The Joseph Plan

Make an emergency plan to take care of yourself and your family in case of a disaster!

The Joseph Plans recommends that every family have enough supplies or preparations to be self sufficient for three  weeks minimum to three months or more.Please take our heed seriously.

We don’t know if or when any particular disaster may happen. It is not our goal to be an alarmist or to scare anyone. But we must face the realities of today’s world.

The Sorrows of Matthew 24 are upon us today. They are going to intensify. Real biblical events and disasters have already started to happen and we can’t just put our head in the sand and pretend they couldn’t happen to us.

God gives us specific warnings in the bible. If we choose to ignore its message–we are a fool and maybe dead.

If we take heed of Gods warnings and we act now, we will have a  chance of surviving to our  appointed time!


Nowhere in Matthew 24 does it say—”Except you or me.” No where in the bible does it say that the US is excluded. In fact, the opposite may be true. The USA may be specifically included!

Physical Preparations-where do we start? What do we prepare for? (the boogie man?)

Let’s consider an emergency scenario that is possible and if it happened would be very serious and possibly life threatening.  In other words, a scenario that we can be prepared for and anticipate the problems we may need to overcome. For the purpose of this scenario the crisis is not centered in Israel, but right here in the USA. The United States is “getting what it deserves” when a nation turns its face away from God.

How can we be prepared to protect our family and survive a horribly severe crisis? A crisis of such magnitude could be described as one of “the sorrows” of chapter 24 in the book of Matthew. Or it could be considered America receiving its well earned reward. The “wrath of God.”

Our Crisis Scenario: We loose all electrical power……..All of it!” Everyone, everywhere!

If we can prepare for this possible crisis, we will be able to survive most potential hardships. 

The purpose of this crisis assessment is to get us all thinking. How do we use the assets we have to be prepared for really hard times.  Praying always that they don’t happen of course. But are there very real dangers ahead of us?

A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it.         Proverbs 22:3

Let’s assume that our national D/C electrical power grid is disabled or destroyed for three weeks to three months or longer! If this happened, life as we know it would totally be changed. That means that we wouldn’t have any or much electricity for our homes, businesses, gas pumps, grocery stores, cell phones, the internet or any other public services. If this scenario happened there would be total chaos and life in this country would be changed dramatically for a very long time. The realities of life without lights, refrigeration, A/C or central heating or gasoline would be soul binding to most people.

It’s my understanding that even nuclear power plants would have to shut down without some sort of outside power source to start and operate them. (That’s one of the greatest ironies.)

Please don’t laugh or pass this idea off as silly or too extreme of an example. Of all the potential extreme national disasters that could threaten the USA. This may be the most likely, least talked about and simplest for an enemy of our country to accomplish. 

You’re thinking it couldn’t happen in America! Right? Not where I live! Right? Not in the year 2011 or 2012! That is too ridiculous of an idea to even consider. Our electrical supply system in this country is one of the things we depend on the most and never worry about.

Well, unfortunately, it is a very real, potential threat and danger to all of us in America. Hundreds, if not thousands, of people within the electrical industry could verify this, I believe. Check it for yourself if you have any doubts.

I was made aware of this situation over twenty years ago. At a meeting within the insurance industry, a high up official with the National Energy Agency told a group I was a part of directly about it. He explained it in graphic detail. We were given first hand knowledge of this threat to the very core of our countries ability to survive. Please read this carefully. You won’t hear about it on Oprah or on any television news show. It’s too big a problem. It’s too scary. It’s too real. Non believers couldn’t handle it. This would be a problem of biblical proportions.

Do I have your attention? Please say a prayer for discernment then read on.

Our national D/C electrical power grid is not bullet proof. It has some glaring vulnerabilities.

It was built with a centralized control system that controls the movement of electricity to where ever it is needed in our country. These are the great big power lines you see criss-crossing America. They provide the electricity that your local power company converts to A/C power and then delivers to your home, the street lights and the hospital, etc. It is the electrical power produced by a power plant. All power plants make D/C (direct current) electrical power. The grid enables power companies to transmit that power to where it is needed. Thus it enables power companies to be able to buy and sell or share electricity when one area of the country needs more and another has excess.

