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from The Joseph Plan

Your one stop resource center for all your deliverance education, training and knowledge. The Deliverance Central Resource Center can be your come to place for thorough video Deliverance teachings and training. It is a supplement to Deliverance Central training center, your free  location for Deliverance Training. Be sure to take the Spiritual Warfare Training Course when delving into learning Deliverance. It is essential basic learning. The Training Course will provide you with all of the essential, fundamental, biblical learning’s you will need to do effective deliverance.Learning’s that the modern church has long left untaught. You can sign up for the twenty lesson, free email course on the blue bar at the top of this page.

True Freedom is available through the Power of the Blood shed by Jesus Christ for each of us. You need not live in Bondage any longer.

I use selected different teachers in the Resource Center. I have personally studied and screened each before inclusion. Some I know personally.

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