Deliverance Prayer- To rid yourself of evil spirits, curses or demonic influences

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152 Responses to Deliverance Prayer- To rid yourself of evil spirits, curses or demonic influences

  1. sarah says:

    Thank you I really needed this because I feel so confused about my life.

  2. veronica says:

    *kindly pray for me

  3. ministry says:

    Louise, You don’t have to suffer. We have many resources on site that can help you. I would recommend you start with personal Deliverance. You can find good help in our spiritual warfare
    category of articles.

    If personal deliverance isn’t the answer then proceed to spiritual warfare. I suggest that you do this with a group of Christian friends.

    I have authored a book on this that gives complete guidance and contains a lot that isn’t onsite. It is over one hundred pages of instruction.

    You are in our prayers Louise. Please keep us updated.

    God Bless,
    Pastor Thomas

  4. Louise says:

    *Dear pastor please pray or help me through the proses of deliverance…i have been suffering with an unknown thing in my chest for 12 years…Been for many scans and scopes and nothing is found wrong.I have intense difficuly to swallow cause it feels like a ball in my esophagus…but scan shows non…i have much pain from my backbone right through my esophagus to my chest bone…It even hard to breath…had prayers before non is helping me.Myself have been fasting and praying for many years .nothing…Help me please…Why is God not delivering me.I have no unforgiveness and i have no hidden sisn either.I know God knows about me but why didnt he help me yet?

  5. monique says:

    My boyfriend of 5years seem to be possessed with evil spirits that were sent upon our relationship.

    He previously dated a muslim girl for 1year and stayed in contact and visit to her and her family. He cheated on me many times and I broke up with him. I met him as a church-going, Bible-reading and praying person and after continuing to visit this muslim family he stopped going to church with me and stopped praying and reading his Bible. He is abusing alcohol and partying every weekend.

    He told me he is living in much sin and he loves me still but cannot be together with me because of the hurt he caused me. I have forgiven him and told him that, but it seems like something is blocking us from being in a relationship.

    Please help me pray for God to cleanse his life and purify him and myself from all demons and evil that may have been sent upon our relationship as I know he loves me, but some evil is keeping him from me.

    Thank you,

  6. Kurt says:

    I was more than happy to find this web site. I want to to
    thank you for ones time for for efforts and being willing to share this with everyone. Deliverance is a touchy subject and it can hit home very personally. My story is all about nightmares. I started having them some time before I broke up with my girl friend. We were living together and talking about getting married for some time.

    About three months ago I found Joseph’s Plan. I received your download and have spent a lot of time reading about sin and demonic curses and how I was inviting them into our house by our actions.

    It all ends with good and bad news. The bad is that my girl friend and I have broken up. The good news is that after I have prayed the prayers taught on this web pages I am now sleeping without nightmares.

    Thank-you to Joseph’s Plan and God Bless.

  7. Vingeren under de Bus says:

    I want to get across my appreciation for your kindness supporting folks like me who really
    need spiritual help to survive. Your special dedication to passing the message along has
    been particularly useful

    We serve such a wonderful and powerful God. The powers of this world are eliminating so many. But through the
    Lord’s grace and strength we can overcome.

    Praise our Lord Jeshua!

  8. Billie Vett says:

    Thank-you in the name of Jesus.


  9. ministry says:

    Hi Faith,
    I apologize for taking so long to answer you. Your dilemma with anger is so very important. I applaud you for reaching out.

    I must first recommend that you see a trusted Christian ministerial adviser asap and talk this over with them. This is a pastoral consuling issue and it cannot be properly addressed over the internet.

    Whenever a person is in bondage to anger it is almost always because of us having an unforgiving heart or resentments. It is always caused by other issues going on in our life. The main root causes of anger and unforgiveness can be summarized into three categories and they all have to do with our own lack of forgiveness and lack of peace. In order for a person to be able to truly live with a forgiving heart, they must first make peace themselves. That means they must have settled the issue of forgiveness within their own heart. When we are in need we address three areas.

