Personal testimonies on Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance

from followers of The Joseph Plan.

Personal testimonies about the power of God to change lives and heal families and relationships. During these last days there is a great movement of God. He is moving to save and heal His kids. No one needs to be an exception. Especially you!

We get many letters at The Joseph Plan. From time to time we receive a special note that we feel needs to be shared with everyone. A story with a special message.

If you have a personal story or testimony that you would like to share, please send it to: We only reprint letters from people who have given us permission. Your testimony could be just what one person needs to change their life.

The following letter was received from Alison, who lives on a small island off of the coast of Tasmania, Australia. (6-1-14)

Pastor Thomas,
I contacted you late last year about some very real demonic stuff happening in and outside of my home, mostly to my husband, who was an unbeliever at the time.

Stuff like shovels flying through the air, axes, bags of wheat! Not falling off other objects but being picked up off the ground, on a still day and being propelled through the air. I purchased the Breaking Free of the Bondage e book. Our God is good, it all worked. We got FREE and absolutely clear of those attacks, praise God!

Then six months later I started having very vivid dreams of my ex-husband coming into my bed and seducing me. This left me upset and quite devastated. as I had been through the teaching about soul ties with former mates. I had not repented of marrying him, however.

I would wake up crying and shaking and this stuff went on for a week.
It was really upsetting me and I told my husband about the nightmares and how wrong it was. My husband said to wake him up if it happened again.

But I decided to have a look at Breaking the Bondage of Fear again and meditate on these things, asking God for direction. I prayed aloud, before sleeping, confessing my unholy marriage with this man who I had children with. I told God I was sorry I had formed a marriage with an unbeliever and also prayed that my former husband might be made aware of the saving power of Jesus again, so that he could be persuaded to repent.

Well that night his daughter came instead, (she is a practicing witch) and absolutely hates me. In this dream she had an undernourished baby who was very sick. I commanded the evil spirit, because I had recognized it by now, as just that, to leave. I claimed and plead the Blood of Jesus and told it to go. It left!
This time I was not frightened, angry or upset. I forbade it in the name of Jesus to enter my unconscious state again, ever. I forbade it by the Blood of Jesus to manifest in any form into my life, conscious or not. (Then I felt very badly for my step-daughter, as I understood for the first time, she was the sick undernourished baby, all those years ago.)
I then prayed for my step-daughter. I asked God to reclaim her from the clutches of the devil and asked God to reveal himself to her as he had when she was a child. She answered many altar calls at Church, as a child. I asked the Father to heal her heart of the rejection by her biological mother. I asked God to forgive my harsh treatment of her as an older child for her belligerent behavior. I asked God to help her understand that her rejection of me was misunderstood and I reacted badly to it. Then I fell asleep, peacefully.
The night invasions stopped!

I have had no contact with my ex husband and my step-daughter. However in the light of this awakening I ask God to show me my sins, make me aware of them now, so I can continue to clean out my spiritual house.

He shows me very gently. Sometimes it is a revelation and I ask Him for forgiveness and glorify Him who is a just and wise counselor, Almighty wonderful God.

Alison Pountney
Small island off Tasmania, Australia

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On April 20th, 2014 we received the following letter from Glen from So Africa.

Hi to whoever is reading this letter?

My wife and family are all born again believers in Jesus. My wife and I gave our lives to Jesus about 23 years ago. Throughout our walk in Jesus we kept on having good times however, and then we would be attacked from all sides. We could not understand what was going on. We were doing all we were taught in our church.

In 2014, in March, we were in quite a bad state, having very bad fights and our family members were doing things that were not them. I got tired of the life we were leading. I prayed for godliness and we started to look for information on the net, when we came across The Joseph Plan. I got a copy of their Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual”. We read the manual together and decided to apply the teaching to our lives, we had nothing to lose.

My wife and me we sat and did about two hours confessing and repenting all our sin as we read to do in the Manual. The next day, we prayed the setting free prayer that is in the Manual. As I stood under the name of Jesus and in the power of his blood and in the power of the Holy Spirit, I saw how my wife’s’ heart got softer and all the frustration and hurt (so on) left. We had to stay in prayer and apply the prayers we had learnt in the manual. The change does not come entirely and stay after one session. We have had to change the way we live. We apply what we have learnt daily, at home, at work, in town and in every part of our lives.

