Spiritual War Alert from The Joseph Plan

The world is in an end time’s revolt against God, engulfing all of us in a Spiritual War on Steroids! The end times spiritual war of Revelations is about to unfold. Spiritual and physical war.

There is  a real war ragging and God is here for all who honestly seek and come to Him! Don’t be deceived by lying devils! Seek The Truth!

It Is Time to Examine Yourself and Deepen your Faith!

It is time to make sure you are living your life– In Jesus and not just doing the Christian dance of simply “Believing”!!!

The world is changing very quickly and the forces of evil are gathering and gaining power. Everywhere one turns one can see evil rising in strength and the world adopting the ways of Satan. I don’t have to explain the signs that are all around us. One simply needs to turn on the television or go to your favorite news site on the internet and it is way too evident.

Events are about to unfold that are going to shake the world. Our faith is about to be tested.

Is America, once God’s great beacon of light to the world, about to be judged for its sinful ways? Discern the times.

Here are two video’s of Steve Quayle interviewing Pastor Henry Gruver. Henry is a friend of The Joseph Plan and one of God’s spokesmen to the nations. In the below video’s Henry discusses his vision about the destruction of over a dozen US cities and the spiritual condition of this world of ours.

Is this about to happen to this great nation? Discern the times.

See the posts on interviews with Henry about his vision about the nuclear attack upon the US. Over the next few years, are we looking at war and wide spread destruction of the United States. God has protected this country for over 200 years. He has had His hand of protection over America, but it appears to be now approaching. Are you living your life under the protective Wings of the Lord.

America was established as a Christian nation. That fact cannot be denied.

This “Land of the Free” has been blessed beyond the dreams of 80% of the world’s population. It has been one of the richest countries the world has known. Because of its spiritual condition however, that seems to be all about to change.

Why? Because the people of this country and much of the world have adopted the sinful ways of Satan as their accepted and lawful norms of society. Society has taken the Ten Commandments out of our schools and courtrooms as a result of our revolt against God.

God’s judgment may soon be poured out upon this once great country. Americans rebelling and electing Mr Trump has brought this nation back from the brink of destruction, and has done so against what seemed impossible odds. The miraculous election of Donald Trump seems to be giving it a grace period. A time for the citizens to make a decision to come humble themselves and come home to Jesus. God is providing this country the opportunity to come back by his undeserved grace. But there are so many evil leaders entrenched in our government and the condition of our churches is so dismal and pathetic that there seems to be very little chance.

We all must pray for America urgently. Pray that she and her citizens wake up out of its slumber and grab the moment. Now is the time for salvation. Now is the time to get this country back on course. 

Discern the times! Are you ready? Are you spiritually fit and prepared?

Pray that the people pray for America. Pray for a massive revival. Pray and plead the Blood over President Trump for his and his family’s safety and protection. Regardless of your political persuasion.

The time is very short. There is a huge spiritual war going on… today. Without a huge revival everything is about to change. We are about to be living in a different world. A much more evil world. Are you ready? Are you spiritually prepared? This ministry has been called to help you develop the type of “Enduring Faith” that can help you during these perilous times of the end.

Mat 24:13  But he that shall endure unto the end, the same shall be saved.

It is totally evident that the end times are upon us and that NOW is the time for each of us to do a deep, soul searching, and self examination of our personal relationship with Jesus. Jesus Christ. Yeshua! It is time for each of us to make sure we are a born again, saved Christian and living our lives IN Jesus and not just dancing in and out of some church, being a name only Christian.

None of us wants to be disqualified from God’s protection and love during these times coming upon the world..

It Is Time To Get Right With God! Has the Spiritual War been brought into your family?

This is your Final Warning to “Examine Yourself”!

It’s time to take your Spiritual Condition Inventory.

So much of Churchianity has been lying to us. So many preachers have caved and adopted the ways of society.

It is our prayer that this Spiritual Condition Inventory will be of help to all in identifying and freeing oneself from all the fleshly sin in our life, that may be oppressing you or worse. For the Word of God says in Gal 5:21

…that they which do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

Read verse 21 again, it’s important.

Society has adopted many of the “Works of the Flesh” as OK or approved standards for living. Christians are commanded by God to hold themselves to a higher standard. We are asked to live a life by God’s rules of righteousness.

