How to plead and pray “The Blood of Jesus Prayer”- Spiritual Warfare

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179 Responses to How to plead and pray “The Blood of Jesus Prayer”- Spiritual Warfare

  1. ministry says:

    What hate campaign are you referring too John? There are many, unfortunately.


  2. John says:

    Any prayers for the end of a cruel hate campaign greatly appreciated

  3. patience says:

    This is so powerful.i was looking for a warfare prayers and came across.i am glad.
    The court is trying to take our three kids from me and give them to my husband only because they say I have no family support like extended family. This is not of God . Please pray with me.

    Thanks, Patience.

  4. ministry says:

    Welcome Olivae, Never stop praying. The Word of God tells us to pray ceaselessly. That means always.
    Have you taken our Spiritual Warfare Training? It can give you the tools for effective spiritual warfare praying.

    A prayer partner is always a good idea. “Where two or are gathered, there I am.”

    God Bless
    Pastor Thomas

  5. Oliviae says:

    Thank you for making this freely available. I need a prayer support to be steadfast in my spiritual walk. I am in constant spiritual attack for interceding for members of my church and family in prayer warefare. My health has been attached, my doctors can’t make sense of what I am going through, lost my job suddenly. I have been told to stop praying even though I pray in the privacy of my home.

  6. luleka says:

    Hello can you pray for my mother Ivy Makupula i want her to be saved, a Christian, a real Christian and my brother, my sister and my nephew i want us all to be saved by God and be a happy family, love one another and speak to each other.

  7. ministry says:

    Hi Hubert, Exactly what condition are you talking about?
    God’s love is not conditional. The Sacrifice is not conditional.
    But the use of this spiritual force is very conditional.
    It is not available to just anyone.

    God Bless
    Pastor Thomas

  8. Enriqueta Scott says:

    Dear Minister:

    Help me intercede about getting housing, my health, business, friendships, ministry marriag I proper order to receive God’s blessings and favor. Restore unto me my joy and peace. Gety me moving forward and not repeating cycles. Our family needs God’s favor with legal matters, learning how to love each others with proper boundaries. Shwing God’s agape love – one of us are perfect even ion the church. We need to exercise mercy especially when God has given his free grace.

  9. Hubert says:

    My people the condition mention to use the blood itself I’d foolishness.blood is used for cleansing.if I need conditions to use the blood of Jesus it makes it our efforts in cleansing and not the blood of Jesus.

  10. ministry says:

    You are in our prayers Amanda. I encourage all to cover Amanda with the Blood of Jesus.
    You may want to get out of the house until he gets this taken care of.
    Addiction is a spiritual malady.

    God Bless
    Pastor Thomas

  11. amanda says:

    Please pray  for my family. My husband is addicted to meth. Today he got violent and I seen something  in his eyes that scared me. I came to this sight looking for help on how to pray, because I know I felt Satan in my home. Please pray for my husband, for my children, and myself.

  12. anastacio says:

    please pray for my family i is under attack!

  13. ministry says:

    We are in agreement Nicholas. We lift you up in prayer and ask all others to also.
    The demonic is rising everywhere and taking its best shots at the body of Christ.

    But we serve the one who will overcome all.
    Please, everyone, join us in Pleading the Blood of Jesus on all those involved in this tragedy.
    Pray that the spirits of lies and hate be abolished by the power of the Blood. Pray that the truth will reign in the authorities hearts aad minds.

    Pastor Thomas

  14. Nicholas Ng'ang'a says:

    My family is going through the most intense spiritual-warfare i have known in my life.
    As i write,my wife Edith has been arrested because of a business deal that she was not involved in.

    Please intercede for us and for her release.

    In Christ,



  15. ministry says:

    Yes, there is true power Luciana. Please send a link to all of your friends to help spread the Word.

    The time is so short and there are so many that are untaught.

    God Bless,
    Pastor Thomas

  16. ministry says:

    Hi Larry, All are in a battle of the mind today. The demonic is rising in power, as the hand of God’s protection is lifted. (As a result of our rebellion and unrepentant sin.

    A strongly recommend that you take out Spiritual Warfare Training Course. It can be found on the top blue bat at the top of every page.
    It contains the answers for you. (Too much to list here.

    Stop often and God Bless,
    Pastor Thomas

  17. kemo mpugwa says:

    I have just seen your website its very interesting, I have a grandchildren who is having a sleeping walking and he can even try to cook while closing his eyes, this will take five minutes in that state, until he comes into sense, we lock our self in the house, we are afraid he might sneak
    out at night ,PLSE PASTOR HELP US

  18. larry says:

    Please pray for me for i am going through a battle of my mind

  19. damodar reddy says:

    thank you for how to plead blood of jesus christ and prayer.

    through blood of jesus my life came back, restored my life, life came from death.
    what i lost due to satan stolen, blood of jesus restored everything. even finances restored.
    now i started missionary, church, preaching good news every country.

    thank you

  20. Luciana says:

    it was on Tuesday morning, April 14, at around 4am kenyan time when i woke up to prepare my self to go to work ,i felt in the spirit to plead the blood of JESUS and i did it like THIS ….i plead the Blood of JESUS OVER MY BODY, SOUL AND SPIRIT, AND I PLEADED FOR MY PROTECTION. AT AROUND 6AM I LEFT THE HOUSE AND FEW METERS FROM THE HOUSE I FELT DOWN IN A WAY THAT I KNEW ALL WAS NOT WELL AND WHEN I WOKE UP I JUST SAID PROTECTION IN JESUS NAME.TO MY Surprise few meters from there i met a young man who ordered me to surrender my bag i dont know how but i refused, second time he showed with action but i said no, he approached me with force now but i said BLOOD OF JESUS,at once i was loaded with power i caught hold of him and threw him like electricity .he went straight in the pocket removed something and raised it towards me i just said JESUS and by the time i was finishing the name he was running a way like he was chased by people ,and remember i was alone alone . There is power in this prayer. My mom and dad learned this prayer from the joseph plan and taught all of us.

    God bless richly, Luciana

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