We can in truth testify that what we learnt from the manual does work!


I applied the teaching at work with a brother in Jesus. We have started to pray for people at work in the name of Jesus and in the power of his blood and in the power of the Holy Spirit. What a surprise we got. We went through a day of being blessed, bondages being broken and our lives’ are going in directions that are mind blowing. At one stage we had to stop all we were doing and wait for our Jesus filled hearts to calm down.

A week later, we have had people coming and giving their lives to Jesus, just because they see the change in us, we talk about Jesus word– Not preaching. We are talking to people that we would not have spoken to, due them being bosses. On Thursday, 17.04.14 I got to work and I started to pray and talk to Jesus, when Jesus showed me the love he had for me. I was not able to do any work for the day.

At home we are finding out the true love between husband and wife. All I can tell you is every part of our relationship is alive, not like the 32 years we have been married. There is a calmness in our house. PLEASE do not think it takes one prayer and all is right. You need to apply the prayers learnt in the manual daily, all day long and stay under the authority of Jesus.

Further doors are opening. Visions that I had received about 20 years back and one vision in particular, showed me that I would be helping people that truly want to be in God’s will. We are starting get people asking when we will start study sessions. So many doors are being opened for us to bring the good news to many people and also to help people in need.


I am still trying to get to terms with all this.

When praying in the name of Jesus and in the power of his blood and in the power of the Holy Spirit, what powerful prayers they have become. They are not the same as in the past?

Today was mind blowing for us. We were still trying to get into Gods will yesterday, then today Gods hand touched us. WOW is all one can say. We are waiting to see where we will be led to next and the ride is going to be one ride and a half.

I have been a person that has always tried to apply the teaching I got in churches. The churches did not teach about Biblical Spiritual Warfare in the detail taught in the Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual. Guys there is much more to Jesus than what we are taught in the churches. Take the step and read the manual and step out in faith and I truly can tell you there will be release in your life and great freedom for you to walk with Jesus! Why be bound by Satan?

I am waiting for Jesus’ next step in my life and my families.


Thanks and God Bless,

Glen Wantenaar

Charmaine wrote with such love.

Dearest Pastor Thomas and Kate.

I pray this email finds you well. I’d like to share just a few of my many testimonies Father has given me. I’ve been wanting to share this for sometime now.
Testimony #1

Let me introduce you to my Awesome GOD

I fell sick after giving birth to my son and after many tests was diagnosed with a prolactanoma (not sure of spelling) its a tumor in the center of the two brains. I was booked into the hospital immediately for more tests and treatment, put on to a drip. Doc explained that depending on how deep it was there was nothing they could do for me. They could slow down the growth but that’s all they could do.

My first reaction was to pray. ( That was the Holy spirit) I called My Mom and told her to get everyone in the church to pray ASAP. Was I scared, oh Yes I had 3 little ones dependent on me. I didn’t want to die. C

This is where I learned that I had to make a Choice I had to trust God no matter how I was feeling. Satan can play with our feelings (emotions), Faith is not a feeling faith is taking God at His word. Its a choice you make like the one u make to follow Jesus. Its your mustard seed. You just need to make that choice, decision and stick to it no matter how you feeling. Jesus does the rest!!! Satan can’t mess with that.

For example, God told Noah to build an ark because He was going to bring a massive flood. Noah took God at His word and built the ark. He made a choice a decision to trust God.

After doing more tests to confirm if I had a tumor, which came back all positive. I was booked in for a CAT Scan to see how big and deep the tumor was.

Looking at the doc’s face while he was looking at my results was so scary and I was just hanging on to God. Then he said. There’s nothing, its gone, it just disappeared. I was in a ward where all had tumors and had been given 2 to 6 months and my doc was saying this. Everyone was silent. I wish you could have seen their faces.

While I was waiting for the doc to tell the staff to take my drip out so I could go home, (he was still in shock. Hahahaha.)

The drip finished and they had to put another one in and explained to me because they could not take me off until doc said so.

