Test the Spirits-vision and dream interpretation

Visions, dreams and prophets. Are they messages from God?

Can we put our faith in a vision or dream? Can we trust a “Prophet” to give good advise about the future?

What and whom can we believe? What and whom can we trust?

Is it possible for someone to get vision or dream interpretation?

How can we tell if a message is from God or the evil one?

From the spirit of truth or the spirit of error?

Someone or something gave you that message and before it is accepted and believed you should always try and understand who it was that delivered it. The one thing we can count on is that it was either from God or His adversary—-Satan. There are no other senders.

Whom would you rather trust? Making a decision to trust the messenger or not is very important and could have drastic consequences if it isn’t understood correctly.

So, I thought it might be good for everyone if we spend some time learning about vision and dream interpretation and the spirits that bring them to us. We all need to be careful and understand that there are many spirits that try to deceive us. Satan is the author of all lies and He can speak directly to us or through other people.

We need learn how to “Test the Spirits”!

When trying to figure out if the spiritual message you are dealing with, it is important to first understand that there are four possible sources.

Four possible spiritual entities that we may be dealing with. There are actually many smaller divisions in the spirit world. But understanding these four is a good beginning. More information will be posted on this subject later.

They are:
1. Jesus Christ Himself
2. An Angel, whom would be a messenger from God. Or an Angelic being that has a specific mission. ie. to protect you from danger or intercede in a situation.
3. The Holy Spirit
4. A demon. Yes, Christians can be influenced by demons. The devil wants us off course. He wants us dead. He wants to ruin our testimony and our walk with the Lord. He will  attack us any way He can. There are many different types of demons. Generally they can be put into two categories. Familiar and un-familiar demons. Think of them as Satans little helpers. They are always to be avoided or cast away. (discarded like any other garbage in life)

Here is a bible verse that establishes some of the game rules. One of the truth detectors. Satan is the great deceiver. He wants you to believe his lies and he can use your dreams and other people.

1Cor 11:14 Did not even Satan marvelously transform himself into an angel of light?
2Cor 11:15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers (demons) also transform themselves as ministers of righteousness, whose end shall be according to their works.

Satan is the great deceiver and he will use anything and anyone to try and deceive us. A common theme of this ministry is that I ask you to “test” all statements and representations to make sure they are true. Including mine.

Satan can and does use demons or demonic spirits to tell us lies and try and influence our thinking. Always, ALWAYS remember. The spirit world can come into our mind. Not just another persons. Our spirit centers in our mind and that is where the battle is.

The demonic or the evil one can use other people also. He can and does on a regular basis directly affect the thinking of great leaders, some Pastors and even our neighbors . He even loves to capture the thinking of people within the church. The church is so watered down today that the devil is having a field day. BE CAREFUL of some PASTORS. Test their spirit for truth. Just because he or she is giving a sermon, doesn’t mean they are speaking for God. Many Christian churches and denominations, unfortunately,  are in big trouble that way and are leading their congregations away from biblical teachings into “new age” type philosophies. A tip off can be when the speaker or pastor speaks more about the “ways of the world” than the truths of the gospel. Or He encourages you to participate in activities like “centering prayer” or “Contemplative Prayer”. They both have demonic roots and can be very harmful.  We recommend you read the An Enduring Faith pages and posts for more information. Centering prayer and Contemplative Prayer are both covered in different posts. There is more going up each week.

This next verse tells us to not believe all spirits. Whether from the mouth of man or in a vision or dream. Even in our own thinking.

1John 4: 1-4
1John 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but try (test) the spirits to see if they are of God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.
1John 4:2 By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God;
1John 4:3 and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the antichrist you heard is coming, and even now is already in the world.
1John 4:4 You are of God, little children, and you have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

Test the spirits to see if they are from God. This is especially true when they are talking to you. As in a dream or vision.

A spirit MUST be able to confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh and there message MUST conform to the bible. Either through the mouth of the person you are talking to or the voice you are hearing. A message from an Angel or through the Holy Spirit will never contradict the Word. “The Word” came to earth in the form of a man. That one is Jesus Christ.

So, please always try to test the spirit.

If you can, ask them who their Lord and Master is. They must be able to tell you that it is Jesus Christ. If the spirit cannot conform to God, confess that Jesus Christ is his Lord and Master, then he is not an angel or messenger from God. But demonically moved or influenced, at the least.

Then ask the spirit to confess that Jesus Christ has come to our earth in the flesh. If this spirit cannot make this specific confession, then the spirit is definitely not from God!

If you are dealing with a memory of a dream or vision, you can still test the spirit. Ask the Lord for the truth. In Jesus Christ name put that thought or memory under the covering of the Blood. Under the power of the Blood, under the authority of Jesus Christ, all evil MUST flee. We serve the most powerful one. Believe and walk in true faith, that HE WILL do for us, what we cannot do for ourselves.

