How to plead and pray “The Blood of Jesus Prayer”- Spiritual Warfare

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  1. ministry says:

    Hi Jodi, My heart and prayers go out for you.

    I want to assure you that IN JESUS there is an answer to life’s seemingly most difficult problems. Please keep your doctors and staff in prayer as you go through this.

    If you can involve a prayer group to cover you IN THE BLOOD.

    There are no easy answers to problems such as this. I wish there was. I also can’t give specific advise over the internet.

    But we do know that the God we serve is a loving and powerful God. HE is greater than any and all of the problems this fallin world throws at us. Only He is the true source of miracles.

    Don’t forget Jodi. Jesus is also the great healer. HE, through the Holy Ghost is in the miracle business and we need to step up and ask Him!
    Please everyone who reads this, let’s lift up Jodi and her children in prayer.

    God Bless Jodi and may He keep you safe and well.
    Pastor Thomas

  2. Jodi says:

    I don’t even know where to start and I need to keep it short bc I don’t want my kids to wake up and see me upset. They all three have became saved in past year even my 16 u r old son this past month. I was saved at twelve but I married a bad person and I lost my self, my confidence, my faith. He was pentecostal I was free Wil Baptist and like every thiby else he beat me down about this was a hugE issue . I guwas after 16 years you hear how stupid and ugly u r so much and how I am not a true Christian u begin believing it and his mom told me same thing that my salvation was never real. I had a not so great childhood. GOD this person they say I had no relationship w me became unreal to me just like my life. I was baptized in the Holy spirit and he gave me the power at 34 to work a fill night time job and go to nursing school full time and I did it With his strength only w no sleep and have been workinG three years no child support and yes I keep him in court Alabama doesn’t care about our children.

    He lives the good life, I provide health and what I should get is pennies. I hurt for my kids. I have seizures controlled mesial temporal sclerosis and a year ago got very sick. My cognition was worse which didn’t work well for a nurse and it causes anxiety to the point I barely make it. People don’t understand I can’t control it. This is on my temporal lobe affects my personality. I had a major set back in Nov neuroleptic malignant syndrome that’s when my mri show scar had doubled. It also showed four lesions. My neurologist who is all we have in this town was convinced it was MS. Spinal tap negative. He kept me on bed rest released me 12 weeks later and wanted to see me in a year. I think we were all shocked. I was healthy, full of joy before this even when married to a verbal abuser I could turn on my worship music and God could lift me to a higher place. My best friend a crnp got me in w Uab neurology clinic one of the best it tool 7 months that was the waiting list. I saw a doc yesterday he thinks its either ms or something that has to be dealt with immediately. This thing has made me have suicidal thoughts days I cry all day and that’s not me. It’s like it’s takes over my brain.

    I am a hospice nurse 4th job in two years once they find out I am sick it’s over. This company put me on medical leave which is usually what the MD does they feel I am a risk to the company. No one cares anymore. So my need fellow strangers is that the surgery i have to have on the scar bc of its size will go smooth and that these lesions will be neither ms or brain cancer. The doctor only said he was 85% sure it wasn’t cancer, I have ins til end of month and then I go to cobra. My parents will be able to pay cobra for a short time, the home that my kids love my dad said he will try to keep me in it for A FEW MONTHS. THEN WHAT? I want to die sometimes to make it easier and I am a RN no I don’t have a plan and I would never leave my kids in this world they need me I am w God their hope. I am a great mom. But I can’t deal w this much longer I need to work. I need to live, I need to love, I need health insurance so I can get the best care after my parents can’t pay cobra, I need my ex husband to stop being son cruel and I need him to pay the 700 a month ordered for my three kids and the 100 a month for the 20,000 and I need him to pay have of his daughter braces it’s court ordered. He doesn’t pay instead he buys steroiss and spends weekends at the beach except Sunday morning he is always at church which makes me having faith even harder, God blesses him financially, physically even though his police reports are to numerous to count. I need my kids to have this home, moving in w someone will cause me to lose them, most importantly i need to find my way back to God, i must have lost him bc i don’t feel him, I don’t sense his presence, every circumstance in my life is deterioriating. I use to believe this verse and now my eleven year old quotes it to me. I want to believe it again.