The problem is that they are all controlled out of one central control center or building, in one city in the USA. All the power that runs through our entire power grid is directed from this one location. That means that one terrorist attack to one single block in America, takes our whole power delivery system down. Sound crazy? I sure thought so when it was explained to us at a meeting with the National Energy Agency in about 1990. I was invited because of my firm’s consulting role with a major insurance company regarding national “alternative energy” issues. I was not prepared for what I was about to learn.

I and a few hundred other men and women attended a half day presentation, where an official with the National Energy Agency explained our national energy grid vulnerability problems. All in attendance were stunned. Our national grid had, in effect, been designed and the controls built backwards or with upside down thinking for today’s world. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it? All in attendance had a hard time absorbing what was being said. But they convinced us it was true. Our entire national grid system had been designed to distribute electricity inexpensively and fairly. It was not designed to withstand a terror attack or a catastrophe of biblical proportions. It was not designed to survive a terrorist attack or an act of war within our own shores. That had never, ever happened before. Why would it then. Our national electrical grid was built with a centralized control or distribution system.

Since then I have had a number of opportunities to inquire of industry scientists and experts as to whether or not this situation had been rectified. As recently as 2010 I was informed by an engineer with a major California power company that it hadn’t.  There were four or five websites operating until November or December of 1999 that explained the entire problem and contained a lot more information than I could possibly remember now.  For security reasons, the group was not told the address or state that this facility was located in.  Thank-you Jesus for keeping that vital security information from us!!

Our scenario will thus be based on a singular terrorist attack in the United States that shuts down the entire D/C electrical grid.

Try for a moment, to get your mind around a life without electricity.

We should all be able to make a plan around and for this disaster scenario. It was explained that if that catastrophe happened, there would be MAJOR electrical supply problems in our country for six months to 2 years. That was back in 1990. Let’s assume that with the advancement of computers, that the down time has been shortened to three weeks to three months. Let’s pray this is not too optimistic!

Once again, our emergency planning hypothetical scenario is that we all loose ALL or most of our electrical power for three weeks to three months or more!

Should we prepare for the days ahead?

Is it wise, in God’s world, to prepare ourselves enough to be relatively self-sufficient for three weeks to three months? We all believe that the Lord takes care of His children. In fact, we know He does. So did Joseph! God spoke to Joseph and asked Him to act out of faith and prepare His country for the famine and problems ahead. Over the last fifteen years God has given visions to many thousands of believers, about the times ahead of us, and told us to believe and prepare. Do you believe that the problems of this world are severe enough to take action?

If so, what should we do? Where do we start?

Consider and study the six preparation categories listed in the Blog. They each are key to a survival plan. They are listed in their order of general importance. Situations can vary.

Also see-

Decide what your goals are. Are you going to prepare for a three week emergency or a three month crisis! They take quite different planning. Here is a link or address to a website that has accumulated a lot of preparedness lists that will help you get your thinking organized. One of our best pastoral friends asked me to include a short list of preparedness supplies he could get, to help him make it easier. The problem is that each of our circumstances is different.  He and his wife do not need three months worth of diapers, for example. (at least I don’t think so) Each of us needs to examine our own unique needs.

1. Devise a plan

2. Determine your budget

3. Take an inventory of what you have in stock or easy access to

4. Start organizing and accumulating your needed survival supplies TODAY. Not next week. It can’t be stressed enough the importance of doing something to get started—NOW!

For additional help with suggested stock up and supplies lists, here is a good resource.

Stock up on enough basic food and medicine supplies to carry you and a few others through a crisis such as this.  There are many other possible threats that we will be talking about. I choose this one because it is possibly the worst one short of a national, in scale, nuclear holocaust.

Bibles, bibles, bibles. You can’t have enough of them When the stuff really hits the fan the Bible will become many peoples best friend. I have recently completed writing a new ebook that I strongly advise all to take a look at. When the internet goes down we will all lose the resources that we depend on in our daily lives. Spiritual Warfare will be neccessary to survive and thrive. The Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual is a complete teaching to help you protect yourself and your family and comes with an ebook reader. You can also get it for yourm tablet reader and its available on Kindle books, amongst others. You’ll save over two dollars by ordering through this link.

The “Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual”.

