Spiritual Warfare Training- Lesson 1

The Joseph Plan Spiritual Warfare Basic Teaching Series

Are you interested in learning Spiritual Warfare?

Are you aware that we are in the Spiritual War of the Ages?
Do you see the evil rising all around you and maybe in your family?

Is there a spiritual war going within your home or family?
Are you under spiritual attack?

Are you prepared for “Biblical Spiritual Warfare Training”?

If you are, The Joseph Plan is now offering an email based teaching series.

This free education series IS  for you if you are interested in learning true spiritual warfare. It is for you if you have a desire to become free of all the demonic in your life and empowered by Christ to take dominion over all evil. This is not a counseling course. It is a free education series of The Joseph Plan to help raise up spiritual warriors for Christ that can then go on to help others in need. This is a free service of The Joseph Plan and open to all adult, mature Christians.

If you wish to become a spiritual warrior for Christ and want TO LEARN the art of spiritual warfare, you are invited to sign up using the link below. You will be sent a series of  free teachings and kept abreast of any new information released.

It is taught by Pastor Thomas and will include some guest teachings.

This course is the most popular Spiritual Warfare Training course available. It has been taken by thousands and its graduates live all around the globe. All basic teachings contained are bible referenced and the techniques are all time tested and taught by spiritual warfare experts.

This is Spiritual Warfare Teaching Lesson # 1 as sent to all who subscribe.

You will be taught the basics of spiritual warfare and how to incorporate the best spiritual warfare prayers into your daily life. There is no charge for this email course.


Welcome and we are glad to have you as part of our educational program. It is our desire to help thousands of Christians to obtain the knowledge for effective Spiritual Warfare, taking dominion over all evil in our lives.

This is a powerful Word of God based teaching. You can sign up for this twenty lesson free email training course on the blue bar at the top of every page.

May we start in prayer!

Heavenly Father, In the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, we come to you today and ask that you open and prepare our minds and hearts for the truths given to us through The Word! We humbly ask Father that you guide us and protect us during these times of study and learning. We desire to learn your ways Lord. Please help us. Please teach us. Help us to be willing and honest with ourselves. Help us to discern the truths contained in this teaching.

In Jesus Christ’s name we ask.


God never promised us that being a Christian meant a life of no problems. Actually the Word of God tells us exactly the opposite. In John 16:33 it explains the world we live in.

John 16:33 These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.

Through and because of Jesus we can find peace and overcome the evil. Tribulations that come from the world are our biggest problem. It manifests in institutions, other people and even in some family members. We all are exposed to it. Evil does exist.

 Christians from all over the world have been writing The Joseph Plan, pleading for answers. You are not alone. Asking questions like:

“Help me? I am tormented by evil spirits and haven’t slept for weeks…”

“”Can someone help us? My two daughters and I are hearing voices and weird sounds in our house and are at wits end. Nothing that we have done has……”

“Pastor Thomas, I have developed very irrational fears and I am imagining all kinds of odd things. I am having nightmares that wake me up in a cold sweat. It is terrible!!!”

“It had gotten so severe in our apartment building that a vase came sailing across our living room and hit my husband in the back of his head. There was only he and myself in our home at the time. It almost scared him to death. Thank-you for all the Word inspired teachings on this vital subject. Our church never talks about it. I think they are scared to touch it. We wanted it all, so we bought your marvelous spiritual warfare book and are truly blessed. Now we both are taking our God given position over the demonic and finally finding peace. Thank-you Pastor.”

These questions and many more are all covered in this teaching from The Joseph Plan. There are many teachings onsite and I offer the Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual to all as your comprehensive companion study guide. It is a resource manual.

The Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual is by far my most in depth and comprehensive attempt at sharing the information I have been taught and the experiences I have accumulated over the last twenty years about Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance. It is the study guide for this teaching series. And no one has an excuse for not having one, because if you cannot afford the price I will send you a pdf copy free of charge. (FREE) See the instructions at the bottom of this teaching.