I saw something in the drip, called the nurse and it had already gone into my system before she got there. The more I tried to tell her I saw it go in. Looked like dry old blood. She told me its my imagination. I just wanted to go home so I left it as that. The next night I was sick, had a fever. We thought it was flu. The next morning I was weak, by the time hubby got home that night I was delirious. He rushed me to the Mulbarton hospital and I was booked in for a Gallbladder opp the next morning. That night was the worst night of my life. Through all my confusion and pain I tried my best to pray. I knew something was very wrong and I also knew I was not going to make it.

The next morning I was so weak, I could not see or talk. Everything was blurry. At pre opp a angle walked in. The anesthetist. He said he doesn’t want to frighten me but if I have the opp I would not come out alive and I must not sign the opp agreement. I tore up my forms, don’t know how because I was so weak. I crawled to the reception and called hubby. He rushed me back to the doc that treated me for the tumor. When I got there I told the doctor I’m not ready to die and he said I know my sweety and held me in his arms. He did more emergency tests and found I had a viral infection in my blood. Told me if I had gotten there 10 min later I would not have made it.

I’ve always had so much faith for others and never for me. God showed me. His Grace, His in control.

The Bible makes hundreds of references to faith, such as “The just shall live by faith” and “This is the victory that has overcome the world—our faith.”

How would You define faith?

A story comes to mind in which Jesus had told someone, “Not even in Israel have I found such great faith.” What was it that Jesus had called “great faith”?

Look up the passage in Luke 7 about the centurion who was willing to believe that Jesus could heal a loyal and trusted servant who was near death. The centurion told Jesus, “Just say the word, and my servant will be healed.”3 Then the centurion used a personal example to illustrate that he understood what it meant to be taken at His word and obeyed.

In response to the centurion, Jesus turned to the crowd that was following Him and said, “I say to you, not even in Israel have I found such great faith.”4 Jesus seemed to be saying that “great faith” was simply taking Him at His word.

Could this definition be confirmed elsewhere in Scripture? Since Hebrews 11 is often referred to as “faith’s hall of fame,” I turned there.

After reading passages, with all its references to the phrase “by faith,” I began to see that all the people mentioned had one thing in common: No matter whom the writer of Hebrews was talking about, each person had simply taken God at His word and obeyed His command. And they were remembered for their faith.

God told Abraham to go out to a place that he would receive as an inheritance. Abraham took God at His word, left his familiar surroundings, and he went.
6. God indicated to Sarah, who was long past the age of childbearing, that she would conceive a son. The Scripture states: “She considered Him faithful who had promised.”7 She took God at His word.

Regardless of circumstances, despite arguments of logic and reason, and regardless of how he or she felt, each person mentioned in Hebrews 11 believed God and His word and chose to be obedient.

Faith is taking God at His word. That’s your mustard seed. Your choice your decision.
If faith is a matter of taking God at His word, what does God say about His word? I found the answer in Scripture itself:
“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words shall not pass away.”9
“The word of the Lord abides forever.”10
“The grass withers, the flower fades, but the word of our God stands forever.”11

These verses are telling me that everything in life may change, but God’s Word remains constant. His truth never changes. I was beginning to catch a glimpse of how faith in God’s promises could affect me the rest of my life.

For instance, I feel things very deeply. At times I am so happy I think I will never be sad again. Other times I am so sad I think I will never be happy again…and still other times I feel almost nothing.

But as strong and as fluctuating as my feelings are, God’s Word is
truer than anything I feel
truer than anything I experience
truer than any circumstance I will ever face
truer than anything in the world

Why? Because heaven and earth will pass away, but God’s Word will not. This means that no matter how I feel or what I experience, I can choose to depend on the Word of God as the unchanging reality of my life.

I look back on all that I went through its a turning point in my life. When circumstances and feelings seem more real than life itself, chose to believe that God’s Word is truer than anything else. And chosen to walk by faith.

There are times you might not feel God’s love. That’s when u Choose to not dwell on that feeling, letting it carry you into a state of self-pity, say, “Lord, I don’t feel loved. That is the truth. That is where I am right now. But, Lord, Your Word says that You love me. In fact, You’ve said that You have loved me with an everlasting love. 12 You never stop loving me. Your love for me is one thing that stands when all else has fallen.13 Your Word says there is no partiality with You. That means You don’t love anyone else in the world more than you love me. So, Lord, I thank You

Oh Jesus I am speechless, At all You do for me.