See our “Deliverance Central Resource Center” here, for video teachings on Deliverance.

Let the truth shine!

I hope this helps everyone. If you have questions—ask. e-mail us at thejosephplan (at) aol.com. We’ll try to get an answer.

People like yourself, sharing this knowledge with their friends and loved ones is the primary way new visitors are introduced to this ministry site. We have provided a share link below. Please don’t keep it to yourself.


My friend, Are you confident where you are going to spend eternity when this all ends? There is an end for all of us some day. Some of us today.

There is only one way to know and be assured– Ask our Father in heaven in Jesus Christs’ name, in prayer today!

Are You Saved from the eternal fate of so many? Are you sure? Ask Him. Find out and be assured.

Rom 8:16  The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that  we are the children of God.

When we ask the Lord, in Jesus Christ’s name, He assures us with His peace and understanding. If for any reason you question your salvation, go to a quiet place, alone, and talk to Jesus. Repent of your sins and commit your life to Him. Then go to a bible believing church and get baptized.

He is faithful! He always listens and always responds!

The Salvation Prayer (click here) is in the Blog in the right column of this page. You can walk without fear. Start nurturing An Enduring Faith, today.

Visit the Joseph Plan Blog and be blessed. There are scores of articles for you to enjoy.

May God Bless You and keep you safe from the evil one!

Pastor Thomas Holm

The ministry of The Joseph Plan





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5 Responses to Test the Spirits-vision and dream interpretation

  1. Muriel says:

    I think that it could be a God dream but, she’s been praying and asking God for help for her daughter in law that she could have gotten an answer from another person impersonating God. Also this person didn’t speak to them, and why the sadness? The LORD is joy.

  2. Pauline says:

    I think this is a good dream.One from God.God showed her what it is like to be in heaven.I believe she met with Jesus.But I don’t know why she was sad while she was in heaven.From the stories I have heard,people that have this kind of experience are happy when they get to heaven and don’t want to come back to earth.I feel the message here is that God wants her to tell people about heaven and that the earth is full of darkness,and that heaven is for real.

  3. ministry says:

    The Joseph Plan received the following letter from Gabriela Lopez, who lives in Mexico. This dream is very interesting and could have been inspired and thus contain a message for us. What do you think? Was this dream from God? Is there a lesson or message?


    To start, pls forgive my English, hope you understand me.
    This is my dream as follows.

    I was walking near what was used to be my house for many years ..suddenly I felt a presence .. I looked up to the sky and I saw this person walking down some wide steps which i couldn’t see well because of the clouds .. well this person was a tall and well built man .. dark blond hair and light brown eyes .. he was dressed in a long white robe .. I looked at him , he looked back and smiled .. he had the most beautiful and fresh smile i’ve never seen before … Next I saw myself following him as well as many other people.. he didn’t say a word.

    But people and me were following him. I deeply, in my heart knew something real big was about to happen on earth .. so we kept following him and we came to this narrow path and thought to myself , theres no way i can get through that path , it is too narrow , too small..and don’t know how but finally i could walk through that path .. we then saw some sort of vehicles it was like a train .. people got in those vehicles .. I knew we would be transported somewhere out of the earth.. I was pretty worried about my family I didn’t see any members of my family as I was transported to some place else.

    Suddenly we arrived. It was a place where there was no heat .. don’t recall feeling hungry of thirsty and i cried and cried i felt to sad , I missed my home on earth .. and this guy who we followed i knew then he was an angel .. he seemed so happy he smiled a lot .. i went to him and asked him –what’s your name i said .. Eugene he answered and they call you? Gene he said .. he spoke with a big smile always on his face . Next i kept crying and i thought this must be a terrible nightmare and needed to wake up.. I walked to the edge of this place and looked down the earth and I saw……… I saw the earth covered on darkness .. no light anywhere , it looked destroyed.. lots of water dragging everything .. palm trees, cars, everything and this darkness all over.

    Next i saw a white tiger and a zebra. I feared them, but they seemed so happy. The zebra had that happy smile .. it seemed it was smiling ..then i saw the resurrected there .. they were ALIVE there .. i met with an aunt who was already dead and was alive there , asked her about one of my parents who have passed away already .. she said oh there she/he is somewhere in this place .. next i went to some place like a big living room where i saw my daughter’s mother in law and i felt relieved to hug her .. and asked her about my daughter , she said oh somewhere around u may find her … and i kept crying i was feeling so sad.. kept thinking this can’t be happening, just can’t. I have to wake up from this nightmare i thought so there was night and day in that place, but i didn’t feel tired or sleepy. I went to sleep anyway .. wanted to wake up from that dream anyway.. so i fell asleep. When i woke up i remember saying finally thanks God it was a dream ..but when i opened my eyes there it was that smiling zebra looking at me ………….. I said oh nooooooooooo, this is for real .. it’s for real. Then i started walking searching for my parents and family .. next I woke up.. and that was the end of the dream.