Where do we start?

The first key to overcoming the evil within or around oneself is coming to grips with the reality of the spirit world. God is SPIRIT. The Devil is SPIRIT. The Angels are SPIRIT, The Demons are SPIRIT. The spirit world is real, just existing in a different dimension than the one we live in, but very real and active.

We need to understand that God, in His Word, says that Lucifer went into revolt as well as one third of all the angels and was kicked out of the heavenly dimension into ours.

We must make an admission to ourselves that they are real and possess certain powers. We need to accept the fact that some or probably many of the problems in our life are caused by these demonic entities, Spirits or Demons. 

The second key is acknowledging within your innermost self that God IS and no other created being is higher or more powerful than Him. He and only He, Jesus Christ, has the power and the authority to take dominion and command over ALL members of the spiritual world.

If you belong to a church or group that understands and teaches this reality and has given you the tools to deal with it, you are blessed. The biggest problem in getting solid spiritual warfare teachings into the hands of the layman Christian is the lack of teaching that the demonic world and thus the spiritual powers are real and can be dealt with.

What a contrast between teaching and conducting spiritual warfare in America versus so many of the other countries of the world. There is a big contrast between teaching spiritual warfare in the USA and in overtly dark regions. 

Most churches in America and thus many Christians do not recognize the reality and power of Satan today. They just don’t get it that Satan has infiltrated so much of their lives, even within the church. There is very little formal spiritual warfare teaching and thus very little spiritual warfare practiced.

The situation in other areas or countries is quite different however. We are ministering worldwide. We have communicated by email recently to Christians in New Zealand and various countries in Africa and find a startling different problem there. There the demonic is horribly evident or obvious. It is very well understood who the enemy is. The primary problem is that many of these wonderful men of God, when they were called, picked up the bible and started a study and maybe a church, with very little actual training in spiritual warfare. There are isolated places with very good spiritual warfare teachings. But much needs to be done. These pastors are eager to find THE SOLUTION. They are keenly aware of who the enemy is.

The problem of teaching spiritual warfare is different from continent to continent. Below is a comparison chart I was sent that displays the differences.


AMERICA and other countries being deceivedKNOWN DARK COUNTRIES
IGNORANT, SKEPTICAL    of demonic  activityAWARE, CONVINCED of demonic activity
USA founded in LIGHT, turning to DARKNESSIn past DARKNESS, now LIGHT coming
SUBTLE, HIDDEN work of SatanOPEN, OBVIOUS work of Satan
CAMOUFLAGED activities, GRAY to hide itOVERT EVIL evident, DARK clearly shown
Christians UNTRAINED, FEARFUL of demonsChristians, many are UNTRAINED but TRYING
Demons, Satan GROWING STRONGERDemons, Satan slowly LOSING GROUND

The failure of modern churchianity

A stark contrast! Most American churches today are not teaching and equipping the saints for the battles we all face. They don’t seem to realize that there is a need for spiritual warfare teaching.

Gaining the proper knowledge and understanding that Satan is real and the need for Spiritual Warfare training is the first step in becoming an Overcomer. It doesn’t matter what country you live in, we all should strive to learn what the Lord has given us to help us.

Satan’s work in America is far more subtle than in many places.  Few churches recognize and teach that Satan is real in America. Here Satan works behind the scenes and within the halls of the churches and the government.  Satan works overtime in making sin and all its consequences “socially acceptable”.  Yet the outcome is the same as in countries where the demonic is more overt. The result is bondage, bondage to sin and all that it entails.  In America Satan is actually more dangerous, because he does much of his work in secret and is not being exposed. That’s the difference between the USA and many other countries.  In America (Babylon) today, sin rules and thus does not get treated. Like any disease, if it isn’t recognized and diagnosed it is more dangerous than one whose symptoms are obvious and given the proper treatment.

No wonder so many are experiencing demonic oppression and attacks.