Please send this link to all our Christian brothers and sisters.

God Bless, this is for edification! Enjoy!

Are You Saved? Are you sure?  There is only one way to know and be assured.   Ask Jesus!

Rom 8:16  The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God.

When we ask the Lord, in Jesus Christ’s name, He assures us with His peace and understanding. If for any reason you question your salvation, go to a quiet place, alone, and talk to Jesus. Repent of your sins and commit your life to Him.  He is faithful! He always listens and always responds! The Salvation Prayer is in the Blog in the right column of this page.

You can walk without fear. Start nurturing An Enduring Faith, today.

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May God Bless You and Keep You!

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Important survival items that disappear on day one after a disaster, from all stores.


Good items to stock up on if you can afford it. If you can stock up on extra supplies, you’ll be in a position to share with others not as fortunate. If you are on a very limited budget, pick one or two of the least expensive items from the following list and buy as many of those as you can over the next 30-45 days, You will then be in a position to trade with other people for items you are in need of. The following list is for sharing, trading and personal use.


The “Big 60 List” that disappear first from the stores!

  1. Paper goods-paper towels, Kleenex, and toilet paper
  2. Soap- bars, dish, hair, general cleaning
  3. Toothpaste, tooth brushes
  4. Water filters and water purifier
  5. Matches and lighters
  6. Candles
  7. Lamp oil, wicks and mantels
  8. Propane cylinders
  9. 5 gallon plastic buckets

10. Coleman fuel and mantels

11. Knives

12. Can openers

13. Rice, beans and wheat

14. Noodles

15. Vegetable oil

16. Charcoal and lighter fluid

17. Water storage containers-hard plastic only 1 to 5 gallon

18. Medicine, First aid kit and medical first aid book

19. Cook stoves-propane, Coleman, etc

20. Mini heater head

21. Baby supplies

22. Feminine Hygiene

23. Deodorant

24. Rope -plastic and cotton

25. Plastic bags- large and small

26. Aluminum foil

27. Bow saw, axe and hatchet

28. Washboard and mops

29. Gas cans

30. Oil- auto and machine

31. Baking Soda, Salt, Sugar, Flour, Yeast, Powdered Milk,

32. Clothes pins

33. Flashlights and batteries

34. Garlic, spices and vinegar

35. Fire extinguisher

36. Canned tuna, beef and vegetables

37. Insulated ice chests

38. Duct tape

39. Tarps

40. Cast iron cookware

41. Fingernail clippers

42. Writing paper, pens and pencils

43. Boots, jeans, belt and durable shirts

44. Fishing equipment

45. Bleach and Laundry detergent

46. Scissors, fabrics and sewing supplies

47. Super glue

48. Glass canning jars

49. Sharpening files, stones and tools

50. Bicycle and tubes, patches

51. Fire and carbon monoxide alarm

52. Mouse and rat and bug poison

53. Hand pump and siphon

54. Hand sanitizer

55. Gloves and hats

56. Tool kit- handy-man and mechanical

57. Nails, screws, bolts and glue

58. Cracker, gum, Peanut Butter, tea, coffee,

59. Mister – cooling and bathing

60. Antibiotics and over the counter medical aids.

********Get Colloidal Silver-A natural antibiotic and anti-viral that works for many people. Everyone should have 2 quarts minimum per person in stock -very important*****We’ll be posting a special report on the need for every family to have a stock of colloidal in the next couple of days.  Make sure you are on our mailing list. In my opinion it may be more important than most of the other things on any survival list. It’s a cheap and effective anti-biotic, anti-viral and anti-mold product and can be made at home. We have made arrangements with a very good supplier for the best pricing. They are supporters of the Joseph Plan! E-mail me for the details. If you can’t afford to buy a supply, please contact us. We’ll try to guide you on how to get you some free. It’s that important.

All the above items are mentioned for your prayer and consideration.

We may have as few as 45 to 90 days to get the word out and prepare! This is not setting a date concerning the tribulation and the return of Christ. It is simply a great big “head’s up” on the Spiritual time table we are in. Please pray that the grace of God is provided to each and every Christian, to provide them the time and wisdom to prepare themselves, their loved ones and the body of Christ within their influence group. The prophetic clock seems to be accelerating quickly and the USA is at the heart of it, at least for now. Pay special attention to the UN and its efforts to give Jerusalem to the Palestinians along with their own country. Watch Iran and its missiles located in Jordan and Syria. All pointed at Israel. This could be the start of the Psalms 83 war which ends in a seven year peace treaty, we believe. Come quickly Jesus!