Praise God. My God is bigger than anything. His the Greatest no words can define Him

His office is manifold
His promise is sure
His life is matchless
His goodness is limitless
His mercy is everlasting
His love never changes
His word is enough
His grace is sufficient
His reign is righteous
His yoke is easy and
His burden is light
He’s indescribable
He’s incomprehensible
He’s invincible
He’s irresistible

The heaven of heavens cannot contain Him Let alone a man explain Him
That’s my King

Testimony #2
This happened last week.

The night I posted a warfare prayer request 4 Oscar. I took my rat out 2 play & my rat ran under my son’s foot, he stood on his tail, 4 cm of it came off. Only the skin & flesh. His bone was sticking out. Shame so much blood. He had so much pain. Shame my Son was so hurt. He Felt so bad. It was a total accident. I cried so much. Oh boy did I pray. I did not know what to do. I felt so hopeless about not being able to help him. I asked God to do supernatural healing. I could not take the pain he was in & it was late at night so I could not call the vet. Besides I never had money for the vet. I begged God to heal him. I cried out to God that night like never before. My rat cried so much that night. Then when I took him out to comfort him. I saw he chewed his bone off. At that moment I felt such relief cause I just knew God had a hand in it. Cause with the bone gone it would have a much smaller wound to heal. He cried the whole night while he was chewing it off!! So did I. Was so awful. Oh my word. Then I googled, they say the pains very bad & takes longer 2 heal biting it off & having it amputate heals much faster. Next day it was already starting to heal. Oh my word. Could not believe what I was seeing. God really did a supernatural healing. The vet could not believe it. He told me he wants to see him. Said its impossible.

Not with my God!! The next day he was as crazy as ever playing & jumping around. The vet was dumbfounded. WOW!!! Praise God!!

The vet told me that it takes 2 weeks of pain & healing when they bite it off & amputation takes a few days.

Imagine what God will do for us if we just trust Him.
Our God is awesome! He loves all of creation.

His tail is sorter so I’ve decided to change his name to master splinter. Like the rat on the ninja turtles.

Testimony #3
2 months ago my puppy got cat flu.

She was so sick and on her last. She could not move or lift her head to get sick. I had to help her lift her head. We took her to a 24 hour vet. They would not see her with out a deposit of R3000. I never had the money to pay the vet as it was month end. And they don’t do accounts. But by looking at her while we where there. They told us that she was so far gone she needed a blood transfusion and she won’t make it through the night. I begged them to help her and that I’d pay them in 3 days but they would not without the deposit then and there.

When we got back in the car. I said to Ray and my boys. That’s it!!!! I will take care of her. God will show me what needs to be done. We don’t need the vet we have an awesome God, We will pray over her. God will heal her.

10 minutes later when we got home she Was so far gone she could not even move. I sent out a prayer request and we prayed over her. I asked God to show me what I need to do. I asked my dad if he had any tablets that he took when he had the tummy bug. Praise our awesome God who leads us. I gave her a double dose. The holy spirit lead me to give her 5 ml of pepsi every half hour. He also told me to crush the tablets for nausea and the tablets for her tummy and put it under her tongue as she was vomiting it out everytime I put it down her throat.

I gave her tabs for pain and fever. As the night went on her fever broke and she started sleeping for longer periods of time.

I prayed in the spirit and sat by her side the whole night. Everytime she got sick I gave her more meds. At 5 am I could not keep my eyes open anymore and I thought I’d close them for just a few minutes while she sleeps. I feel asleep and woke up 2 hours later with a big wet kiss. As I opened my eyes she was standing next to me with her head on my bed staring at me. Still weak but praise God she was up she even stumbled to get some water. Praise God she was drinking. I gave her another dose of meds and we both fell asleep. I woke up 2 hours later with another big wet kiss and she wanted to go outside to do her business. She even started playing.

God had healed my Dog overnight!! Thank You Father So so much!!!
I Praise our Awesome Mighty God.

