Prophetic Dream: War is coming!

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I had a dream this morning (May 7, 2012) about war. I know this dream came from the Lord.

I’m not sure if it relates to an invasion which the Lord showed me way back on April 26, 2010 (Search Google, “FCET – Revelation from the Lord concerning an invasion”). In that dream, the Lord showed me an invasion. If you have not read it over, you can — and I would encourage you to do so. The reason I am encouraging you to do so is because the Lord gave it for a reason, and I believe the reason is so that it would be shared, so that people could pray about it. There are some significant things that He showed me in that revelation.

Also, perhaps to encourage you that I’m not crazy or eating too much pizza, the Lord has given me some other revelation in the past about war which did prove to be quite accurate. Specifically, He spoke to me the very day the bombs started to drop on Afghanistan. There was a reason He did that, and it was to help myself, and others, I believe, understand His compassion for those who are going through the ravages, uncertainties, and heartaches of war. Please take the time to read that article if you have not done so already (Search Google, “FCET – I was there when they dropped the bomb”). In that dream, which occurred just hours before it was announced on the news (October 7, 2001), the Lord put me in the position of a man who was concerned for his family in Afghanistan. In the dream, I was right there and saw the bombs falling! I was concerned for my family. This reveals the heart of God the Father, who loves each person and desires for them to come into relationship with Him. I would encourage you to read that article, and ask God to give you His heart of compassion for those who are suffering. The name of that article is, “I was there when they dropped the bomb” and can be found at (Search Google, “FCET – I was there when they dropped the bomb”).

It’s now been more than two years since I had the dream about the coming invasion (Search Google, “FCET – Revelation from the Lord concerning an invasion”), and this morning (May 7, 2012), I had another dream. It was very short and to the point (though I’m not sure I totally understand one of the points).

Here is what He showed me.

I was on a residential street — imagine the street where you live — and everything was “normal” as you would expect. You would expect the birds to be singing, and the sun to be shining (hopefully) — and everything seemed “just like that” — normal. Then, SUDDENLY, war planes appeared in the sky! I honestly can’t remember how many I saw, but the point was not to show me how MANY planes there were, but how CLOSE they were! I remember looking at one plane, and it was REALLY HUGE to my naked eye, meaning it was VERY CLOSE.

What could this mean? I think this means, “WAR IS VERY CLOSE.”

The plane I saw in my dream was SO close, I could have thrown a stone at it and hit it. It was SO close, it did not even fit in my field of vision. Only part of the plane fit in my field of vision. That’s CLOSE.

I think I understand the point about the plane being close. I don’t have a problem believing that it means war is close (note, the plane was a war plane).

Here’s something I noticed about the plane. It was odd.

I noticed quite a bit of RUST on that plane.

I thought to myself something like this: “That plane is an old plane from many years ago.”

What could this mean?

The plane symbolizes war. An old plane — and old war, perhaps. Will this war be like a war from the past? Is the Lord talking about a world war? Something “old” is clearly represented in this dream, so maybe it’s a resurrection of an old conflict perhaps — someone attacking the Jews, maybe, like Hitler did during world war II? There’s something old about this war, and my feeling based on the imagery is that it’s something the world has seen before — whatever that is — and so if your history is good, that will put you in an even better position to understand what that could represent.

I want to ask you to please pray about this.

Now you might want to think that it would be better to go to sleep, perhaps. But I want to ask you to please wake up and smell the coffee. Prayer is apropos. Print this message off and bring it to your prayer meeting. That’s what I’m asking you to do.

Thank you and God bless you!

(Search Google, “FCET – A Tumultuous Event”)

Any ideas about this prophetic dream?