 ARE You Saved? Are You Sure? There is only ONE WAY!


Here is a good “Be prepared for anything” checklist. You won’t need everything. Use it as a guide. Take inventory of what you have on hand and decide what you need for you situation.

Preparedness Checklist– print this

Survival Planning & Preparation


Remember that we are basing our Preparedness Planning on our Emergency Disaster Scenario. The complete loss of electricity and power for three weeks to three months!  Seven days will only get you through 50% of the disasters, we are examining a disaster of biblical proportions!

Disaster Survival Readiness & Emergency Preparedness Checklist

The checklist presented below is a compilation of suggestions from several sources including Lowe’s Severe Weather / Natural Disaster Readiness Guide and the American Red Cross Website guides.

Prior Plans, Arrangements and Actions

Short-Term and Long-Term plan for inadvertent separation:

Escape route plan and alternate plans for:

[ ]   House Escape (e.g., meet at corner, church, school or_______________________

[ ]   Location Escape (e.g., meet at uncle’s house in X City)

[ ]   Address and Phone Numbers:

Pre Storage:

[ ]   A List/Photocopy of Important Numbers In a waterproof protector/container

[ ]   Last year’s Telephone Book

[ ]   Personal/Family Address Book or List

[ ]   Current Local Telephone Book

[ ]   Insurance Agent(s)

[ ]   Insurance Company (ies)

[ ]   Policy (ies) in known safe place

Important Home Documents (Kept in sealed water proof box/containers/document-holders, which in turn are stored inside a fireproof safe, gun safe, or fireproof file cabinet):

[ ]   Check Books, Birth Certificates,  Pass Ports, Visas, Mortgages, Loans, Ownership, Cash, other small valuables

[ ]   Computer backup system that is restorable

  • Computer/Data Information Disaster Recovery Plan

[ ]   Emergency Cash.  There is often a time frame when cash is unavailable, even if you have money in the bank and a dozen credit cards. When money systems are temporarily not working, cash can become a scarce and valuable commodity.

Disaster Survival Items & Issues

[ ]   Large Plastic Trash Can(s), with Wheels and Cover used to store the Disaster Supplies, 40 to 55 Gallon, no holes (leak proof / floatable).

  • If new and clean, it may be lined and filled with water
  • It is difficult to get liners larger than 55 gallon size

[ ]   Plastic Sheeting (NOT the super thin cheap stuff, big rolls (found in paint supplies), 75 yards

[ ]   Duct Tape, 150-175 yards (NOT masking tape)

[ ]   Flashlight(s) and Batteries, tested and working

Observation 1: All family members feel tremendously more secure if they have their own flashlight, even if its an LCD light for a two-year-old.

Observation 2: Lately the expensive self contained perpetual electric generation by motion or crank lights seem to be worth consideration. There appear to be two versions, as some have very dull lighting and some are very bright – test before purchasing. Know the usage instructions.

[ ]   Matches/Lighter, Dry, with reserve Fuel, Water Proof Container. Usually when these are needed there is 100% humidity, everything is wet, and the wind is blowing. Wind Proof Butane lighters work well below 7,000

Feet Altitude. Magnesium Strikers work all the time, anywhere (not cheap, makes ignition spark, not flame).

Matches and Waterproof Matches are less reliable in bad weather conditions. A mix is best.

[ ]   Oil burning Lamps/Lanterns. Extra oil, maybe a few spare wicks and/or glass bulbs. Oil wicks dry out and any un-used oil in the lantern base will evaporate over time. Wicks may need to be re-primed with a little oil – be careful, there is a reason that oil lamps are not used much anymore – any oil-lamp mismanagement is a fire hazard.

  • Warning: Do NOT leave kids, animals, or mentally challenged people around burning lamps.
  • Warning: Do NOT leave lamps on table cloths or similar conveyances as they may be pulled off and start a fire too easily.

