How to plead and pray “The Blood of Jesus Prayer”- Spiritual Warfare

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177 Responses to How to plead and pray “The Blood of Jesus Prayer”- Spiritual Warfare

  1. Elizabeth Mangaroo says:

    I really enjoy these articles on this site. Can you pray for my son Ian who is facing a lot of spiritual attacks. Blessings and thanks. Elizabeth

  2. Nuaryaffife says:

    Something shows up around my house at night and makes noises. Tapps on the windows and groans. It gets scary. I go out to chase it away and there isn’t ever anything there. Can the Blood of Jesus prayer stop all this?

    I need relief, please help.
    Nuary Affife

    • ministry says:

      Pleading the Blood on your home and belongings Nuary is exactly what will protect you. If it is an animal or person it should work also.
      Suggest you also apply a Blood line around your home for protection also.
      Plead the Blood of Jesus often. And make sure you don’t have any idols on your property like Gnomes that will attract evil.

      Have you taken the “Spiritual Warfare Training”?

      God Bless,
      Pastor Thomas

      • No. Please help me to.
        But I’m wanting, needing ALL of the teachings and prophecies of this phenominal endtimes apostolic prophet. Thank you. May God bless this entire ministry- a hundred folds over what is now in place, is my my prayer in Jesus name. Amen.

  3. NADENE MOORE says:

    I woke up this morning feeling so detached from the world but after reading the above articles I plead the blood of Jesus over so many things in my life and my family’s life I appreciate you and I thank you for taking the time to preach and teach two other humans and to open their eyes Lord thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you Father God for touching other people’s lives to reach out to the ones that’s hurting amen and amen

  4. Mary Dickens says:

    Pray for my grandson,he has anger issues but is very smart. Pray that God deliver him from destructive behavior and save him, baptize him in the Holy Spirit and fire. Bless him to complete his GED. Thank you.

  5. Raelene says:

    Please pray for me and my husband, he left about two weeks ago. He is under attack. I am not able to get through to him, he doesn’t even want to talk to me. Please pray with me for our marriage to be restored.

    • ministry says:

      Be assure Raelene that you and your husband are in our prayers.
      We “Plead the Blood of Jesus” upon your husband with all of its righteousness.

      God bless,
      Pastor Thomas

  6. Joe Lesejane says:

    Dear Pastor, thank you very much for the excellent work you have produced on the Blood of Jesus. In the last 3 months God has been speaking to me STRONGLY about the Blood. for over 30 years I have been tormented by the devil through evil dreams. I prayed, I was prayed over and not change. I have however found the Blood of Jesus prayer to have changed my situation drastically. Your article was so empowering such that I could not let it go.

    I thank you very much and may Yehovah bless you abundantly for this.


    Can you teach me / walk me through the”radical and spiritual warfare” for me and my husband

    • ministry says:

      I offer a free complete Spiritual Warfare Training onsite Antoinette. Sign up off the blue bar at the top of every page.
      I’m here to help.
      God Bless,
      Pastor Thomas

  8. Mufasseri says:

    Thank you for this blessed teaching.

  9. Lu Panov says:

    Total blessing. I first read your teaching about six months ago. Pastor it truly is the one prayer every Christian should know and use every day.

    God’s Blessings to you.
    Lu and Bryte

  10. Tompa says:

    Thank you Joseph Plan. The truths of the Word are such a blessings. He does, indeed, provide protection for His kids!

    Blessings, Tompa

  11. RaymondEmede says:

    Pastor Thomas, I have a very good testimonial about the power of pleading the Blood for Protection. Where do I send it to you?


  12. Sandra Robbins says:

    I would like to learn the prayer of The Blood of Jesus to cast out evil Spirit.

    • It is covered at great length in the free “Spiritual Warfare Training Course” Sandra. You can sign up off the blue bar at the top of the page.
      You’ll also get armed to defeat all evil that comes against you ar your family.

  13. Sandra says:

    I have read some of them and I am going through the same thing they are going through. I am being attack by demons. That is using witchcraft and Black Magic I don’t believe in that but I have read about where some people have went through it also like I am. I need help in being deliverance from them. I am interested in reading on the Spirit Warfare to help me prepare and deliverance myself from this evil. Thank you Pastor Thomas and also The Joseph Plan. Org.

  14. RaymondCep says:

    All is quiet in our home now thanks to learning this wonderful prayer of protection.

    May God Bless this ministry.
    Ray and family

  15. Ted L says:

    Shadows arrpear around my house at night and makes noises. Tapps on the windows and groans. It gets scary. I go out to chase it away and there isn’t ever anything there. Can the Blood of Jesus prayer stop all this?

  16. Zul Childers says:

    Totally enriched and blessed.
    God Bless you pastor. Thank you.

    Zul Childers

  17. Sally Bell says:

    Thank you and many blessings for your work.

    Sally Bellivanti

  18. Delores W says:

    Glory, Glory! Thank you pastor. Randy and I now use your prayer teaching every day. Our home is so much quieter and peaceful. You are right. There is a war in the spirit world.
    Jesus wins.

    Thank you, thank you.

  19. John says:

    Where is the prayer. I don’t want all of the preview. You make it difficult.

    • The only right answer John, is keep reading. You’ll get to it.
      It’s as much about the condition of the person saying or pleading the “The Blood” as it is “the words used”!
      The power available to the Holy Spirit within us is the Force of the prayer. No magical words.

      God Bless,
      Pastor Thomas

  20. Eldon thoto says:

    Pastor Thomas, I gladly share my experience with the demonic today. This afternoon a demon actually stuck its head out of my computer screen, while I was writing an email to a former friend who was/is into pornography and all kinds of evil activities. We have thought he was in the occult for some time now. I was trying to share some of your teachings with him.

    I recognized immediately what it was, rebuked it and Plead the Blood on my computer and the entire internet. It instantly left. Thank you for the email response to assure me that it was the evil on the other end that was coming through. I was sweating bullets for a minute. Do you think it could have known that I was sharing God’s Word?

    Thank you for all your blessed teachings on spiritual warfare.

    God Bless,
    Eldon Thoto

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