Symptoms of demonic influence or attack!

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68 Responses to Symptoms of demonic influence or attack!

  1. ministry says:

    Write me Penny. I’ll try to help.

    God Bless
    Pastor Thomas

  2. pennythegreat says:

    if someone could contact me… I have some questions. 

  3. ministry says:

    Hi Danielle, Welcome. You have stopped at the right ministry. There are answers to the oppression and attacks you are experiencing.
    We have many posts onsite that will give you tools that you can use to cleanse your home and person of these spiritual attacks.
    We offer a complete “Spiritual Warfare Training” that also contains all the answers you are in need of.

    There could be many reasons why the demonic has infested your home. As you go through the training it will be revealed to you what the causes are.

    But please be assured that God has given all born again Christians the tools to be overcomers over all the evil you are dealing with.
    I would start by learning how to Plead the Blood of Jesus over your home and person. that should settle things down so you can do spiritual warfare or deliverance.

    We are here to help.
    God Bless
    Pastor Thomas

  4. Danielle says:

    I’m experiencing, things in the list you wrote, shadows moving, seeing someone stand in my mirror out of the corner of my eye. I’m in a half panic trying to write this. Feeling physically drained, hardly sleeping, hearing bazaar noises, and while in my room praying I had a burning sensation down my arm. I need help. Please

  5. ministry says:

    The thoughts are not your own. Rebuke them every time you hear them.
    I don’t know your name. Are you taking the Spiritual Warfare Training?
    It will give you all the tools needed to be free of the demonic.

    The first reality check is to make sure you are “saved and born again”.

    The battle cannot be won unless you are.

    God Bless,
    Pastor Thomas

  6. Anonymous says:

    Hello. Thoughts come in my head or I hear voices, and when this happens I feel it coming to my mouth or in my throat almost. What did this mean?

  7. Spencer L says:

    About six weeks ago I discovered this treasure chest called The Joseph Plan.
    I want to thank all who do the work to make this wonderful ministry work.

    God revealed a lot of truths to me as I read. Truths about myself that I now understand are causing me and my family a lot of pain and hardship.

    Pastor, I had demons. Boy, did I have demons. Some I brought on my self and some that were past down through generations. Thank-you for all the work that went into the email training. It has changed this mans life and been a total blessing to my wife and our five children.

    I think I’m finally figuring it out what it means to be a man of God.

    Blessings to all.

  8. Everyone!

    Over the last year the number of requests on how to find a good Deliverance minister has increased astronomically. I have always been very hesitant to endorse any particular ministry, except to recommend that when interviewing a potential ministry, that we always ask if they are a Christian, born again and spirit filled ministry that follows biblical teachings as well as the leadings of the Holy Spirit.

    Over the last six months I have gotten to know and respect one ministry that I confidently recommend to anyone in need of true Deliverance. They are located in Phoenix, Arizona.
    Their name is- Hardcore Christianity
    The lead minister/counselor- Michael Smith

    You can check them out at

    They are a fee based, non-profit ministry, but do take hardship applications.
    The travel and lodging would be 100% your expense.

    Don’t give up hope. In God’s world there is a solution. Believe!

    I hope this helps.
    God Bless,
    Pastor Thomas

  9. ministry says:

    Er, Please contact me. There is a solution.
    You need not suffer.
    Write me at ministry (at)

    God Bless,
    Pastor Thomas

  10. er says:

    Hi I just read the article and it concerns me deeply. I am showing well too many signs to be comfortable with. in a horrific car wreck yet walked away but can’t remember why I ran into a car doing 55 yet I remember everything n slow motion after I realized I was going to wreck. Then.was getting firewood heard someone NOT AN ANIMAL RUNNINg TOWARDS ME AND THE HOT FEELING OF HATE AND MALICIOUSNESS HiT ME SO HARD I FELL OVER BACKWARDS SCREAMING. I DO NOT GET SCARED LIKE THAT. I am known for being hella tough and strong. Since then strange things keep happening .