[ ]   Fire Extinguishers, quantity 2 x 10-20 Pound, ABC Type Rating (only and always)

[ ]   Candles, Many, Long Burn Time is Best. Learn to save all candles accumulated over time in a candle (shoe) box

  • Warning: There are times when using candles/oil lamps is a safety hazard (presence of: natural gas, dust/small particles, chemical agents, anything that can burn or explode; also kids, pets, and wind or loose materials create additional safety issues).
  • Warning: Do NOT leave candles unattended and their benefit is for after the disaster, NOT during the disaster.

[ ]   Batteries for all existing battery operated equipment (Look through this list for any reminders)

[ ]   First Aid items: See


Communication Considerations – Make reasonable choices:

[ ]   Device Batteries and Spares, Fully Charged,

[ ]   Gather the Battery Charging Units (House and Automobile). Note:-Sometimes people live off generator and

Automobile charged battery systems for weeks. Sometimes the generator is located at a friend’s home, a Church or a business establishment

Two Way Communication Units:

[ ]   Cell Phone, Satellite Phone

[ ]   CB Radio and or base station (system)

[ ]   CB/2 Meter/Ham Transmitter (Requires Power System, Antenna System, and prior knowledge/training/and a license to operate). This may be a neighbor.

[ ]   Internet: Don’t forget the Internet (when available).

One Way Communication Units:

[ ]   AM/FM portable radio, Short Wave Receiver

[ ]   Radio (battery operated, also with AC is better) with shortwave reception is best, digital and analog

[ ]   TV (battery operated, also with AC is better) analog and digital signal capable

[ ]   Insect Repellent:

Water & Container considerations:

(Most likely used for cleanup but can be treated and drank. Assumes clean environment to start and water boiled for 5 minutes and/or chemical treated. Read treatment instructions. If Clorox, non scented and non soapy, one drop per liter/quart or five drops per gallon, mix and let set for at least five minutes. All water natural treatment requires boiling.

[ ]   Bottled Water:

  • Refill sanitized bottles (grape, apple, water) over time.
  • Buy bottled water by the case (plastic or glass). Consider bottled/canned non refrigerated Juices too.

[ ]   Best: Large Construction Site Plastic Water Jugs with a side tap (not cheap, at least one, 20 to 30 gallon. Fill it where it will be stored by hose, pitcher, or water cans.

[ ]   Plastic Water Bladders, Water Cans (3 to 5 gallon, Many, Plan One Gallon per Person per Day minimum, more if working or other known local situation).

Sustenance (NON-Refrigerated):


[ ]   Stew, Beans, Meat, Fish, Peanut Butter, Other Protein

[ ]   Vegetables

[ ]   Milk

[ ]   Soup

[ ]   Juice

[ ]   Survival or Camping Prepackaged Meals

  • · Caution: Most Prepackaged Meals Require Water Plastic:

[ ]   Gatorade (powder or liquid form)

  • · Caution: Powdered mixes require water.


[ ]   Vehicle(s) topped off, and Road Ready. Consider Evacuation, where/when appropriate.  See Vehicle & Travel Checklists

[ ]   Plastic Fuel Containers, Appropriate, Correct Fuel Type, Safely Stored. Fuel can be a hazard if not properly protected. Metal cans rust; full cans prevent water condensation.

[ ]   Propane Fuel Bottle(s), full

[ ]   Optional: Fuel Hose or Fuel Siphoning System

  • · Warning: Don’t get yourself into a situation where you may be considered to be a looter. Know your neighbors, work with friends

[ ]   Generator: Topped off with Gasoline and Oil. Trade off exists between Size (Watts) and Fuel Use. Generally,the bigger the better, bigger units use more fuel. Best Case: 1800 Watt and a 5000 Watt. 5000W stays stationary. 1800W ported for tool use. Not to be used in a home or enclosed space. Read the operator’s manual and know appliance Watt ratings. DO NOT Connect to the house current, plug appliance into extension cord.

  • · Note: Propane Generators also exist but are only worth consideration if you have access to a very large propane fuel reserve source.