Pastor Thomas. Today I declare out loud. You are healed in Jesus Mighty Name.
Oh Father we stand on Your word and decree and declare healing for Pastor Thomas. We plead him under the powerful beautiful Blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. Father Your word says “Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words shall not pass away.” Your word also says God shall supply . O Father We now sow our seed faith Father and we know Your shall-supply promise is on its way. Father we wait on You for a miraculous return. We are expectant Father. We praise and honour You Father. We thank You for healing in Jesus Mighty Name… AMEN AND AMEN!!!

Hallelujah!!!!!!! All Glory to our awesome Father God!!!!

Have a beautiful blessed day Pastor Thomas and Kate.
Much love

Next is from Seraiah,

Dear The Joseph Plan Ministry,

I have to share my awesome testimony about pleading the blood of Jesus; amazing amazing.  Our God is great!  I contacted the The Joseph Plan ministry back in June of 2016.  At the time I was distraught and have been experiencing some blunt satanic attacks.  As a born again Christian, I was naive and could not understand why all those horrible things were happening to my husband and I.  In a space of 2 years, we had a stillborn baby at 35 weeks; followed by a miscarriage at 10 weeks 18 months later, my husband lost 2 siblings, my husband had some kidney stones removed and a stent was put in his urether; causing him so much pain, bleeding and infections, everything was such a mess and extremely devastating.

I was a desperate woman with questions.  I believe the Holy Spirit led me to your website.  I started reading some posts on pleading the blood of Jesus page and found it comforting that Pastor Thomas was personally replying to some post.  So I desperately posted some of the problems I have been having.  Sure enough, Pastor Thomas replied simply; but staunchly, advising me to plead the blood of Jesus on my family for protection and cleansing.  I also took the Spiritual Warfare course and WELL, the changes have been subtle but DRAMATIC!  I can ‘t even get into all the details.  At the beginning, things started to get rattled.  But then revelations kept coming, my husband’s stent was removed, the infections and bleeding stopped, things started to calm down in our house, my youngest daughter stopped having nightmares, the demonic dreams I had been having about bleeding constantly eventually stopped.  I had a renewed sense of vigor in the power of God and the blood of Jesus Christ, and I was not afraid to use it.  Till today, not a day has gone by without me pleading the blood of Jesus.

The most amazing of all these transformations is that we have since had another baby; a boy, 8 months old now and we call him Zion.  All the Praise and Glory goes to God for giving us his son Jesus Christ and to Jesus Christ for being obedient to our father.    Otherwise, my life was being destroyed.  Things have been financially stretched and I was being plagued by some hip issues but I am pleading the Blood of Jesus Christ on these issues and I know these too shall pass.  I donate to the ministry whenever I can and when Pastor Thomas posts a donation need, but I hope to give more when I can to spread the message of the good news so that many more lives and souls can be delivered from the myriad of satanic harassment and attacks.

Pastor, I stand with you in agreement and plead the Blood of Jesus Christ on you and your family.  Keep up the good work, because so many Christians need to be enlightened about the power of the blood of Jesus in relation to our Christian Faith.  Being ignorant and naive about this can be very costly.

This is my testimony.

Thank you and God Bless,


Polly Walker wrote:

Hi Pastor Holm, I believed that God has lead me to your web site and the reason why I believe that is because all My life I have been physically attacked by demonic spirits. I am a true Christian, I gave my life to the Lord when I was 30 years old. It’s really been an up and down journey , with many tests, but I’ve never gave up on God nor will I ever. The morning I went on your web site , I spend my time with the Lord. I laid down cause it had been a very trying weekend with my family , who are unsaved. I was sleeping and then all of sudden I felt a spirit come over me in a sexual way. All of a sudden I was having sexual thoughts and when I realize I was being sexually attacked by a demonic spirit, I called out to Jesus for help. The spirit left, but it left me feeling very dirty and sad. I was upset with the Lord, because I didn’t understand why he let this happen, when his Words clearly say he protects those that are His. I told him enough is enough, I’m tired of being physically attacked. I asked Him what powerful prayers I can say to stop Satan and his demonic goons. He spoke in my spirit and directed me to go on line.