Paul says we should not be unaware of Satan’s ways and traps (2 Corinthians 2:5-11).  In this country most Christians don’t recognize Satan’s tactics and many don’t even believe he exists and are not prepared to fight against him.  In parts of the world they know he exists and they know Satan’s evil ways and recognize him as the enemy.  Recognizing evil is half the battle.

Satan’s power is growing worldwide, because it is turning toward sin and further away from Jesus’ ways. His power is growing in ways we could never have imagined.

Proverbs 14:34 Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a disgrace to any people.

Do you see sin increasing around you and righteousness fading?  Do you see the demonic rising? There is a direct correlation between sin in and around us and the power of the demonic. Sin gives the demonic permission to operate and gives the demonic its strength.

As a nation or local community becomes tolerant of sin the powers of the demonic increase. Allow sin into your life and the natural consequence is that you will be attacked and harassed by the demonic. You can even become physically sick. As society accepts sinful ways to become the norm, it is giving the demonic “legal permission to operate” and to “possess and use” its institutions and people. The Devil knows this and is taking every opportunity to take advantage of the situation. The opposite of sin is righteousness.

1John 2:1 My little children, these things write I unto you, that ye sin not. And if any man sin, we have an advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous:

When we repent of the sin in our life and are saved, we are given the gift of righteousness. Righteousness is the breastplate we need that protects us in any spiritual battle. It is part of the armor of God that He gives us so we can stand upright and use all the spiritual weapons at our disposal.

Eph 6:14 Stand therefore, having your loins girt about with truth, and having on the breastplate of righteousness;

The breastplate of righteousness protects us from the flaming arrows of temptation that the enemy uses against us.

Our enemy is crafty. He comes against us in many different ways. He is always there, always hanging around, waiting for the opportune time to attack or use us for his purposes. Which are never for the good. Remember the devil and all his minions (demons) hate the righteous and want to kill or destroy us. He is the source of all lies and is working full time to deceive and destroy your relationship with the Lord.

There are two primary battle fronts in spiritual warfare. Two battle lines that must both be addressed.

Whether your battle is with the enemy around you or the enemy within, there is help in God’s Word. There are lessons we can all use to be Overcomers in this war for our souls and lives.

The first and most important is the battle front that lies within us, the war for our mind and soul. This battle is conducted through deliverance. We need to be delivered from the grips or attacks of the demonic and into the loving hands of Jesus. When we talk about deliverance it isn’t just for people who are “possessed” with the devils demons. It is also the process for any Christian to free themselves from sinful thoughts or actions (sin) that may provide a demonic influence in their lives. Yes, a Christian can have a demon. Paul of the New Testament had a demon and if he did—so can we.

In order to be free of spiritual attacks or demonic oppression, we need to have Deliverance. Deliverance from the root causes of spiritual oppression. Deliverance is being set free, free from all that is oppressing you.  One receives deliverance in a three stage process. You have to get involved and do all of the stages in order for it to be successful. If one skips any of them or can’t be honest with themselves, deliverance will most likely not be successful.  Spiritual Warfare most likely will fail if you aren’t sincerely thorough.

The stages of Deliverance are:

1 Identify and tear down the strongholds that have given the demonic permission.

2 Remove the legal rights that the demonic has acquired.

3 Cast out the demons to be set free.

Once these three stages are completed one must then fill the spiritual house that was just cleaned with the spirit of Jesus, the Holy Spirit. Repentance and Obedience are at the foundation and we discuss those in later chapters.

If you try to cast out a demon without first dealing with the reason it is affecting you in the first place, it will result in an unsuccessful deliverance. Removing the root sin (or curse) that is giving the demonic its authority is crucial to completing a successful deliverance. You may be able to temporarily remove the demon, but you will not have taken away the stronghold that allowed it to be there in the first place. I explain the process of discovering what your part is in being set free from demonic oppression in later chapters of this course and explicitly in the course manual.