    “Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill his promises to her!” Luke 1:45 my sister believes I have been cursed by someone there was a voodoo doll in her house and black mask and I don’t even know this lady. I don’t believe in this stuff I don’t but right now I know I am under a attack, the devil whisper in my ear that I am not going to live, that I am not valuable to God. Sorry for the rambling hard to text thru tears. Any advise, lots of prayers my appt is this Tues July 22.

    Thanks, Jodi

  3. Sandy Dawkins says:

    i am very interested in doing this course as then reality of spiritual warfare has become critically important in my everyday walk of life

  4. ministry says:

    Pastor, We are in agreement in prayer with you.
    May God Bless and keep you safe.

    Pastor Thomas

  5. edwin says:


    Your doing a great job, My name is Edwin, Based in Johannesburg South Africa.
    I opened my business two years ago, i just need the lord to help me get my own Permanent office. Pray for me.

    Thank you all for your prayers,

  6. Pastor Thabo says:

    Please prayer&plead the blood on our life we under atteck of the dark spirit,of fail,&to my ministrie,because it feel heavy now to saver God

  7. Pastor Gerald Dombroski says:

    The blood of Christ, the devil cannot cross, I have heard many wonderfull testimonies from devil worshipers who have been saved who told stories of trying to come against Christians. They said they couldnt cross the Blood line that surrounded these Christians. Just like the old hymn theres power in the Blood of the Risen Christ.Praise the O Lord Jesus

  8. Poly says:

    *In the name of Jesus amen.God bless u Pastor Thomas ive learned so much about prayers. please pray for me i hv bad dreams since i was child now are getting worse i think im under spiritual attack, i wll keep on fighting this devil ur a liar.

  9. pammie says:

    *Please pray for my daughter Steph to be an overcomer and hand in all her assignments to be able to graduate from college in a week after studying for 4 years.  There is some hindering spirit preventing her from turning them in. Please pray for her deliverance.

    I am interested in learning about the Joseph plan.  Thanks God for your ministry.

  10. symanthia says:

    *please pray for my mom she suffer with a headache that not going away after reading pleading of the blood it helps me to know what we up against . thank you.

  11. ministry says:

    Kelly, You and your marriage are in our prayers. Believe! We serve a faithful and powerful God.

    Pastor Thomas

  12. Kelly says:

    Needing prayer for my marriage. It is under attack!!! Please pray.

  13. ministry says:

    Phani, Write me at and I’ll send you a book on Breaking the Bondage of Fear.
    It goes to the heart of anxiety.

    God Bless and may everyone please lift Phyani up in prayer and cover her(?) with prayer.


  14. phanie says:

    Thanks for these prayers but I need an urgent prayer partner because am almost loosing it.

  15. phanie says:

    Please I need urgent prayers because am so worried so worried.

  16. Lee Leslie says:

    *I’ve been searching today . . . trying to find info about what to do. . . The Holy Spirit has shown me in several ways that I’m under attack from the evil one. Thank you for the info, and I will be looking forward to reading more from your site

    God bless you,.

    Lee Leslie

  17. ministry says:

    You are in our prayers, Rosemary, I sent you a pdf copy of the Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual.
    I encourage you to try and talk to a local pastor of a bible believing church, if you can.

    God Bless,
    Pastor Thomas

  18. kiden Rosemary says:

    ha, praise God my name is kiden from south sudan ,am mother of three children separate with my husband but my biggest problem is my life and finance,pray that you pray for my situation am in because now i have failed to take back my children to school

  19. ministry says:

    Andrae wrote The Joseph Plan today.

    I went to church and received laying of hands deliverance at church today. So I no longer are in bondage. Today the Lord has delivered me and healed me of all my fears worries doubts and demonic oppression along with several others suffering like me. Thank you for the manuals I will keep them in aid with my walk with Jesus.

    God Bless

  20. ministry says:

    Andrea, Welcome to The Joseph Plan. I just emailed you, please respond ASAP.

    Jesus can overcome all. I guarantee it.

    God Bless,
    Pastor Thomas

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