[ ]   Extension Cords: 50 Ft, Heavy Duty, 4 to 8 count

[ ]   Stove/Grill: White Gas, Propane, and/or Charcoal, Camping type.  Propane seems to five more utility with 10 and 20 pound bottles (which can be used for other items). The system has the greatest utility if it can also function from the 1 pound bottles (which are commonly sold in “sporting goods” departments or stores).

  • · Caution Keep bottles current as they expire by law (propane suppliers/dealers know the requirements).

[ ]   Propane Lantern that can run from the same fuel tank as stove cooking system and/or from little one pound fuel bottles. Use a “tree or gang” hose outlet (mantels, wrench, and hoses).

[ ]   Refrigeration/Cooler/Ice (mix solutions if possible):

  • · Pre set all refrigerators or freezers to coldest setting.
  • · Open as little as possible.

[ ]   Mini Electric or Propane Operated Refrigerator, Combination Electric and Propane is best.

[ ]   Cooler(s): Bigger is better, more than one if possible (coolers usually can float, if necessary)

[ ]   Ice: If you have a freezer, use the freezer as a cooler. Pre-Freeze blocks of ice in plastic bags and/or buying Ice can be a very valuable commodity.

[ ]   Bow Saws: One 3-4 Foot Blade, One 2 Foot Blade, Spare Blades

[ ]   Face Masks, Disposable

[ ]   Trash Bags (2 boxes Kitchen size, and 1 box/roll of Lawn/55 Gallon Drum sized)

[ ]   Zip Lock type Plastic Baggies (Gallon and Quart)

[ ]   Safety Goggles or Safety Eye Shield(s)

[ ]   Plastic Buckets (5 gallon size, 3-5 count)

[ ]   Sponges, Big (size of 2 fists of 1 big male, 3-5 count)

[ ]   Bleach (pure bleach, NOT the color fast stuff), used for sanitizing.

[ ]   Towels (Lots of Paper and Cloth)

[ ]   Knives (HD Swiss Type & HD Survival Type)

[ ]   Baby Needs

[ ]   Baby Wipes / Handy Wipes, These have great utility for individual cleanup (like a bath in a box)


[ ]   Coloring Books/Paper, Crayons

[ ]   Reading Books (parents too)

[ ]   Paper, Pencils, Color Pencils

[ ]   Little Job Responsibilities (putting pictures in albums, memorizing the states/capitols/Presidents)

[ ]   Can Opener, manual (Knives and P38’s get old in a hurry)

[ ]   Camera, working, with Film (Disposable Camera can be stored). Take pictures of the immediate after-disaster effects before restoration/clean-up work begins, especially for Insurance purposes

[ ]   Soap (bar and dish liquid). Personal Hygiene is very important. Soap is the #1 bacteria killer.

[ ]   Disinfectant

[ ]   Toiletry Kit(s)

[ ]   Sewing Kit

[ ]   Work Gloves, enough for family and friends.


[ ]   Good heavy duty work clothes, changes of clothing

[ ]   Underwear and good work socks

[ ]   Heavy duty boots

[ ]   Wide brim hat(s)

[ ]   Eating ware (the idea is sanitation disposability in an area where water is not readily available, otherwise use your regular eating ware)

[ ]   Paper plates

[ ]   Paper cups

[ ]   Plastic eating ware / cutlery

[ ]   Aluminum foil, heavy duty and wide

[ ]   Medications: It is wise to have a list and schedule of medications for each person.  Some meds require special cooling or handling.

[ ]   Use plastic bags and mark them as needed

[ ]   Paper and Pencils

[ ]   Water Proof Markers, Lots

[ ]   Toilet Paper, Lots

[ ]   Paper Towels, Lots

[ ]   Pet Food and Water Considerations

Camping Equipment:

[ ]   Tent and associated gear

[ ]   Sleeping bags

[ ]   Stove, working with all pieces present plus fuel

[ ]   Blankets / space blankets

[ ]   Mattress/pads

[ ]   Chain saw, spare chains, oil, lube grease, keys/wrenches, spark plug, gasoline (in container).

[ ]   Axe(s)

[ ]   Cordless drills (charged, spare battery), drill bits, screw bits (+ & -), hex bits.