    1-We make peace with God. He and only He is the source of forgiveness. Have we repented and accepted His forgiveness? Are we at peace with Him?
    2-We must make peace with ourselves. Understanding that we are one of God’s creation and that we are not perfect. And that if we are a child of His and seeking, in prayer, to do His will within our lives, we are in the fullest of His glory. Are we at peace with ourselves and His creation..
    3-We need to make peace with all other people, places and situations. If God is in charge, which He is, then He is in charge of all other people, places and outcomes. Are we at peace with all other people, places and outcomes?

    If our answer is yes to all the above we know that the peace we are experiencing is from God and God alone.
    The above three steps should be approached with another trusted Christian. Please approach them one at a time and in the order listed. If you are willing, which it sounds like you are, you will be amazed at the outcome. But this will require a lot of prayer and some real work on your part.

    The obstacles or blockages you are going to run into are guilt, shame, resentments,false pride and the big one, fear . It will eventually be revealed to you that your unforgiveness is rooted in one of these emotional bondages.

    Have faith and trust in Jesus. He will lead you and protect you as you go through this process. With Him, all things are possible and doable. He is strong enough. Only He has enough love and wisdom to change hearts and lives.

    Jesus loves you Faith, more than you can ever imagine!!

    God Bless,

  10. Faith says:

    hi ministry
    i am writing because i need help, i need to forgive but i finding it so hard, i believe this burden is affecting my spiritual life with God and my family. i get so angry so easily, my frustration is lies so deep and i feel like i am going to explode. My mind doesn’t let me be and when im in this state of anger i become something else im not me, im angry, hurt and frustrated and feel crazy. I know this is a spiritual war im fighting within me, i pray about it and plea with God to change me and heal my broken heart but i don’t change, im so unhappy and feel trap within my own body. i try so hard to be good but this part of me isn’t good and i feel like a hypocrite when i go to church because i know how i feel inside me and i hide it only God knows what im gong through in private. I am ashamed of the way i act, of allowing the anger to take control of my body and my mind… i need help i want to be free, happy and joyfully walk my life with God,,, please help me 

  11. Desperate Plead says:

    Dear Pastor,

    I ask for help not only for myself but for thousands in US, China, Canada, Australia and more that are being silently tortures by Direct Energy Weapons. This is a silent halacaut that is sweeping the world…..

    I have been a victim for the past seven years of gang stalking, gas lighting, chemical attacks and direct energy weapons and even been poisened. Here in Australia there are over a thousand victims that have come forward just recently have contacted us with other targeted individuals this is serious….even with substantial evidence and witnesses the authorities want to put you in the mental health system.

    I have never been on drugs, smoked or drank and I am one of the lucky ones of knowing our Lord Jesus. If you google victims of direct energy weapons or plus and ted gunderson, Jessie vantura on utube…….the list is endless. We are definitely in tribulation times ready for a financial crash…..the New World Order is now in place.

    All I ask is for our Pastors to send out prayers and to all Christians to pray for us victims for protection and that this inhumane acts to be exposed and stopped….The towers they are erecting are for microwave control by tim, if you google Tim Rifat… Please keep us and others that don’t realized their using this technology to eliminate population and using for decades also MKultra mind control and has been experimenting for decades victims without their consent they are hitting our love ones without them even knowing it…Google Barrie Trower microwave warfare….Please PRAY for US ALL….God Bless

  12. ministry says:

    God Bless Uzorma,

    Jesus loves you and so do we! And only because of Him, we can be kept in His hand of protection. I encourage all to read and meditate on Psalm 93.

    Pastor Thomas

  13. Uzorma calistus says:

    *i thank  jesus for delivery me from bondege thank you my lord jesus my savior 

  14. Jerg Gratte says:

    Greetings from Peru, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

    Pastor, My bible study group is in its third week of going through your spiritual warfare book. Very few of us have computers here.