If you are living a lifestyle that is outside the Ten Commandments or are a slave to any of the “Works of the Flesh”, found in Galatians chapter Five—

This may be your “Final Warning”! Things are about to get real, real serious. A Spiritual War on Steroids is breaking out.

He loves all His children and His biggest desire is for each of us to be saved. That especially includes you. You are not the exception and Jesus is here to help you.

If God is forced to pour out His judgment on this land, All Hell Will Be Cut Loose.

If you say you believe in Jesus, please believe these Words of God.

When truly saved and infilled by the Holy Spirit, a person cannot be a slave
to any of the “Works of the Flesh”. At least not without suffering severe consequences and I question if the guarantee of salvation is possible when one is engulfed in these types of sinful ways. We can be in danger of losing the covering and protection of God during these final days. We don’t want to be one of the ten virgins left behind for the marriage Feast.

One reason Jesus Christ had to be crucified, shed His Blood and die on that cross was because He knew none of us could achieve salvation on our own merits. None can be good enough on one’s own power. Only the power of the cross and the blood sacrifice are enough to give us the grace we needed to repent of our sins and receive forgiveness and salvation.

Your Spiritual Condition can be measured by comparing your life to what the bible refers to as the “Works of the Flesh”. 

The “Works of the Flesh” are all from Satan. These Works are your:

Spiritual Condition Checklist

What are the “Works of the Flesh”? 

The “Works of the Flesh” keep us from living righteous lives and can bring strong demonic oppression into our lives. They can disqualify us from the Rapture. The “Works of the Flesh” are what the corrupt and un-renewed human nature produces in one’s life. If man is not renewed and his natural spirit transformed, it is what the natural man will manifest or become by his own will power. He or she will, by nature, develop one or more of these natural traits. It is common to all people and none of us are an exception. If any of these are allowed to flourish one becomes in bondage to them and they can control ones thinking, emotions, actions and very life.

They can become a stronghold from which the demonic is given legal permission to operate. It becomes the “base of operations” from which the demonic conducts its business. They are all sin and can disqualify us.

Gal 5:19 Now the works of the flesh are clearly revealed, which are: adultery, fornication, uncleanness, lustfulness,

Gal 5:20 idolatry, sorcery, hatreds, fightings, jealousies, angers, rivalries, divisions,heresies,

Gal 5:21 envyings, murders, drunkennesses, revelings, and things like these; of which I tell you before, as I also said before, that they who do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

This is serious teaching for tough times. Below I am providing the definitions and meanings of each of character traits or characteristics mentioned as Works of the Flesh. They are taken from Galatians in the Bible and the sources footnoted below. I encourage you to read the entire list and EXAMINE YOURSELF. Take an honest inventory of your life. If you find that one or more of these traits FITS, you will want to read on. This will not do you any good or be of benefit if you are not totally honest with yourself. Let’s try to be totally honest with ourselves.

If you are wondering or looking for answers about yourself and your involvement with any of the “Works of the flesh that could “Disqualify” you from salvation and thus the rapture, we are providing you with the following list of behaviors and there definitions. I am doing my best to help you know for sure and to leave all with “NO wiggle room. Somebody has to be giving this message. Churchianity isn’t.

 Co 13:5 Test yourselves and find out if you really are true to the faith and not disqualified. If you pass the test, you will discover that Christ is living in you.

Yes, Examine ones self. Test yourself in a very deep and prayerful examination.

1 Thessalonians 5:21 Test(Examine) all things, and hold firmly that which is good.

Now is the time to take an honest inventory. The Bible has all the answers for you. Here you can take your own Spiritual Condition Inventory.

This may be one of the most important issues you have faced in your entire life. Are you Saved from eternal damnation?

And, are you disqualified for the rapture and possibly eternal salvation?

  1. Adultry– Having sex with someone other than your spouse. (see Matt.15:19; Mark 7:21; John 8:3; Gal.5:19) from #3431 AV – commit adultery – 1) to commit adultery; 1a) to be an adulterer; 1b) to commit adultery with, have unlawful intercourse with another’s wife; 1c) of the wife: to suffer adultery, be debauched; 1d) A Hebrew idiom, the word is used of those who at a woman’s solicitation are drawn away to idolatry, i.e. to the eating of things sacrificed to idols.

It is a commandment: Thou shall not commit adultery! Ex 30:14

Making the decision to willfully live in a situation where you are regularly breaking a commandment puts one in supreme jeopardy. Without repentance it can mean damnation!

