Welcome to….. the Worldwide End Times
Ministry of “the Joseph Plan”!

Where the Truths and Precepts of The Blood Covenant that Jesus made with all true believers are revealed!

The Joseph Plan is a Christian worldwide end times ministry for the age we live in! The Age of the End Times and the final Spiritual War.

Helping all believers to develop the type of Faith that will sustain and protect us during these treacherous  last days.

Where the Bible, knowledge by Revelation and current events are studied and given freely to the Body of Christ for its understanding.

Helping all believers to develop An Enduring Faith that will sustain and protect us during these last days.

Find the biblical answers to the big questions that so few are willing to ask concerning the times in which we live. The end times!

Evil is rising, but so is THE POWER of GOD!

The Joseph Plan Ministry is specifically for all those who are seeking for answers to the problems that are arising today. 

Wars,,,,Rumors of Wars and Spiritual Conflict. You are invited to join with us as we learn how to be an Overcomer over all evil that is arising in and around our lives.

Here you will find free Spiritual Warfare teachings and video’s on the following topics and much more! We invite you to take some time, lean back, strap in and enjoy.

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