[ ]   Screws: Assortment (boxes) of Phillips (+) round head size 8, 10, & 12 at lengths of 1, 1.5, 2, 3, 4 inches

[ ]   Hammer, nails (boxes of flat heads, 1, 2, 3, and 4 inch)

[ ]   Wrenches, large, medium, and small (for 1/4 inch to 3 inch nuts)

[ ]   Pliers (large & medium)

[ ]   Scissors, big (box cutter in a pinch)

Levers (Heavy duty for blown down work – AVOID Electrical Lines):

[ ]   Crow bar, long (3 foot)

[ ]   6 foot long, 2 inch wide steel pipe

[ ]   Wood 6 feet of 2×4 or 4×4 inch posts, no knots (does not conduct electricity or transmit heat)

Ladders (AVOID power lines! Read Safety Instructions):

[ ]   6 Foot step ladder

[ ]   24-34 Foot extension ladder


[ ]   Minimum of 8 to a bundle: 8 foot long, knot-free 2×4’s,

[ ]   Minimum of 2: 4×8 foot sheets, 3/8 inch thick

[ ]   Other lumber as needed/desired

[ ]   Nylon rope and tow straps, for dragging and other heavy duty work, (strength measured in tons, not pounds)


[ ]   1 long flat blade

[ ]   1 long spade (pointed) blade

[ ]   1 snow shovel (with a long-tined rake – works surprisingly well for muddy and wind-blown debris).

[ ]   Mops, brooms


[ ]   1 Metal (Heavy Duty)

[ ]   1 Long Tine (Plastic or Metal)

Cleaning Supplies:

[ ]   Buckets, soap, sponges, towels, heavy duty rubber or latex gloves

[ ]   Wet/Dry vac

[ ]   Wheelbarrow, big, with airless tires best for this situation.  If pneumatic front Tire, then fill with

correct air pressure. Tire Pump, Flat Tire Repair Kit, Tube

Home defenseHave on hand whatever you feel your family needs to defend your lives and property. Make sure everyone is well trained. It is not advised that you have dangerous weapons around unless everyone is well trained and licensed.

Other Considerations

[ ]   The second most common disaster regret (after life and death issues) is the loss of pictures and photo albums. Consider a storage/relocation plan. This is a good responsibility for kids.

[ ]   Neighbor/family check/support/report System

[ ]   Livestock Safety

[ ]   Pet ID, vaccination, photos, papers

[ ]   Consider investing in a total propane backup system (4+ propane bottles [20 pound], stove, lamps, mini refrigerator [about .5 bottle used per day with mini-refrigerator])

[ ]   House standby generator

[ ]   Pipe heaters, wood burning stove, HD hair dryers

[ ]   People shelter – safe area creation/designation and reinforcement

[ ]   Safe fire clearing around house (including firewood storage way away from house or building), ability to seal up a house


[ ]   ### Water purifier ###very important. Hand operated, expedition type, typically available through better camping supply stores. Read Instructions and have extra filter cartridges.

[ ]   Windproof/storm-proof a house (pre made window coverings with fast connect/disconnect bolt system)

[ ]   Emergency fire fighting system (small trailer with water tank, generator, pump, hose, fire suppressant chemical.

[ ]   Big fans

[ ]   One way sewage flow valve

[ ]   Plan for gathering and storing loose outdoor/lawn items – a good responsibility for kids.

[ ]   Document Storage (Waterproof/Fireproof containers, Complete Offsite Way Away Remote Digital Storage)

[ ]   Plan for shutting down utilities, quickly

[ ]   Earthquake proofing (lots to do here, research online)

[ ]   Spare Circuit Breakers

[ ]   Various Sized, Stackable, Sealable Plastic Storage Boxes

Alternate Transportation:

[ ]   Bicycles

[ ]   Small boat, canoe, inflatable raft with oars/paddles & gear.

[ ]   ATV

[ ]   Snow Mobile

Do whatever you can. God is in control. The above lists are guides.

Always remember–God has promised to take care of His children! Walk in faith.

Are You Saved? Are you sure? Positive?

There is only one way to know! Ask Jesus!

Rom 8:16  The Spirit Himself bears witness with our spirit that we are the children of God.

When we ask the Heavenly Father, in Jesus’ name, He assures us with His peace and understanding. Pray the Salvation Prayer for your assurance for eternal salvation.

the Joseph Plan

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