Also see:1 Cor 6:9. Heb 13:4, James 4:4, Mark 7:21, Pro 6:32, Rev 2:22.

  1. Fornication – To have sex with anyone outside of marriage. To commit fornication; commit – 1) to prostitute one’s body to the lust of another; 2) to give one’s self to unlawful sexual intercourse; 2a) to commit fornication outside of marriage; 3) metaphors. to be given to idolatry, to worship idols; 3a) to permit one’s self to be drawn away by another into idolatry – found in – I Cor.6:18; 10:8 (twice);

Rev.2:14, 20; 17:2; 18:3, 9

What we are talking about here is sexual behaviors which are contrary to God’s law. It is wide spread and sometimes seems like “everybody is doing it. Well, everyone isn’t doing it. True Christians don’t.

See also: 1Co 5:9-10, 1Co 7:1-2; Rev 9:21
Sexual immorality brings judgment and punishment. Obstacle for salvation without repentance.

Heb 13:4, Lev 20:10-21; Pr 2:16-19; Pr 22:14; Eze 16:38; Ro 1:24-27; Eph 5:5;

Col 3:5-6; 1Th 4:3-6; Jude 7; Rev 21:8; Rev 22:15

Sexual immorality has no place in the Christian life

See also: 1Th 4:3,7 Ac 15:20,29; Ac 21:25; Ro 13:13; 1Co 6:9-11,13-20; 1Co 10:8; Eph 5:3; Col 3:5; Heb 12:16.

Is it time to make the right decision and get right with God? Time is short!

  1. Uncleanness – To be morally or spiritually impure. 1) uncleanness; 1b) in a moral sense: the impurity of lustful, luxurious, profligate living;
    1b1) of impure motives. In a moral sense: unclean in thought and life. To not be cleansed, of filth impurity, etc., 1a) to prune trees and vines from useless shoots, 1b) metaphors. from guilt, to expiate – found in – John 15:2; Heb.10:2

See also: Matt 23:27, Rom 6:19, 1 Thess 4:7, 2 Peter 2:1

  1. Lustfulness or Lewdness – To be lustful; act of being lustful, to be desirous of someone physically. lasciviousness, wantonness, filthy –

1) unbridled lust, excess, licentiousness, lasciviousness, wantonness, outrageousness, shamelessness, insolence. Excessively desiring, in the flesh, another person.

An overpowering and compulsive desire or passion, especially of a sexual nature. Scripture condemns lust of all kinds, and urges believers to show self-control.

See also: Pr 6:25-29; Mt 5:28 Ge 3:6; Job 31:1; Jas 1:13-15; 1Jn 2:16

  1. Idolatry – To worship of physical object as a god; immoderate attachment or devotion to something. The worship of false gods idolatry; 1a) of the formal sacrificial feats held in honor of false gods;

1b) of avarice, as a worship of Mammon; 2) in the plural, the vices springing from idolatry and peculiar to it – found in I Cor.10:14; Gal.5:20; Col.3:5; I

To worship an image, likeness; 1a) i.e. whatever represents the form of an object, either real or imaginary; 1b) used of the shades of the departed, apparitions, spectres, phantoms of the mind, etc.; 2) the image of a heathen god; 3) a false god. It can fall under one of the Ten Commandments. Thou shalt not have any other god’s before me.

What do you have in your life that you hold to a higher esteem or consider more important that your relationship with God?

See also: 1 Cor 8:7, 1 Cor 10:19, Eph 5:5, Rev 21:8, Rev 22:15, 1Cor 10:14,

  1. Sorcery – Also called Witchcraft! Having spiritual intercourse with the devil. Sorcery, witchcraft – 1) the use of or the administration of drugs, 2) poisoning, 3) sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry and fostered by it, 4) metaph. the deceptions and seductions of idolatry – found in – Gal.5:20; Rev.9:21; 18:23.

From pharmakon (a drug, i.e. spell-giving potion) – AV – sorcerer – 1) one who prepares or uses magical remedies, 2) sorcerer – found in – Rev.21:8.

pharmakeia: sorcery, magical arts, often found in connection with idolatry.

Examples of those who practiced sorcery in the bible.