The research, experience and learning’s of some of the best Spiritual Warfare teachers are contained in the “Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual.  Review the introduction and chapter one with this lesson.

Let’s do this in the proper order.

This process has to start with our admission that we aren’t God. But there is ONE and His name is Yeshua. That we aren’t perfect and that only God, Jesus Christ is, for He is fully God and today sits in heaven, over all with the Father. Once we can make that confession we can accept that we are, by our inner nature, a sinner. Sin is the root of our spiritual problems. Especially willful sins, acts or behaviors that we choose to do in spite of God’s will for us. Willful, repetitive, unrepentant sin gives the demonic special permission to establish a stronghold in our body and mind from which they can have a very powerful place to operate from.

The second battlefront, that we are all soldiers of, is in the outside world. It is the front line where the enemy uses other people, places and things to attack and destroy us. Remember Satan’s goal, which is to kill or destroy all, especially the righteous!

That is the part of Spiritual Warfare that most people relate to when they first hear the subject. In later chapters, I give a very thorough teaching on what is involved in arming oneself for this type of spiritual warfare. You will not have to be a victim any longer. You are about to receive the knowledge and tools to be an overcomer over all evil in your life.

You are starting a learning process that may change your life. It is truly one of the most exciting areas of our faith and it is so under taught. You are beginning the process of learning how to allow the spirit of God, the Holy Spirit within you, to rise up and overcome ALL EVIL. We serve such a wonderful and loving God. Through Him you can become one of the overcomers. Guaranteed!

Besides reading the first two chapters of the textbook, your assignment this week is to read, study and pray 2 Chronicles 7:14

If you do not have your copy of the “Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual” and would like to purchase one, you may visit our little Spiritual Warfare Store to get your copy. It is an ebook, not a printed book. It is available in epub, mobi or pdf formats. The store transactions are handled by Paypal and the store is very tightly secured for your protection.

You can check it out in our “Spiritual Warfare Book Store“.

If you cannot afford to purchase the manual, simply send an email to the following address and briefly explain your situation. We will send you a complimentary pdf copy. ministry@thejosephplan.org. Enter “manual” into the subject bar.

Sign-up for the free training on the blue bar above!

If you wish to become a spiritual warrior for Christ and want TO LEARN the art of spiritual warfare as the bible reveals it, you are invited to sign up and take our Spiritual Warfare Training Course. You can sign up with the below form. You will be sent a series of  twenty lessons, by email, once every five days. In just Forty Days you will receive the complete teaching.

This education series IS  for you if you are interested in becoming free of all the demonic in your life and empowered by Christ to take dominion over all evil. This is not a counseling course. It is a free education series of The Joseph Plan to help raise up spiritual warriors for Christ that can then go on to help others in need. This is a free service of The Joseph Plan and open to all adult, mature Christians.

The training course consists of eight 10-20 page lessons that you will be sent every 5 days. The textbook we use is the Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual, which is an ebook. It is available in our bookstore or at Amazon Kindle. If you cannot afford to purchase the textbook, We will provide you with a pdf cory free.

It is taught by Pastor Thomas and includes some guest teachings.

The above teaching is lesson # 1 and you will receive it again when you begin the series.

Feel free to share this teaching with any of your family or friends. Please share it.

Watch for lesson number 2, 5 days after number one and then one each 5 days after that. Eight lessons in 40 days. These lessons supliment your textbook.

May the God of all of creation bless you and keep you safe,

Pastor Thomas



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20 Responses to Spiritual Warfare Training- Lesson 1

  1. Hi Lorina, You can sign up free on the top blue bar on this page. The Training comes by email every five days. There are over twenty lessons now. All free.

    God Bless,
    Pastor Thomas

  2. Lorina Troy says:

    I would like to sign up please, thank you.

