Do you have the minimum amount of survival food and gear to survive an emergency? The potential emergency that we should all be prepared for is an extended power outage. It just makes good sense to be able to comfortably take care of yourself, family and a few others in case a calamity happens.

Here is a good presentation on survival basics. How to be prepared!

God will be asking those of us that can to help others!

[space size=10] It is our recommendation that everyone try to be prepared for trying times  asap. Like yesterday. In a priority order. The following should be the priorities for all of our preparations for taking care of ourselves, our families and loved ones who don’t prepare.
A person can live 3 days without water. A little over a week without food and you have to figure out your medicine needs.
Concentrate on the Big 3 first. Water, Food and medicine.
1-Clean drinking water-one gallon per person per day-minimum
3-Life sustaining medications
After and only after you have a sufficient stock pile of the Big 3 focus on the following. Because without those none of the rest of this list will make any difference.
5-Alternative energy sources
7-Stored 3 weeks to 3 months of basic supplies, like toilet paper.
*Self defense equipment. To protect your family, loved ones and your survival supplies.
*Communications-cell towers and the phone lines won’t be working.
Remember, if our crisis planning scenario became real. Real real! All stores and services would be shut down. That would include electric, gas and oil delivery. The medical services, pharmacy. grocery, hardware stores and the gas stations would all be closed.
Refer to the Joseph Plan survival supply lists in the Blog for supply strategies.
***If you are of very limited means you can still make a plan and prepare. Take an inventory of what you have in your possession and plan from there. People sell almost everything at garage sales and they often throw away many of the items that are on the preparedness list.
See the “50 items that disappear from the store shelves first during an emergency” list. Pick one, two or three items that you can buy for a buck or two. Then concentrate on stockpiling as many of those selected items as you can afford. You will put yourself in a position to barter for your basic supplies. You may be able to trade a roll of toilet paper or a small bar of soap for milk and cheese, for example.
God Bless, the Joseph Plan