Egyptian magicians: Ex 7:11; Ex 8:18 Balaam: Nu 22:6; Nu 23:23 2Ki 21:6 Manasseh, king of Judah; Isa 47:9-13 the Babylonians; Acts 8:9-11 Simon of Samaria; Ac 13:6-8 Bar-Jesus of Cyprus; Ac 19:19 people in Ephesus

Also see: strongly forbidden

See also Dt 18:9-12 Lev 19:26,31; Jer 27:9-10; Eze 13:18,20

God’s judgment comes upon sorcerers and magicians

Lev 20:6; Mic 5:12; Ac 13:6-11; Rev 21:8

Gal 5 God made participation in occult practices punishable by death.

That is serious and would make any of us disqualified. But a true Christian couldn’t possibly participate in any of this. For a true Christian simply couldn’t make that willful decision

  1. Hatreds – To have prejudiced hostility. Enmity, hatred – 1) enmity, 2) cause of enmity – found in – Luke 23:12; Rom. 8:7; Gal. 5:20; Eph.2:15, 16; James 4:4

Hateful – enemy, foe – 1) hated, odious, hateful; 2) hostile, hating, and opposing another; 2a) used of men as at enmity with God by their sin; 2a1) opposing (God) in the mind; 2a2) a man that is hostile; 2a3) a certain enemy; 2a4) the hostile one; 2a5) the devil who is the most bitter enemy of the divine government. Hatred for others or God is associated with human sin. Scripture also emphasizes. God’s hatred of sin and evil. Believers are commanded to love those who hate them.

Hatred as evidence of corrupt human nature
See also: 2Sa 13:15; Tit 3:3 Ge 37:4; Dt 7:15; Dt 19:11-12; Jdg 11:7; 2Sa 13:22; Ps 25:19; Ps 38:19; Mt 24:10; Gal 5:19-20; 1Jn 2:9-11; 1Jn 3:15; 1Jn 4:20

Hatred of God himself
Ps 81:15; Ro 1:29-31 See also Ex 20:5; Dt 7:10; Dt 32:41; 2Ch 19:2; Ps 50:17 Jn 3:20; Jn 15:23-25; Jas 4:4

Hatred of Jesus Christ
See also: Jn 7:7 Isa 53:3; Mt 12:14; Mt 21:46; Mt 26:3-4; Mt 27:22; Lk 19:14;

Believers are to love those who hate them
See also: Lk 6:27-28 Mt 5:43-44.

  1. Contentions and Fighting – A quarreler, continual debater, strife; to argue about most things. contention, contentious 1) electioneering or intriguing for office; 1a) apparently, in the NT a courting distinction, a desire to put one’s self forward, a partisan and fractious spirit which does not disdain low arts; 1b) partisanship, fractiousness – Further note – This word is found before NT times only in Aristotle where it denotes a self-seeking pursuit of political office by unfair means. Paul exhorts us to be like Christ, not putting self forward or being selfish

(Phil. 2:3). James 3:14 speaks against having selfishness or self-promoting in your heart.

Rom.2:8; II Cor.12:20; Gal.5:20; Phil.1:16; 2:3; James 3:14, 16

To stir up, excite, stimulate, to provoke – II Cor.2:9; Col.3:21

God hates violence
See: Ps 11:5; Ps 139:19; Jer 22:3; Eze 45:9; Mal 2:16, Prov 18:18, Jer 15:10, Titus 3:9, James 4:1-2.

  1. Jealousies – Emulations, ambitious or envious rivalry. Embittered about another persons wealth, possessions or status. It is an emotion and typically refers to the negative thoughts and feelings of insecurity, fear, and anxiety over an anticipated loss of something that the person values, particularly in reference to a human connection.

Jealousy often consists of a combination of presenting emotions such as anger, resentment inadequacy, helplessness and disgust. It is not to be confused with envy.

Human jealousy arises from sin Mk 7:21-23 Mt 15:19-20

Human jealousy can be destructive

Pr 14:30 Job 5:2; Pr 27:4; Ecc 9:5-6

Also see: Gal 5:19-21, Ps 37:1-2; Pr 23:17; Ro 13:13; 1Co 13:4-7; Tit 3:3-5; Jas 3:14

  1. Angers – Violent anger; to pay back with punishment for an offense or crime. Anger or wrath. Wrath, fierceness, indignation – 1) passion, angry, heat, anger, forthwith boiling up and soon subsiding again. A strong emotion; a feeling that is oriented toward some real or supposed grievance. In the temple Jesus had righteous anger in His actions and words in emptying the Temple precincts of the hucksters. (Mark 11:15-17).