  3. Joshua says:

    Good site

  4. Aricka says:

    The coing is so near spiritual eyes to see and defeat its trying for were dealing with prinipalities but thank God victory is guaranteed be obedient to the prompting of the holy spirit for it will teach you. Saints keep me lifted in prayer I defeat them for a living not my will but the fathers will. In jesus name so be it. Thanks saints Gods love.

  5. Aricka says:

    I want to encourage the saints, I have been in spiritual warfare battle for quite sometime I continuously defeat them the evil agents are using witchcraft, wiccan etc the plan is to have you living in fwar and scared of them Gods word has already instructed you not to fear them. The stronger you become in the lord fear will fade but you will have to fight. Pay close attention to things going on do not answer to the devils schemes go the other way as prompted by the holy spirit. When your paying attention and seeing things that isnt of God pray against whatever that thing is. Pray this powerful prayer. I return to sender and I bind the demons to the sender 100 fold in jesus name. Pray daily annoint yourself,possessions, keep yourself covered in the blood daily. Im a living witness its real I defeat evil agents for a living in Jesus’s name take heed beloved the coming is near.

  6. ministry says:

    Welcome Gayle, If there is anything I can help you with please ask.
    We don’t have any money, but lots of love, understanding and teachings.

    God Bless,
    Pastor Thomas

  7. gail says:

    Someone introduced me to this site, as my spirituality is weak. I have had a life time of abuse, and suffer from P.T.S.D., , and Anxiety Disorders most of my life. I now burn holy candles that are blessed and wear sacramental medals and scapulars on my person. Being afflicted with these things, I’ve been praying for to move out of social assistance housing into a safe place close to the ground…I’m not fond of heights. I have a few spiritual friends, but stay to myself alot of the time. pls pray I will keep my car, and move out of this very traumatizing subsidized housing. I think my anxiety levels would decrease significantly. I wonder sometimes if God is hearing me.

  8. Annie R says:

    Bless you sis for your wonderful testimonial.
    Jack and I have taken the training also and it has significantly changed our lives. It was that poweerful.

    Your sister in Christ.

  9. ministry says:

    Hi there

    I have a story I would love to share, in case anyone else has had the same experience and is scared like I was when it first happened.

    I was 18 years old, (I’m 43 now). My Dad had just passed away from Alcoholism and Diabetes. He was abusive, and there was a lot of negative energy in our home. There were strange things that would happen to us, things that really terrified me at the time. My Mother had several occurrences months before mine started. At first she thought she was having strokes, but then began to realize it was evil spirits. She would be lying in bed when all of a sudden, something would jump on top of her( she thought it was the cat) and then she would be paralyzed, unable to move or speak. This went on for a while. She would see shadows on the wall and see little demons on her pillow. She would tell me, and even though I thought she was crazy-it scared the crap out of me! The night of my Dads funeral, it started happening to me. It’s as if something has completely engulfed you in evil. Very terrifying to an 18 year old girl. I was told to rebuke it in in the name of Jesus. When I did this, it didn’t seem to help.

    I have had vivid visions of Satan to where I would wake up screaming. This has gone on for several years. Now when this happens, I scoot close to my husband and hang on for dear life, because it actually tries to pull me off the bed! I always wonder what would happen if it succeeded! But Jesus protects me, and won’t let it win. For years I would be in denial, and try to forget about it, or wonder why this was happening to me, when I was a christian and loved Jesus.

    Recently, I found the Joseph Plan Website, and came to the realization after completing the Spiritual Warfare Training, that the Devil had strongholds on my life that must be broken. I spent days pleading the blood of Jesus, and repenting. It would stop for a while, but then I realized that the thing that has had a stronghold on me all of my life, passed down from my father, was alcohol.

    Even though I only drank a few times a week, and it didn’t cause any real problems in my life, Satan was using it as a tool to destroy me. If I didn’t stop, I would be passing alcoholism and these attacks onto my children. That in itself terrified and devastated me. I had to stop. But I had tried so many times and couldn’t.