That is where I found a lot of Christian site’s and I asked the Lord which one He wanted me to go to. He directed me to The Joseph Plan and I found the keys he was giving me. I prayed the deliverance prayer and when I said all those prayers I felt such a great lifting of heaviness off of me. I felt free! Since I have been doing your lessons each day and week, I am getting stronger and stronger in the Lord. My printer don’t work, so I have to write out those lessons every week. That’s a lot of writing, but I want those to add to my library in case any of my children are left behind. They all have gotten away from the Lord. My grandson came to me and told me he is not allowed to say the name of Jesus or pray to Jesus in his school , and that the school has been teaching the children to pray to the Islamic god, Allah. I pray over him , and I told him to tell his parents. I will buy that manual from Amazon cause I don’t have pay pal. I wish it was in paper form , but that’s ok. God bless you and your family.

I will share your teaching with those on my church lady page. I am thinking of taking classes to become a minister. People keep telling me I should. I do have a lot of spiritual gifts that I’ve used for God’s glory and to help others. I just wanted peace and am finding so much more. “The greatest thing I love about Jesus is the truth.”

God Bless, Polly Walker

Stella Wong Loi SIng wrote:

Dear pst Holm Here are 2 testimonies about pleading the blood of Jesus.

I,m a widow and one day one of my dogs bit a very poisonous snake,that fell out of a mango tree of my neighbour. I could,n,t afford to bring him to the I got a cup of dark grape juice and prayed Lord,let it be like Your blood and heal her.she drank it and was God be the glory.another testimony is about my grandson of 2 years who threw a plate with furadan, poison against weed and grass all over his head and they thought he drank it.from 8 in the morning till 12 at midnight,I sang that the blood of Jesus has all power,than after midnight I began binding powers.I heard a man shouting.the next day my son called me from the hospital and said,they,ve done all kinds of investigation and were very suprised the boy didn’t swallow the poison.

Only to God be all the glory and to the Holy Spirit

Who gave me the idea to sing about the Blood for many hours while working in my kitchen. God bless you pastor for the teachings.

Sandra M -Ridgewood wrote:

I have a friend who I will call Betty, an alias name.  She was harrassed by demons for many years.  She would feel cobwebs on her skin; and every time she tried to sleep, she would be woken.  I wanted with all my heart to help her and I had read the Spiritual Warfare Manual and Pigs in the Parlor, as well as other readings.  But I knew I was not right with God in the way that would empower my prayers:  I’ve had a skin picking disorder since age 5, due to trauma. 
I gathered information on the phone.  I asked about when the sleep problems began.  She said that she was in an abusive marriage and decided to leave her husband.  When he learned she was leaving, he told her, “I will never let you go!  And if you leave anyway, you will never have another man as long as you live!”  I believe he put a curse on her.  I prayed and sensed a great spiritual disturbance in her life.  It was as though evil was creating a storm around her. 
I decided to fast for deliverance from my skin picking disorder for one full day before even attempting to pray for my friend’s deliverance. I pled the blood of Jesus, fasted, and prayed earnestly until I got my picking down to 3 behaviors in that day (Usually I experience 20-100 a day.). I continued to fast on the second day.  I began also to pray for my friend Betty.  And we were both delivered together at the same time on the second day!   I called Betty and she told me that it was gone!  She slept well at night.  
A few days later she sensed something “crawling on her bed.” I told her how to rebuke the demons aloud.  How to plead the blood.  I explained to her how to maintain deliverance.  It is normal for demons to attempt to come back, but I told her that they cannot if there is no foothold.  I assured her that she was safe and promised to pray for her.  I still pray for her.  She is doing well.  Thank you for all your ministry emails and website!  Oxoxxoxo
God Bless,
Sandra M -Ridgewood, New York



These books are awesome and very informative and helpful in understanding the spiritual warfare and  would highly recommend this training manual. I like that Pastor Holm shares his experiences and explains clearly what to do. I  now understand I was being attacked in my dreams or nightmares that I was fighting demons who were killing babies and blood everywhere in this stone cellar. I was holding this baby and this demon was trying to get the baby and I kept praying to God and binding and rebuking the demon in my dream. It didn’t get the baby but I can tell I was getting tired and woke up. Praise God.p

Ronita Giznsky