There is righteous anger and unrighteous anger. This is talking about unrighteous self        centered anger. Christians should be slow to anger, to make sure it isn’t their lower self that isn’t rising up. (James 1:19-20)
Anger can lead to Wrath.

Any unrighteous wrath by man is strictly forbidden. God will be pouring out His wrath upon the unrighteous after the Rapture of His church.

Gen 49:7, Isa 16:6, Lev 10:6, Deut 9:7, Nah 1:6,

We are commanded to love our neighbor. Love and wrath are opposites.

God holds the objects of His Wrath, the people, responsible for their actions.

Num 11:1; Deut 1:26-36; 13:2, 6, 13 et al.; Josh 7:1; 1 Sam 28:18;

Ps 2:1-6; 78:21, 22, Mark 9:43-48, Luke 12:5, Matt 7:13-27,

God’s wrath is the punishment of the soul. Matt 5:21, 22; 10:28

  1. Strife – Rivalries or selfish ambitions. Contentious quarrels; fond of strife. Lack of agreement or harmony. A bitter conflict; heated, often violent dissension.

Strife is usually caused by selfish ambitions. Selfishness causing untold amounts of pain and suffering. Some seen, much un-seen.

Selfish Ambition is the pursuit of personal status and fortune, which is contrary to the purposes of God as expressed in Scripture.

See: Pr 6:18; Eph 2:3; 1Jn 2:16, Phil 2:3

  1. Divisions or dissensions – Resistant to authority. Disagreements arising from diversity of opinions and goals. The act of separating into parts, causing people to loose consensus, partitioning; basic mathematical operation in which one number is divided by another; department, faculty; group of soldiers that form a distinct tactical unit within a squadron.
  2. Heresies – An opinion or doctrine contrary to the biblical truth; It carries the connotation of behaviors or beliefs likely to undermine accepted morality and cause tangible evils, damnation, or other punishment. In some religions, it also implies that the heretic is in alliance with the religion’s symbol of evil, such as Satan or chaos.

Within the church. 1 Cor. 11:19,

In Titus 3:10 a “heretical person” is one who follows his own self-willed “questions,” and who   is to be avoided.

Heresies signify self-chosen or self serving doctrines that do not emanate from God.

See: (2 Pet. 2:1).

  1. Envy – Resentment of an advantage enjoyed by another, joined with a desire to possess the same advantage. Envy is a sin of jealousy over the blessings and achievements of others.

Envy is a great desire to have something possessed by another.

Envy is the result of human sin

See: Pr 23:17; Mt 15:19-20 Mk 7:21-23; Ro 1:29; 1Co 3:3; 1Ti 6:4; Tit 3:3; 1Pe 2:1-2

Love does not envy others

See: 1Co 13:4

Results of envy

See: Job 5:2 Pr 14:30; Ecc 4:4; Jas 3:14-16

Envy forbidden

See: Ps 37:1 Pr 3:31; Pr 24:1; Gal 5:26

  1. Murders – Murder is the unlawful killing, with malice and aforethought of another human, and generally this state of mind distinguishes murder from other forms of homicide (such as manslaughter).

To Murder is strictly against the Ten Commandments.

Thou shalt not kill.

Kill in the original language means “to murder.”

  1. Drunkenness – Over indulgence of alcohol or legal and illegal drugs for self medicating or escapism purposes, resulting in intoxication.

Alcohol intoxication (also known as drunkenness or inebriation) is a physiological state that occurs when a person has a high level of ethanol (alcohol) in his or her blood. It is also known as getting smashed or drinking too much consistently.

Scripture does not forbid the drinking of alcohol. But sternly warns against its over use.

The effects of strong drink are vividly described in the OT.

There are frequent references to the unsteady gait of drunkards.
Job 12:25; Ps 107:27; Isa 19:14;

They are prone to quarrelsomeness and brawling (Prov 20:1; 23:19

When drinking their minds are confused, their understanding is taken away
(Hos 4:11); they neglect their duties (Prov 31:4, 5); they think they are heroes (Isa 5:22); they end their days in poverty (Prov 21:17; 23:20, 21) and in woe and sorrow (23:29-32).

Alcohol and drugs are considered very similar. They both are addicting and separate a person from God.

  1. Revelries – Regularly attending wild parties or celebrations. unrestrained merry making, jubilation, celebration, festivities.