    I prayed the powerful prayers in the Spiritual Warfare Manual. Pleading the blood of Jesus, the Deliverance Prayer, and the prayer that will free you and your children from curses passed down from ancestors. I find that if I drink, it takes me out of the Holy Spirit and away from His protection, and the attacks start up again.

    This study has helped me so much, and I am so thankful the Lord directed me here. If this is happening to you, do not fear, the Lord WILL protect you! But you must pray for God to release you from any strongholds and bondage that Satan has over you. Even though I have always been a christian, alcohol was separating me from God, and keeping me from the life He had for me.

    I realize now that by being obedient, I am opening up my life up for so many blessings: peace and joy I have never known!

    Thanks for listening. May God bless and protect you.

    In His love,

  10. ministry says:

    Hi Polly, Praise the Lord for His guidance and power.
    Everyone can use Amazon in our book store. There you can also name the price or donation.
    The Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual will be available in soft cover printing within a few weeks.
    We have lined up a print on demand printing company to work with.

    God Bless,
    Pastor Thomas

  11. Polly Walker says:

    M, Polly Walker wrote:

    Hi Pastor Holm,
    I believed that God has lead me to your web site and the reason why I believe that is because all My life I have been physically attacked by demonic spirits. I am a true Christian, I gave my life to the Lord when I was 30 years old. It’s really been an up and down journey , with many tests, but I’ve never gave up on God nor will I ever.

    The morning I went on your web site , I spend my time with the Lord. I laid down cause it had been a very trying weekend with my family , who are unsaved. I was sleeping and then all of sudden I felt a spirit come over me in a sexual way. All of a sudden I was having sexual thoughts and when I realize I was being sexually attacked by a demonic spirit, I called out to Jesus for help. The spirit left, but it left me feeling very dirty and sad.

    I was upset with the Lord, because I didn’t understand why he let this happen, when his Words clearly say he protects those that are His. I told him enough is enough, I’m tired of being physically attacked. I asked Him what powerful prayers I can say to stop Satan and his demonic goons. He spoke in my spirit and directed me to go on line. That is where I found a lot of Christian site’s and I asked the Lord which one He wanted me to go to.

    He directed me to The Joseph Plan and I found the keys he was giving me. I prayed the deliverance prayer and when I said all those prayers I felt such a great lifting of heaviness off of me. I felt free! Sinse I have been doing your lessons each day and week, I am getting stronger and stronger in the Lord.

    My printer don’t work, so I have to write out those lessons every week. That’s a lot of writing, but I want those to add to my library in case any of my children are left behind. They all have gotten away from the Lord. My grandson came to me and told me he is not allowed to say the name of Jesu or pray to Jesu in his school , and that the school has been teaching the children to pray to the Islamic god, Allah. I pray over him , and I told him to tell his parents.

    I will buy that manual from Amazon cause I don’t have pay pal. I wish it was in paper form , but that’s ok.

    God bless you and your family. I will share your teaching with those on my church lady page. I am thinking of taking classes to become a minister. People keep telling me I should. I do have a lot of spiritual gifts that I’ve used for God’s glory and to help others.

    I just wanted peace and am finding so much more.

    “The greatest thing I love about Jesus is the truth.”

    God Bless,
    Polly Walker

  12. Diann Armstead, Heaven Sent Min. says:

    Pastor Thomas, I tried last week to order the Spiritual Warfare Manual and several other books, however, the link that I clicked on did not afford me information to purchase any of the material.
    Does the Spiritual Warfare Manual pertain information from the Book, Breaking the Bondage of Fear, Overcoming Evil, God’s Operational Manual for Spiritual Warfare?

    I am being attacked in my home, for quite sometime. I ministry is Healing and Deliverance, however this is the first time that I have gained knowledge of TRULY QUALITY SPIRITUAL MATERIAL WITH TRUTHS OF OUR MESSIAH.