    I feel this dream was from God, but something else happened. As i kept remembering this dream. because it was so vivid .. I had to go to another state, where my daughter lives, to take care of her. She’s pregnant and her pregnancy has been delicate, well before i went to see her i prayed a lot to the Lord. Please Lord, i need a blessing for my daughter. I need you to send her strength, to believe you’re taking care of her. So i went to her house and in a few days some man knocks at the door and asked for a broom to sweep outside the house. My daughter went to take some money and handed it to him. The man said, where’s the broom? The strange thing is, that he was smiling so happily, as i was watching them from far, inside the house. I was thinking where I’ve seen the same smile, My daughter said no it’s ok to the man… he looked at me from outside the house and waved at me with so much energy and with that fresh and big smile and i kept thinking where .. where ..then the man before leaving he said THIS HOUSE WILL BE BLESSED.

    Suddenly at the same time my daughter and i felt this chills all over our body … and the man left… by the afternoon i kept thinking where i’ve seen that smile oh BINGO i knew it EUGENE ..yes it was my answer to my prayer . The Lord our God have answer my prayers and what i felt is that the man wanted so much to be seen by me .. like if he would say HEY look .. I’m hereeeeee look I’m here. I don’t know if this man was an angel or not but i do feel that blessing came from God.

    What I’m telling you is the truth .. for the God of Israel is watching me.

    Thank-you Gabriela. Thank-you for sharing your dream with everyone.
    What do you think about this? Are there some deep and important meanings?

    God Bless,
    Pastor Thomas

  4. ministry says:

    We have been receiving letters from Christians concerning individual circumstances and experiences and being asked to interpret the spirits behind them. Guys, not only is it not one of my gifts, particularly, it would be inappropriate for me to offer an opinion based on one or two e-mails. That takes a lot of one on one discussion and consulting.

    We post this information to help arm the body of Christ. “The church”. These are biblical principles that all to often, are not taught in the local church. But they are major teaching points of our Lord in the word. He wants us to be fully armed and ready for spiritual battle, whever the need arises.

    When we read the following verses we need to believe them and be wiling to act on them. If it is in a very public area you may want to say it under your breath. But that is ok, God always listens. I recommend memorizing these verses.

    1John 4:1 Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but try (test) the spirits to see if they are of God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world.
    1John 4:2 By this you know the Spirit of God: every spirit that confesses that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is of God;
    1John 4:3 and every spirit that does not confess that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is not of God. And this is the antichrist you heard is coming, and even now is already in the world.
    1John 4:4 You are of God, little children, and you have overcome them, because He who is in you is greater than he who is in the world.

    They contain some of the strongest principles we can learn for doing spiritual warfare. Which is something all of us are going to half to learn, to maintain an upright walk in these trying days. Instead of living our lives full of fear. Isn’t it getting crazy out there. The demonic is raising its ugly head in the most unexpected ways and places.

    A few weeks ago a friend of ours felt that she was on the verge of being physically attacked by a poor woman who was obviously under heavy spiritual bondage and oppression. Noticed I didn’t say possessed. This friend was at a store doing a few errands when a gal stared to go ballistic right in line behind her. She actually felt threatened. The poor girl was under so much spiritual oppression that she could hardly control herself.

    This friend felt personally threatened until this gal turned away from her and started to take her misery out on another shopper. She quickly realized that the rage was all within this woman and had nothing to do with her. But this type of encounter seems to be happening more and more.

    This is an example of a situation, that if it had continued, our friend could very easily have used these biblical principles to expose and deal with the situation.

    I strongly advise all to put the biblical lesson of how to test the spirits on your heart and be prepared to use them whenever the situation arises.

    Then if a demonic force, demon, is present, you will be able to take authority and put down the rebellion. Peacefully.

    God bless,

  5. ministry says:

    There are many times during our week that we may need to “test the spirit”.

    The preacher on the radio or television. The person at work. Or your pastor or bible teacher at church. During these last days, that we are living in, it is becoming more and more important for each of us to have a good level of discernment..

    1Ti 4:1 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;
    1Ti 4:2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

    I strongly recommend that you include in your prayers a request to the Lord to increase your spiritual discernment-if you have any doubts at all.

    We ask in prayer and He responds.

    I don’t think the Lord could give us too much.

    God bless,
    Pastor Thomas

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