    I have said even before the wreck, someone or something wants me dead but something more powerful is protecting me. Two strange things, two bees and a wasp, flew into my truck through window WHILE DRIVING AND HIT ME, YET WHEN THEY HIT ME THEY DIED. ALL IN A MONTH. SO MANY MESSED UP THINGS HAPPENING. I DO BAD THINGS TP OPEN THE DOOR INCAPABLE OF STOPPING. NEVER BEEN LIKE THAT. SOMETHING WANTS ME DEAD THANK GOD HE US PROTECTING ME. BUT I CAN’T DO THIS ALONE! MUXH

  11. ministry says:

    Concerned, please contact me at: ministry (at)

    God Bless,
    Pastor Thomas

  12. Concerned and Fearful says:

    I’m a Christian who’s been having fears of possession. I don’t feel comfortable sharing my full story online, even anonymously. Could you please email me?

  13. ministry says:

    Denise, You are in our prayers. I wrote in response the your letter.

    God Bless,

  14. Denise Powell says:

    I used to live in Delaware for 14 years, in the time i lived there i was Loving the fact that i would attend a church called Victory Christien Fellowship.
    I was involved with different minerstries. within my second year of living there i meet a warlock but i did not know it. The Holy spirit did let me know but i ignored it because i was liking the man. But as time went by i became under heavy demonic attack all the way up to this very day. God has revealed to me that there in Delaware has a very high witch practicing group.
    That Church’s know about it and The state it self. i tried to leave but they follow me for what ever reason i don’t know…I do need some strong prayers to go out for me and also for them to be delivered also..

  15. Kavitha says:

    I’ve been experiencing a demonic influence with a close person. She used to be a real good christian who went to church whenever she could. She was a bright student in class. Her house had these ghost problems for a while.. When she told her parents about some shadows and images she had been seeing, no one listened. Then she became really ill with depression, because this exam was really hard for her.. Then she started changing. She stopped going to church.. She always wantd to spend time alone.. Even the pets at her place started acting weird. Doesn’t talk to any friend.. She never wants to leave the house.. A neck pain or some other illness occurs when she tries to.. When she is hardly taken away from house she starts acting a bit normal.. Talks to her friends.. She is a virgin if it helps
    This story is 100% true. What are your advices?

  16. ministry says:

    Erin, Have you enrolled in our Spiritual Warfare
    Training. The course manual contains a lot on deliverance.
    You can also find a lot onsite. And remember, in order for things to change, you must do……. and take action.

    God Bless,
    Pastor Thomas

  17. erin says:

    i think im demonically oppressed and i believe there has been several attempts of possession. no one believes me…help

  18. ministry says:

    Welcome William and thank-you for your input. You are correct, discernment is a gift of the spirit. I spend a lot of time in the “Biblical Spiritual Warfare Manual” on this topic. It is also covered in other posts within the category – spiritual warfare. The category list is at the top right side of the website.

    The lesson for all of us is that Jesus, through His spirit, the Holy Ghost, has dominion over all.

    God Bless and welcome again.
    Pastor Thomas

  19. William says:

    I’d like to know if there are any more posts where you deal with demonic attacks and such because there seems to be missing and/or unclear information in this post. Something which this post doesn’t deal with is the gift of discerning of spirits and various manifestations of it. One who has this gift may actually be able to sense or feel in some way when a demon is present in a close proximity or within an individual in some way.

    For instance, when I’m speaking of God or His Son Jesus Christ sometimes I will have what I can only describe as something akin to a panic attack come over me. My teeth will want to chatter, my body will tense up, and if I allowed it I’m pretty sure that I could quake uncontrollably if I allowed it to overcome me. Sometimes it will happen when I walk into certain people’s homes or in certain types of public places. This lets me know that there’s uncleanness around or demons don’t want me there. To test it, I will speak out loud or under my breath commanding whatever it is to leave and immediately the pressure subsides.

    Many people are rarely taught what it’s like to manifest the gift and what forms the gifts may take in different individuals. Some experience the gift through sight, visually, some through smell, some through what I describe as a type of “spider sense”. Sometimes what a person is experiencing isn’t possession or attempts at control, but rather a demon recognizing a servant of the Most High and attempting to scare them away from the area or away from sharing truth which the demon doesn’t want shared.

  20. Roystan Crossley says:


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