The opposite is “self control”. The bible has a lot to say about self control. Self-control fortifies     the inner man. It builds a wall of defense around him against destructive forces of evil. The pathetic tragedy of the physically strong man Samson was the result of his intemperance in sensual desires. His sexual love for ungodly women decreed his doom Judg 14:2, 1 Cor 7:5).

Self-control is essential for success in the pursuit of any worthy goal.

“Every athlete exercises self-control in all things. They do it to receive a perishable wreath, but we an imperishable” (1 Cor 9:25).

Did you identify one or more of the above sin characteristics as being prevalent in your life? Please don’t panic. You are very blessed, not eternally rejected or condemned. You now know what you have to do. You need to go to God and ask for Him to change you. You can’t do it by yourself. None of us can. It is only be the Power of The Blood of Jesus that we can be delivered. Remember that most of us have fell victim to one or more of the above sins, at one time or another. There is only One who was and is perfect

None of the characteristics mentioned above are terminal. You can stop from participating in any of them. But most of them you will find that you may not be able to get out or stop on your own power. It may take an act of God to fix the situation. The phrase “I can’t, there is one who can, so I am making a decision to ask and let Him”, fits very well right here. Only the God of the universe, Jesus Christ, has the power to move mountains.

We may have to allow God to take away some things in our life that are very important to us or part of who we are. Some of this is going to hurt. But I guarantee you it will be just a temporary, small amount of pain, in exchange for an eternity of gain. The purpose isn’t for you to simply change some things and gain a new purpose in your life.

The purpose is to make sure you are included in the rapture and have an everlasting life with Jesus, the creator.

So we bring our troubles and pains to the Lord. Relax. He is faithful! He always listens and always responds! Ask the Lord to send the Holy spirit to minister to you.

1Th 5:6 Therefore let us not sleep as the rest do, but let us watch and be calm.

1Th 5:7 For those sleeping sleep in the night, and those being drunken are drunken in the night.

1Th 5:8 But let us, who are of the day, be calm, having put on the breastplate of faith and love and the hope of salvation for a helmet.

1Th 5:9 For God has not appointed us to wrath, but to obtain salvation by our Lord Jesus Christ,

1Th 5:10 who died for us, so that whether we watch or sleep we should live together with Him.

1Th 5:11 Therefore comfort one another, and edify one another, even as you also do.

Examine yourself and trust Jesus Christ. He wants each of to be living our lives IN His ways! He is here and waiting to cleanse and justify you right now, Today may be your day to make some changes. Let the power of God help you. We are powerless over so many things without Him. He is the powerful one and can move mountains.

Remember our great HOPE:
Philippians 3:20 For our citizenship is in Heaven, from which also we are looking for the Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ,

3:21 who shall change our body of humiliation so that it may be fashioned like His glorious body, according to the working of His power, even to subdue all things to Himself.

1 Thessalonians 5:21 Test(Examine) all things, and hold firmly that which is good.

Are you assured of eternal Salvation?

The Salvation Prayer (click here) is in the Blog in the top right column of this page.

“God did not give us a spirit of timidity but a spirit of power and love and self-control” (2 Tim 1:6, 7)

Galatians 5: 21 And things like these; of which I tell you before, as I also said before, that they who do such things shall not inherit the kingdom of God.

1John 1:7  But if we walk in the light, as he is in the light, we have fellowship one with another, and the blood of Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us from all sin.

John 15: 12-14 This is My commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you.

If you have a hard time dealing with any of your identified sins, spiritual oppression or character issues, we strongly advise you to go see a bible believing pastor, Christian consular or at the very least a trusted Christian person you can pray with and share your burdens. All of them can be dealt with by surrendering them to the Lord. Only He is strong enough. It is getting there that we all need help with. AND BELIEVE ME, JESUS KNOWS AND LOVES YOU!

We serve a powerful God and He doesn’t want any of us, especially you, to miss the mark on being empowered to walk through the days coming upon us. Jesus loves you and is with you right now to help.

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Please pray for the peace of Jerusalem and for God to delay His judgment upon the USA and the rest of the Gentile world.

Be Bold. Have no Fear. The power of the Holy Spirit is rising in born again Christians for the occasion. He and only He can truly be depended on.

The time is short. Please pass this message on to all your Christian family and friends.

May God Bless You and Keep You Safe!
Pastor Thomas Holm

References: NKJV Holy Bible, Strongs Bible Concordance, Bible-Dictionary and Babylon.com. Portions of the above text were taken from BibleGateway.com.