True story of a Diamondback Snake that came knocking at our door.

It was my first experience with a Diamondback Snake and it had to be a real big one.

Most of us have heard about the dreaded Diamondback Snake. One of the most poisonous snakes in the SW United States. Ten days ago I had my first experience with one. Having lived in Arizona for almost fifteen years I have heard many stories and have seen them in zoo’s and only a couple dead ones on the road. I’ve seen a few babies here and there, but I had never come face to face with big one. Until nine days ago, on that Friday night.

That day was much like most. I was in my office writing. Kate had just gotten up and gone into the kitchen to start dinner. She had grandma over for a treat that night. Evidently the front door was open and Baby, the cat was watching something outside and began to get agitated. Grandma told Kate that Baby had something spotted outside the door that she maybe should check out. Kate went over to the door and was stunned.

Right outside our door was a 4-4 1/2 foot Diamondback snake, hissing and rattling at Baby through the screen door.

Kate yelled—“Thomas—Come here – quick!!!! Thomas!!!!! Get out here!!!! Help!!! Please!!!

“Ok, coming”, I replied. I bounced out of my chair- suspecting an issue or a little trouble of some kind and went to the door alongside Kate, Baby and Grandma. All three were paralyzed and staring through the screen at the monster outside. And it was a monster. At least, in my and the women’s world. The snake that we were looking at was four to four and one half feet long and about two to two and one half inches in diameter. And it didn’t seem very friendly.

I grew up in Minnesota and we did not have many poisonous critters, snakes or otherwise. I did not have a reservoir of experience to draw upon. But I was blessed in knowing some good ranchers that have spent their entire lives here and listened to lots of their stories about life in Arizona.

So I proceeded to go out to protect my three girls. With no clue what to do. As I stepped out of the door, I moved very slowly. The snake was wriggling to the left and off the sidewalk. This was a big snake and the famous rattles were sounding the alarm.

Now here’s the picture. I’m standing outside, facing off with this snake. All three of the girls were yelling at me, it seemed. Yelling things like “don’t get too close, you’ll get killed”. Or, “Thomas, he’s moving towards you-RUN!” So I did the best thing I knew. I got my lawn chair out and sat down to study the situation. I honestly didn’t have a clue. I said a prayer for the Lord’s protection promised in Psalm 91 and tried to figure out what to do with this snake that was now coiled, but calm and about six feet away.


Our viper was much bigger! Half again thicker!

She sat there making sounds and looking upset, like she was the one being disturbed. The only thing that came to my mind was to call on the Lord. With a leg that barely works and only being off my cane for a few months now, I didn’t feel like much of a match. So I quietly called on the one with all the power. I called on the name of Jesus and plead “the Blood of Jesus” prayer” for protection. The snake responded by moving over next to the house and coiling up. Every time she would move towards me I would toss a few pebbles her way to get her attention, put my hand up and command her to move away and “Be Still”. She obeyed directly each time.

This went on for an hour and a half. She’d raise her head and wriggle toward me and I’d command her to “Be still”.

We had called the fire department and explained the situation when this little drama had first started. They took the report and said they would try and get someone over to help. They know that I’m pretty well sidelined and not very agile on my feet. The dispatcher understood that it was best for me to not try and capture this beast. So we waited. And waited.

For almost two hours we waited and about every ten or fifteen minutes that snake would rear up and start coming my way and it would get commanded to move back. Each time it retreated back next to the building.  When the fire department finally arrived all was pretty much under control. The fireman just walked over with a pincher long handled snake tool and put her into a bag. They then escorted her back out into the desert.

Just me in my chair with a cup of coffee. Keeping watch over this Diamondback Snake that the Lord had finally put to sleep.

Under the authority of Jesus Christ and out of the mouth of a believer, All of Creation must obey.

Now I am a man with experience in dealing with the great southwest Viper!

I posted this because there is someone who needed to read about this true life, little adventure, in order to believe.

God Bless,


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