Jim Caldwell followed the vision he received from God and found the real Mt. Sinai. The mountain of God. The same mountain that the one world Faith may be claiming as a key element in there new religious system.

The following video is a presentation by Jim and Penny Caldwell. Jim and Penny are a Christian couple that were working in Saudi Arabia at an oil refinery, when Jim was given a vision from God. What followed took them on an adventure of a life time and the discovery of major revelations concerning archeological evidence proving the location and physical existence of God’s Holy Mountain. Mt. Sinai! We provide these wonderful revelations for all of us to use to deepen our beliefs and thus strengthen our Faith.

For those unfamiliar with the Caldwell’s’ story this is essential viewing. Jim and Penny Caldwell’s painstakingly documented explorations deep into the Arabian Peninsula over an 8 year period corroborates in great detail the earlier findings of the late Ron Wyatt. But it goes further by establishing as factual, the exodus and the 40 year wandering biblical accounts, all in very astonishing ways.

God has kept all of these amazing facts perfectly preserved for this time that we live in. As you will learn, computers and modern technology had very little to do with this amazing story.

During their first trip to Mt Sinai it snowed and all the snowflakes were shaped like the six pointed Star of David.  When they came to the mountain they were in total awe as they stood looking at one of the most significant locations of the bible. The Mountain of God.

Pick up your bible and open it to the Book of Exodus. It is about to brought to life. Thank God for revealing all this today. At exactly when our Faith is going to be needed and tested like no other time in history.

The world and so many of the denominational pastors consider the events of Genesis and Exodus as nice stories and interesting reading. God is now revealing that they are so much more. They compose the foundation upon which we can grow our Faith. Believe and walk in Faith!

God is right on time, again. Jesus is coming back real, real soon.

May the God of creation Bless you and keep you Safe!

Pastor Thomas

The Caldwell’s website is http://splitrockresearch.org/

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