Symptoms of possible demonic influence or attack

If you or a loved one have noticed some or any of the sudden physical or emotional symptoms or changes, listed below, in your thinking or behavior, you may be under demonic influence or attack.

Demonic manifestations or influences can come about in many forms and for many reasons. When they happen they can be disruptive and possibly harmful. Satan is our enemy. He will use any opening we give Him. I encourage you to examine the below list carefully and don’t consider yourself to be immune from the influences of a demonic attack.

The purpose of this teaching is to help you understand if you have a door open through which  Satan and his helpers, the demonic, can enter, they can cause problems in your life. They will use any opportunity we give them to accomplish their goals. Which is to mess with our thinking, make us sick and even kill us. It isn’t a 100% complete inventory or assessment, but it will give a lot of guidance.

First of all, the devil hates Christians and He will do anything within His power to ruin our testimony. He is the great deceiver and the great tempter. He will use any one, at any time, to try and destroy us or a loved one. But if you are a saved/born again Christian–always remember. The spirit within you is more powerful than anything the demonic can through against you. If you have the right tools.

You don’t have to be oppressed by the demonic. You can live free.

Sin being allowed to gain a stronghold in our life is the most common cause for demonic attack. Any Christian can come under attack by demonic forces. Any repetitive sin in our life is an opening for an demonic stronghold to take hold and become fertile ground for the devil. Honest repentance of any sin in your life and forgiveness of all who have hurt you, should rid a Christian of these unwanted pests.

Sin in our life is the primary reason why the demonic can take a hold of us and try to influence us.

Certain anti or non-Christian activities we involve ourselves in can also be a direct cause. Often unknowingly. We may get involved with them for seemingly good reasons. But the results of contrary or non-biblical activities can be harmful and even devastating.

Demons are real. We have to face the fact that the spiritual world does contain demonic beings. And they are not your friends. They want you sick, confused, fearful, angry, not in the Word, isolated and maybe dead. For sure they do not want you worshiping the one true God. They don’t want you in true worship to Jesus Christ. The Jesus Christ of the bible. The only one through which we can be saved.

As stated above, two of the ways the demonic can take hold or influence a person is through repetitive, unrepentant sin or through an activity that opens a doorway for the demonic to come in.  Drug abuse is another example of this. There are many others, like the idol worship of Buddha or the adoption of non Christian tenants and bringing them into our faith. We will be discussing additional doorways or reasons in future postings.

The following is a partial list of the symptoms of demonic influence and attack. By examining them you should be able to get a sense if you or your loved one is being affected. Please consider them thoughtfully and prayerfully. Any one of them may be a reason for concern. But there may be medical causes. Real medical issues, that need the attention of your doctor, may be the source of your problems. It is when one suffers from multiple symptoms that we can be relatively confident that the demonic is involved.

There are many reasons or possible causes of demonic attacks. The person being attacked may be involved in some sort of activity that is allowing or inviting the spiritual negativity in. It may be caused by someone close to you, that may be opening a spiritual doorway. It also could be the result of a demonic curse or jinx of some sort. We’ll be covering many of the possible sources of spiritual attacks in a later posting. It is not necessarily important that you try to determine the source of the harassment. Dealing with it in the proper way can eliminate it and protect you in the future.

If you are concerned, I have authored an ebook on this very subject. Entitled: The Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual. It is almost 200 pages of biblical guidance on How-To protect yourself and your family from the evil that is rising up during these days of the end.

*You can check it out here.

The below  list is a partial list of changes in behavior or thinking that can occur after one has started or been involved in an activity that opens Satan’s doorway. But we should also understand that these same symptoms may have a medical cause. If any of these are particularly bothersome, controlling or persistent it is always recommended that you see a medical doctor.

Symptoms that might indicate the presence or influence of any demonic entity.

This list should be used as a general guide only. There lots of articles on this subject in the Spiritual Warfare category and complete listings in the Spiritual Warfare Training Course and the Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual.

(Not possession for a Christian! A saved Christian can not be possessed in the terms and how the secular world thinks or uses the word.)

  • Thinking thoughts “that are not you.”
  • Having sudden depression.
  • Having suicidal thoughts.
  • Having fits of anger or rage that are unusual for you.
  • Feeling hopeless.
  • Your pets start acting differently around you.
  • Your close friends start questioning your thinking or behavior.
  • Anxiety that cripples you
  • Excessive fatigue.
  • Toxic unexplained smells like burning sulfur.
  • Irrational fears, panic attacks or phobias on a regular basis.

Further Symptoms of demonic control or attack.

  • Not being able to do what you know is good or right.
  • Feeling like you are being pulled to do the wrong thing.
  • Feeling like you are being pressured to do something you don’t want to do.
  • Hearing voices or thoughts in your head that are negative, persuasive, or commanding you to do something.
  • Deep or severe personality changes like fear or wanting to be isolated all the time.
  • Suddenly having creepy or scary feelings.
  • Recent feelings that an area, like in your house, there is something heavy, depressive or oppressive.
  • Feelings of being under attack or threatened when others don’t.
  • Finding it hard or impossible to pray.
  • Finding it harder or impossible to spend time with Christian brothers or sisters.
  • Sudden and unexplainable anxiety.
  • Sensations of being attacked in bed.
  • Being alone in a room and getting bumped hard.
  • Words blurting out of your mouth that you are sure you weren’t thinking.
  • Sudden development of Lupus or or other auto immune system disease.