  13. ministry says:

    Maureen wrote the ministry with this wonderful testimony that all happened this past week. Hallelujah! Thank-you Jesus!!!

    Hi Pastor and everyone. I just finished the spiritual warfare class. I learned so much from this class. These are the teachings that the world needs today. I truly believe if this was being taught in all the churches many people would not be in the state that they currently are.

    This is my testimony of the wonderful power of God: Wednesday night, my four year old grandson was playing with his blanket, slipped and fell flat on his mouth. (He fell on hard wood flooring) Blood was everywhere and his gums were busted so badly you could see his two front teeth roots. My son brought him upstairs to me. I looked in his mouth and could see all the damage. I took him into the bathroom and started rising his mouth. When I could finally see how bad the situation really was I started to pray for him. I told my daughter and soon in law to take him to the emergency room. I just knew they were going to take his teeth out because they were very loose.
    As they prepared to go to the hospital, I put my hand over his mouth and began to pray and plead the blood of Jesus. After I finished praying, I told him to say thank you Jesus. They left. I continued to pray. After about five minutes of prayer, God showed me his mouth healed. I still continued to pray for another ten minutes. God continued to show me his mouth healed.

    About 30 minutes later, I hear them come through the door. My grandson was running around like nothing had happened with his teeth! The cut in the gums was no longer there!! I asked my daughter what happened, she said: When we got to the hospital it was gone! You can imagine how I started jumping up and down praising God!

    The Dr at the e.r. said he would be fine after about three days. To just do salt water rinses so infection would not come. The next day he had a dental appt and the dentist said he was ok except for the bruising/slight swelling.
    Thank you Jesus the Power of the Blood! What an amazing God we serve!

    Do you have a story or testimony to share?

  14. ministry says:

    Welcome Solomon,
    The Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual will answer most of your questions. If not contact me and I’ll try.
    I don’t have ALL the answers, but we’ll try.

    God Bless,
    Pastor Thomas

  15. solomonpeter joseph says:

    Praise the Lord very happy to receive lesaon 1. Waiting for the next .My prayers for all you brothers and sisters to the Lord Jesus that we all join our hands to make this world better. Amen

  16. Solomonpeter Joseph says:

    Thank you for lesson 1 waiting for lesson 2. Praise the Lord .

  17. ministry says:

    Hi Joseph, Have you signed up for the Spiritual Warfare Training onsite? They are free. Use the top blue bar on the top of this page. They will come to you by email. So watch your inbox and spam folder.

    I sent all eight lessons and the Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual. Enjoy Joseph.

    God Bless,
    Pastor Thomas

  18. Solomonpeter Joseph says:

    I wish to become a strong soldier of my savior Christ Jesus and thus pray for me and so please send me your free eight lessons . I promise to follow the Holy Spirit as he istruct me.

  19. ministry says:

    Hi Raymond, Welcome to The Joseph Plan ministry.

    We need not suffer from anxiety and fear. The Lord, through His Word gives us the answers. I have many posts on this impotant topic onsite and have authored two books that deal specifically with how to become free from anxiety and fear. They are both in the book store and on Amazon.

    If you cannot afford a small donation for the books please contact me at ministry@thejopsephplan.org and I’ll get you a pdf copy.

    You don’t have to suffer any longer Raymond.

    God Bless,

  20. Raymond Sandleni says:

    In the Blood of Jesus I feel blessed to part of the JosephPlan movement.iam suffering from demonic Anxiety and fears.I have phobia of people,I can’t look into the eyes of “some people”,I just panic.to some ppl I just feel safe and to some ppl I just feel presence of evil.I hide indoors most of the time,reading the bible and fasting.Iam from South Africa.Pls help me with every “strong Prayer” you have.for the sake of my Soul,my family,friends and for all the souls who have given-up on God because of lack of wisdom.for the sake of all the souls which must be won into the Kingdom of God.I live the word and I breath the word but I can’t seem to win the battle am facing.Pls help.

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