what she saw in her dream. The nuke picture represents, the best she could find, what she saw in her vision.

    Valerie and John. Thank-you for these pictures. They give all of us visuals of what may be right around the corner for much of the United States and other parts of this world of ours.

    God Bless everyone and thank-you Valerie and John.

    Pastor Thomas

    Feel free to pass this post around to your Christian friends. Always remember- Ephesians 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.

  9. ministry says:

    God Bless Valarie. If there is some way you could send copies of the pictures we would love to post them.
    If you could send them as an attachment to thejosephplan (at), I should get them.

    Kate and I have also had visions. The drerams and visions people are getting seem to be more frequent and visual every day.

    Thank-you and Blessings,
    Pastor Thomas

  10. John says:

    Here is a dream that I will share with you though it has been a few years since i had it.  I do believe it was from the Lord.

      We were in our car when I saw a large air plane descending from the sky.  It was a large plane one that i believe was an international Jet, 1 that carried people back and forth all over the world.  It crashed and i saw it sliding on the ground with much force.  My wife and I began running away from the area and as we ran we were running through the fuel that came from the Jet.  As we continued running day turned into night and we found ourselves in a residential neighborhood.  It now began to rain and we went to a house I saw where a woman let us in from the rain.  We asked her if she heard about the air plane crash and a man appeared from a room in the back.  They said they hadn’t heard.  i went to a window and a large cloud of dark smoke began to envelope the house we were in and I woke up.  I believe that the air plane crash represented our economy crashing.  The fuel represented the monetary system that kept this country afloat.  The international aspect of the plane was that the crash of our economy effected the whole world.   The lack of awareness of the people in the house is that it came so suddenly no one was expecting it.   We must of been there to warn them of the coming destruction.

    Next : this past year I had a dream.  the dream began in a very dark setting. … Everything was in dark shades and shadows.   The dream began w/a man visible  only from the waist down and proceeded  upward and coming to view was the man putting on his shirt an becoming fully dressed.  then i saw his face and I realized it was Joseph Stalin. The dream continued into a very dark room w/military type people of a high level sitting in the round discussing some thing.  then a door opened and the man who was getting dressed appeared fully dressed in a military outfit.  in the dream I knew the man was Joseph Stalin and in the room was Adolph Hitler.  The man fully dressed in military garb began speaking in a language I did not understand.  I then woke up.  I believe that the man getting dressed represented a person of great significance being prepared to reveal himself and his plan, plans of a military type of implementation that would affect the world. 

    May the Lord Bless you and Keep you and shine His face upon You and give you peace.


  11. Valeie says:

    I was heading back from Hagerstown Pa going towards Pittsburgh.  I had been praying on this long stretch of road when all of a sudden i saw with eyes wide open a mushroom cloud as if something blew up, and it was large.*  Then as if drawn by my eyes to a large American flag.  Right after that i was drawn to a split in the mountains behind the flag.   As this finished I had looked ahead  of me and there were 2 homeland security vehicles on the turnpike.  A week later the bomb went off in Boston Mass, USA….the thing is that what I saw was so much bigger!  after this I just prayed.  I felt as though the Lord was saying it would be here in the USA.   It’s not so odd to me now that me and my Friend decided to meet in Hagerstown which we knew nothing much about.  She traveled from Delaware and me…. from Pa near the burgh.   That is where civil war was.    The split in the mountain makes me think that is coming again in the USA however it portrays itself.

       Blessings to you all AND Shalom with ALL it’s meanings.   Valerie   PS  I do have pictures of all this too.

  12. ministry says:

    Bishop Greg, Thank-you for your insightful posting. We all realize it is getting close and we pray your time line is accurate. “Come quickly Lord Jesus”!

    Pastor Thomas

  13. Shalom to your Ministry
    Blessings to you from Jerusalem, the city of the Great King. Yes, America is under the judgments of God. In August the Lord gave me a very specific word that the judgments were going to be more intensive. This is the word of the Lord to me in the middle of August this year: Vintage, Vintage, Judgment is at the threshold of America! Prepare and be prepared for catastrophic calamities are coming! Sorrow in the Wind! Governor Christie of New Jersey proclaimed the day after Super storm Sandy “A day of Sorrow”. The Governor of Connecticut said the damage was catastrophic. There is Much Sorrow to Come between now and Rosh Hashanah 2014. There is an earthquake coming to the West Coast that will effect the San Francisco area and beyond. You can find the judgments the Lord has spoken to me about America. America, where I was born and my children and grandchildren live is Babylon the Great. We have been in the last seven years of this age since 10-29-2008 and the Second Coming will be on Yom Kippur or The Day of Atonement on September 23, 2015. The Day of Atonement starts on the evening of September 22, 2015 Jerusalem time. The Rapture will be on September 25, 2014 which also starts on the evening of the preceding day. The good news is that the Rapture is less than two years away. The bad news is that there is Much Sorrow to Come right up to the Rapture. The day of the Rapture just happens to be 2300 days from Shavuot 2008 and is the same 2300 days that Daniel was talking about speaking about the cleansing of the Temple. We are the Temple that will be finally cleansed as we are changed into our glorified body. The Judgments of America are on the Judgment tab on the web site. You can also find the pattern of Daniel’s seventieth week which was revealed to me in Jerusalem on the Rapture 2014 tab. Continue to warn all to prepare and be prepared. The book of Daniel reveals not only the exact day that our Savoir came the first time, but it also reveals His Second Coming, the Rapture, and that XXXXXX XXXXX is the Anti Christ. Be blessed of the Lord.

  14. Ashlie Ferwood says:

    Hello Everyone, Glad I found this place. I think Bill and I spent about 10 hours over the last three days digging and researching. Thanks ministry.

    I have been convinced for the last four years or so that the US wouldn’t have another election. If we do, we will get exactly what we deserve.

    It saddens me greatly to see our country taken over by thugs in pink pagammas.

    But the Lord is coming soon to put a stop to all this foolishness.

    See you all on the other side. With Jesus that is.

    God Bless everyone,

  15. ministry says:

    Good work Dennis. Thank-you so much for this. God Bless and may He keep you and yours safe.

    Pastor Thomas

    THE JOSEPH PLAN – An Enduring Faith
    Revelation 3:10 Because you kept my command to endure, I also will keep you from the hour of testing,
    which is to come on the whole world, to test those who dwell on the earth.

  16. Dennis Randall says:

    “Puerto” means harbor; port, interface for connecting external devices to a computer (Computers); transfer of a program from one platform to another (Computers); gate; haven

    “El Triunfo” means triumph, success, victory, arrival, trump

    “República de El Salvador” means, literally: “Republic of The Savior.” It is the smallest and the most densely populated country in Central America.

    So, then, what are we to make of the 7.3 EQ that occurred 131 km south of Puerto El Triunfo, El Salvador on 8/27/2012?

    Could it mean something like: “Gate of the Arrival of the Savior.” Or “Haven of Triumph for The Savior.” Or “Program of Victory of the Savior.”

    Also, 8/27/2012 is 21 inclusive days to Rosh Hashanah on Sept 16th and 21 days from Sept 17th.

    Rosh Hashanah is Sept 16, 17 and 18th.

    This seems just a little too perfect but I will pray, watch and pray some more.

    Keep looking up….

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