Purpose Driven Life drove her to resign the organist job and leave her church.

Apostasy in Kathy’s own back yard.

This is a letter of testimony The Joseph Plan received from Kathy Slick on September 23, 2012 about her and her husbands decision to resign and leave her organ playing job with her once loved church.

Kathy Slick wrote the following and it is re-printed with her permission. It is our prayer that it is a testimony that will help others as they struggle with the issue of New Age Philosophy replacing the gospel in so many of the churches of America and around the world. But the Word warns us about the Apostasy and it is now upon us.


I grew up in the United Methodist Church and began playing the organ/piano when I was 11 years old.  During my college years, I learned what it meant to be a Christian and met my husband at a small home church in Indiana.  Through the years, we have attended various churches where I have been on staff (Baptist, Methodist, and others), but have never before heard New Age doctrine proclaimed from the pulpit until just recently.

We had studied these issues and read books by Dave Hunt and others in the past, so were alarmed when the church where I have been the organist for 3 1/2 years began using terms like “centering prayer, breath prayer”, etc.  After taking notes during the sermons of author’s names and keywords mentioned, we came home and searched them on the internet. We discovered a very interesting history going back to ancient mysticism and occult practices….practices which are enticing many unsuspecting church members.

During one of our searches, I ran across The Joseph Plan, which was so encouraging in our struggle to decide what to do.  We have been preparing for difficult times ahead for the past 12 years for our own family’s survival and also to be a ministry to others near us. We are so excited  to see this ministry boldly declaring the truth in so many areas and giving people like us that added encouragement to “do the right thing”, regardless of our church friends and in our case even some income.

Our e-mail exchanges with this ministry has been so helpful!  Last Sunday I turned in my resignation letter effective November 15.  As people ask us why we are leaving, we will refer them to websites like this and ask them to search the Scriptures like the Bereans to find the truth.

We feel God has led us to this decision and will provide for us as we continue to walk by faith and to make decisions to honor Him and His truth.

Thank-you and may God Bless you and your ministry.

We are learning to walk by faith….

Kathy Slick

Please put the Slick family in your prayers for the right new church home. The Lord knows where they live. If you have a story or testimony about your struggles with the invasion of New Age Philosophy into your church please contact us. Your Annonymity will be respected if asked.

thejosephplan (at) aol.com

May God bless and keep you Safe,

Pastor Thomas Holm