    My question sir.

    When one of us is using the biblical principles laid out and trying to conquer a fear that has been dominating their life,How long should that process take? What advise can you give him?

    I wait for your answer and thank-you.

    In Jesus’ precious name,

  15. Charles Jonse says:

    WOW just what I was looking for. Our pastor swears on a stack of bibles that Christians can’t have demons. I’ve been arguing with him for 3-4 years about this. Paastor you nailed it. If Paul could have demon, so can we.

    I’m buying pastor Will your spiritual warfare ebook.

    Blessed by Jesus,
    Charles Jonse

  16. Bill Booker says:

    Guys, I don’t know what to say. But Thank-you.
    My wife, Gayle and myself, just spent the better part of today studying the information contained here. we have been fighting spiritual battles for the last twenty years and have been all over the globe in our quest.

    The bible was always on the shelf and we didn’t recognize that it was the source and the answer for those types of problems. Silly us. Wow! Thanks.

    We just decided to download the Biblical Spiritual Warfare ebook and we will be reading and learning more.
    Thanks Pastor.

    God bless

    the Bookers

  17. ministry says:

    Glory, Thank-you for writing and sharing with everyone.

    The Joseph Plan has posted a number of spiritual tools you can use to deal with this problem. None of us should have to suffer at night or anytime from demonic attack. I suggest you go to the Spiritual Warfare category at the top of the website and do some studying. We have a complete library onsite to help with these problems. These are tried are proven techniques that all born again Christians should know and use. I am assuming you are a born again Christian. We Christians can be effected by the evil one. The difference is that the spirit within you has all the authority to take charge of these demons. If we are truly saved. Repentance and surrendering to the Lord is the foundation of all our spiritual battles. You don’t have to live like this.

    Within a few days The Joseph Plan will be offering, for the first time, our new “End Times Spiritual Warfare Survival Manual, 2013 1st Edition”. It contains almost one hundred pages of resources and exact prayer suggestions that will help the believer to be an overcomer during these end time days that we live in. Watch for it soon.

    Glory, Are you saved? Plead the Blood of Jesus over yourself, your loved ones and your home as many times a day as necessary. Have a born again believer or pastor help you if you need to. You may have to do a complete spiritual house cleaning.

    I suggest you talk to a local Christian minister who is trained in Deliverance also.

    God Bless Glory. There is a solution.

    Pastor Thomas

  18. Glory says:

    I am experiencing demons and evil spirit every night when i go to bed every night,help me father i need ur strong prayer to protect me. Amen

  19. ministry says:

    Here is a resource that everyone can use in trying to find a qualified Deliverance minister in your area. This website has been around for as long as I can remember and seems to be very bible based.

    Over the years they have collected a list of qualified Deliverance ministers in various locations around the globe.

    Feel free to contact them and tell them we recommended them. They are good guys that work with a servants heart.

    Study the information they make available onsite and if you feel comfortable, contact them.

    Also, there are additional pages and posts being put up on The Jose[h Plan almost weekly on Spiritual Warfare and Deliverance. Feel free to contact me if you have a specific question that isn’t addressed onsite.

    God bless,

  20. JULIANNA says:

    HI my name JULIANA AM FROM ESPANIO i want to DR ABULU who help me with my problems. My husband and i have been married for eight years now ,we live happily as good couples until a friend of mine cast a spell on my husband. he abandoned me and his family, he didn’t even want to see me at all because he was under a spell. it was now getting to six months since my husband abandoned me and i was frustrated and don’t know what to do until i meet this great spell caster on line, I tell him my problems and he give me four days assurance that he will come back to me. He help me break the spell that was caste on my husband and to my greatest surprise the fourth day my husband came knocking on my door and beg me for forgiveness. once again thank you DR ABULU you can also contact him through his mail

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