If you have just one of the above symptoms it could be caused by many things and we do not want you to get alarmed. Some medical conditions can cause similar conditions.  It could be from a new bad habit or an encounter with a sinful situation or circumstance. If this is true, you know what to do. Repent and move on with your life. Trust Jesus.

Here is a video presentation on 29 signs of demonic oppression.

If you have or are experiencing multiple symptoms from the above list or if one of the above mentioned symptoms is causing problems in your life it may be time to take action. You are very possibly under a demonic influence or attack. 

Most of these attacks occur from sin in our lives,  lifestyle issues or incorrect teachings. All of these can be dealt with so that you are free from the evil thoughts or influences. But they must be dealt with. Repentance is the answer to our own sin and self deliverance and spiritual warfare works most of the time. Please refer to the Spiritual Warfare category onsite.

Please remember to consult your doctor to make sure there aren’t any physical or serious mental or emotional issues that need addressing.

There is another category of demonic attack that we need to be aware of. if the symptoms started AFTER you started practicing a new type of meditation or any other non biblical activity I encourage you to address the issue immediately. Stop doing what you are doing NOW. Eastern meditation is a New Age Fad that has swept through thousands of churches. It is is one of the most popular fads of the new millennium, within the christian church community.

There are known relationships between eastern or non biblical meditation and demonic influence. The proponents don’t tell us about those. You are going to want to see your pastor, of course. But before you start making appointments, I would recommend that you bring this to the Lord in prayer and visit with a trusted Christian friend about it. Have both of you open up your bible and do some research. Pray together and seek the truth.

If it was your pastor that got you involved in this activity you may want to bring your Christian friend with you to discuss it with the pastor. He or she may not know the great negatives that are present in these types of activities. Pray for the pastor before you meet with Him or Her. Pray that the Lord pours out His spirit of truth and wisdom upon them. Bring your bible to the meeting and ask the pastor to show you what the word says about the activity in question. In this final age in which we live, we cannot afford to be placing our trust on the wisdom of man or a faddy program that is outside of God’s Word. We need the truth and guidance of the Word. The Eternal Word!

If you answered one of the above symptoms in the positive it isn’t necessarily a demonic attack. It is very possibly sin in your life that needs addressing. However, it may be. Prayer and discernment are going to have to be relied on. If you have two or more of the listed symptoms I would strongly suggest that you get some “bible based” spiritual warfare help and consider visiting your family physician.

In prayer and under the authority of Jesus Christ the demonic must flee and Jesus reveals the truth. If you find yourself unable to pray right about this or if you believe it is severe enough of a problem- get some help. Call a Christian prayer partner or Deliverance minister.

Tens of thousands have taken our Spiritual Warfare Training Course and developed the spiritual tools to become free and an overcomer over all the evil affecting them. Contact a Christian minister who has real life experience in spiritual warfare.

In the presence of the Holy Spirit, and Jesus Christ, the demonic MUST flee. Praying for forgiveness through repentance, in the name of and under the authority of Jesus Christ should rid a believer of any of these. If you are a saved Christian, not just a good church member Christian, you have the spiritual authority, in God’s world, to command the demonic to leave.  Pray often. Pray earnestly. Immerse yourself in the Word of God.

The Joseph Plan has a special gift for all users of this ministry. It is a 15 page special report to help you assess your spiritual condition. It is a teaching directly out of the Word of God that will help you to be In His ways. I call it the “Rapture ForeWarning Advisory”. This biblical assessment will also help you to determine if you have allowed any sin and thus demonic entity to take up residence and form a spiritual stronghold from which it can operate in your life. It addresses the “Works of the Flesh”.  The teachings or accepted norms of society, that when allowed into our lives can be strongholds from which the demonic can influence us. See here.

If you find that you have been providing access to the demonic, you should take immediate steps to correct it. Remember, the God we worship is greater than all other spiritual entities out there. Jesus Christ is the most powerful name in the universe and under His covering and protection you will always be kept safe. There is no need to panic. Prayer by a believer conquers all. If you are realizing any feelings or emotions that are destructive toward yourself or others, we recommend you see a medical doctor as soon as possible also.

There are two very powerful prayers posted that should give you the ammunition to fix this problem. Yes, this is a problem that through out history the Lord has dealt with many times. If You Believe and stop doing the activities that allowed them in and pray, these symptoms should subside soon. You are in our prayers.

Ephesians 1:17  That the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, may give unto you the spirit of wisdom and revelation in the knowledge of him:

Ephesians 1:19  And what [is] the exceeding greatness of his power to us-ward who believe, according to the working of his mighty power.

Once again, if any of the symptoms listed above are extreme or threatening to you or others-Call your doctor and confer with a Christian spiritual warfare minister immediately and pray together for the Blood of Jesus to intercede, protect and to give you wisdom and direction.

If you have concerns about the possibility of you being under demonic oppression or attack, you are invited to do some heavy study in our free Spiritual Warfare Training Course. Taken by tens of thousands. Available on the blue bar at the top of this page.

I also encourage you to spend some time in the Deliverance Central section of the site. See here. And Deliverance Central Resources in the posts section here.

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